Friday, February 17, 2012

3rd Power Rankings for Season 21!

1. New York Torrones(78-44)--The Torrones are having a great season. They have the top fielding team backing a top 5 pitching staff that is supported by a very good offense.
Previously Ranked: 1st (E)

2. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(74-48)--The Sky Sox are led by AU best offense in the league. They also have a top 10 pitching staff supporting them making them one of the best teams in the world.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(E)

3. Chicago Black Sox(78-44)--The Black Sox have not had a winning season since season 10, but they are on pace to have one of the best records in the whole world. Led by a great pitching staff and defense they look to stop New York's recent dominance of the AL East.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+1)

4. Louisville Sluggers(76-46)--Louisville has relied on a great pitching staff this season. The offense has been effective, but still has been a bit of a disappointment so far this season. Still this team will look to try and win the AL South and fend off New Orleans and Florida once again.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-1)

5. Detroit Grass Lakes(74-48)--Detroit has been the class of the NL so far this season. With rankings in the top 10 in pitching, offense, and defense the Grass Lakes don't have too much of a weakness anywhere. They will look to finish strong down the stretch with Buffalo hot on their heals.
Previously Ranked: 6th(+1)

6. Florida Fire Sailfish(72-50)--The Fire Sailfish have been holding steady in the very competitive AL South all season. They are one steak away from taking over control of the division and with their offense that is always something to be concerned about for the rest of the AL.
Previously Ranked: 9th(+3)

7. New Orleans Freebeads(73-49)--The Freebeads are the third team from the AL South in the Power Rankings. They have a very good club that is also ranked in the top 10 in all categories: offense, defense, and pitching. They keep hanging close and are also one nice streak away from taking the lead in the AL South as well.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-2)

8. Buffalo Wings(70-52)--The Wings are led by a top 5 pitching staff that is supported by a very solid offense. They are trying to take over the NL North and keep their streak of division titles going.
Previously Ranked: 8th(E)

9. Boston EliteDucks(68-54)--Boston once again has one of the best offenses in AU. Their pitching staff has kind of dropped off a little bit though this season. Still the 3 time defending AU champion should not be taken lightly and will be a strong presence down the stretch.
Previously Ranked: 7th(-2)

10. San Antonio Chupacabras(69-53)--San Antonio has succeeded behind a very solid pitching staff. If they can muster up enough offense then they could be able to suprise some teams come playoff time.
Previously Ranked: 10th(E)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Congratulations to drutes for being elected the 3rd member of the Owners Hall of Fame! drutes collected 37 of 40 possible points with a total of 7 out of 10 first place votes. drutes has had a great career so far in Addicted Users. His career accolades includes 8 division titles and has 4 wild card berths in his 20 seasons in AU for a total of 12 playoff appearances. In those 12 appearances he has 2 NLCS championships and 1 World Series championship. Additionally he has made 10 AAA playoffs, 8 AA playoffs with 3 AA championships, 9 HiA playoffs with 1 championship, 8 LoA playoffs with 1 championship, and 3 Rookie playoffs. Hopefully this is just the start and drutes will look to be a force in AU for the next 20 seasons as well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

2nd Power Rankings of Season 21!

1. New York Torrones(60-31)--The Torrones are dominating Addicted Users with a top ten offense and a top 5 pitching staff. They are led by all star bats Gerardo Oliva and Woody Hoiles.
Previously Ranked: 3rd (+2)

2. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(56-35)--The Sky Sox have one of the best offenses in AU this season. They also have a great pitching staff that is lead by all stars Phil Corino and Sean Brown.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+2)

3. Louisville Sluggers(59-32)--The Sluggers have the top pitching staff in the whole world and that has helped with an offense that is not living up to it's potential. They have been led by all stars Harry Velazquez and Junior Valdivia.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-1)

4. Chicago Black Sox(56-35)--Chicago has been playing some great baseball, but they have the fortune of being in the same division as the Torrones. They are led by all stars Che Abe and Corey Gonzales.
Previously Ranked: 1st(-3)

5. New Orleans Freebeads(57-34)--The Freebeads have one of the top offenses in the AL. They are led by all stars Douglas Skrmetta and Ricky Bradley.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+2)

6. Detroit Grass Lakes(56-35)--The Grass Lakes are the first NL team in the power rankings. They have a very good offense and pitching staff. Led by all stars Cliff Brooks and J.R. Gray Detroit is looking to once again win their division.
Previously Ranked: NR

7. Boston EliteDucks(51-40)--The EliteDucks have the best offense in all of AU that has helped pick up the slack for a pitching staff that has underachieved so far this season. They are led by perennial all star Craig Velandia.
Previously Ranked: NR

8. Buffalo Wings(53-38)--Buffalo is led by a very good pitching staff that is complemented by a solid offense. The Wings are led by all stars Sean Waters and Jamie Martin.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-3)

9. Florida Fire Sailfish(52-39)--Florida has been led by a solid pitching staff that is led by their stud closer all star Yamid Astacio and slugging CF David Olivo.
Previously Ranked: NR

10. San Antonio Chupacabras(51-40)--San Antonio is led by one of the best offenses in all of AU but also has one of the poorer pitching staffs. They are led by all stars Bucky Dickey and Joe Redman.
Previously Ranked: 6th(-4)

Falling out of the Power Rankings Washington D.C Abnormals VII, Fresno Primetimers, Atlanta Braves