Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Ten Short Stops

1. Nash Metcalfe A former 1st round pick is in just his 2nd full season in the bigs but has already climbed to the top of the SS heap. While this isn’t an extremely deep position he is the best right now. An incredible run producer who is on pace for about 130 runs and 70 RBI. Has okay power but speed and a good eye are his best offensive weapons. 50 steals and 70 walks are within his reach. Not a great fielder he does have a strong arm to make up for below average range.

2. Julius Serrano Always among the most gifted fielders he is taking his offensive game to a new level this season. Batting well over .300 with 12 steals just a third of the way into the season (Projects to 32 steals). Also on pace for over 100 runs scored and about 60 rbi.

3. Mariano Tavarez New York is having their best season ever in part because of the play of Tavarez. The young SS doesn’t have much power or any speed. But he is the best fielder in the game right now and is batting an incredible .340 with an OBP just a hair under .400. An ideal number two hitter.

4. Douglas Howard Has the tools to be a solid fielder, but is putting up one of the worst seasons with a glove ever. Luckily he is hitting great. Tearing the ball at a .340 clip he should be a lock for 100 rbi and about 20 steals. A good chance at ROY.

5. Angel Castillo Another solid young SS, this position does have some up and comers. Runs well and has good power. He is a 20-30 threat this season. His fielding right now is below average but should get better with time.

6. Domingo Ontiveros San Diego spent big money to shore up their infield defense this off season. He is also one of their better hitters, now that isn’t saying much because their offense sucks. He does show what a good SS can do for a team though.

7. C.J. Weaver Hadn’t played SS since season 10 but is doing a good job this year. Won’t ever be mistaken for a Gold Glover but is doing a better then average in the field. His batting avg and OBP are WAY down but he is by far the best run producer at SS, on pace for over 30 homers and a 125 RBI.

8. Max Chavez In time he may be the standard that all other SS are compared too. At 24 he still has time to grow as a player. Batting just over .300 he also has 20 homer power. Doesn’t seem to be using his legs to steal as much as he could. Also is still learning how to position himself in the field but in time could win a gold Glove.

9. Sparky Wasdin Has two gold gloves already. Wont win one this year but is still among the best fielders. Also has great power that sees him hitting 20 homers every year. Not fast but he keeps out of trouble on the bases by picking his spots wisely.

10. Marshall Ferrell For many years he was the Gold Standard of Short Stops. A move to 3rd is probably in the cards soon as he is having an awful year with the glove. His power is starting to slip but he can still drive in 90 runs and steals bases at will.

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