Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 15 Bullpen Prospects - Season 13

Again, my opinion. Guys must project to be a reliever (LR/Setup/Closer) and may not have appeared in an ML game. Enjoy!
1. (prev:1) Guillermo Sivilla New Orleans – DraftRd1Sea12 - Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 16 - The top relief prospect in the game. Nasty two-pitch combo. Saved 22 games between Low A and High A with a sub 2.87 ERA and 1.06 WHIP.
2. (prev:2) Trever Stratton Buffalo – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 76 – ETA: Season 15 – Best closer prospect in the game. Will be an all-star and perennial contender for the Fireman of the Year. A perfect 20 for 20 in saves in AA, although abnormally high ERA and WHIP are concerning.
3. (prev:4) Geraldo Sanchez Florida – IFASea11 – Proj: 79 – ETA – Season 15 –One of the top closer prospects in the game. Should compete for multiple Fireman of the Year awards. Outperformed higher rated prospects in AA.
4. (prev:3) Tom Holmes Oakland – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 15 – Versitile enough to fulfill any relief duty. One of the top relief prospects in the game. Looking to rebound from an average season in AA.
5. (prev:7) Gordon Allensworth Vancouver – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 15 – Fireballer that will dominant lefties and hold his own against righties. Solid with all-star potential. A perfect 17 for 17 between High A and AA.
6. (prev: NR) Lorenzo Guillen San Jose - IFASea13 - Proj: 80 - ETA: Season 18 -An absolute steal on the IFA market, He's going to make a lot of owners foolish for blowing their IFA money early in the season.
7. (prev:8) Rex Sweeney Oakland – DraftSea12Rd1* - Proj: 77 – ETA: Season 17 – Talented rookie destined to be one of the top long relievers in
the game. A little weak vs. righties. Solid, but not spectacular, season in AA.
8. (prev:10) Greg Shelley Florida – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 16 – Saved 24 games for the High A Orange. Will be a nice closer for many years. Saved 30 out of 35 games in High A after his trade to Florida.
9. (prev:NR) Ryan Green Cleveland - DraftRd1Sea13 - Proj: 78 - ETA: Season 17 - Could be the best long reliever in the game once he breaks into the ML. Elite control, makeup, and patience.
10. (prev: NR) Yamid Astacio Florida - IFASea13 - Proj: 76 - ETA: Season 19 - Overpaid prospect with the stuff to be elite. May be slowed by inadequate durabiltiy for the bullpen. Solid season in the Rookie league.
11. (prev:13) Willie Martinez Durham – IFASea9 – Proj: 73 – ETA: Season 14 – He saved 23 games for the AA Bears and has a chance to be the closer of the future for Durham. In line for a promotion to teh bigs in Season 14 after a solid AAA campaign.
12. (prev:14) Justin Cedeno Minnesota – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 74 – ETA: Season 17 – Talented rookie with great control and vs. RH. Will be a quality Setup man at the worst. Progressing on schedule.
13. (prev:15)Hod Boudreau Durham – DraftSea11Rd2 – Proj: 74 – ETA: Season 16 – Lefty with one of the top change-ups in the game. Trouble with righties may keep him from closing at the ML level. Solid Season 13 in High A.
14. (prev:12) Quinn Ruebel Vancouver – DraftSea10Rd14 - Proj: 73 – ETA: Season 15 –This draft day gem has a chance to make an impact at the ML level in a setup role. Roughed up in AAA and losing ranking position.
15. (prev: NR) Eswalin Alou New York - IFASea12 - Proj: 74 - ETA: Season 15 - Solid ratings and production makes this newcomer to the list a sure bet for the ML.

Top 25 SP Prospects - End of Season 13

Based on my opinion. Players qualify if they project as a starter and have never played in the ML. Top bullpen prospects are next.......

1. (prev: 1) Phil Corino San Jose – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 87 – ETA: Season 14 – ML ready SP that will need at least one more season in AAA in order to reach his potential. In the argument for best pitching prospect in the game. Stellar ERA and whip in AAA did not translate into wins.
2. (prev: 2) Felipe Reyes San Diego – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 15 – A future ace, and one of the top SP prospects in the game. Currently in AAA and split time between AA and AAA in Season 13.
3. (prev: 3) Santos Quixote Durham – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj:84 – ETA: Season 14 – Maybe the top SP prospect in the game. Should be a multiple all-star and candidate for the Cy Young. Sub 2.00 ERA and sub 1.00 whip in AA.
4. (prev: 5) Junior Valdivia San Diego – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 85 – ETA: Season 15 – A future ace that, combined with Reyes, will give San Diego the top 1-2 rotation in the game. May not walk a batter his entire career. Nice season between High A and AA.
5. (prev: 4) Malcolm Rowe Syracuse – IFASea12 – Proj: 87 – ETA: Season 15 – Surefire #1 SP prospect with excellent control and stamina. Injury in rookie year shouldn’t slow him down, but effectiveness vs. righties might. Roughed up in High A but is progressing nicely.
6. (prev: NR) Tom Lieber San Diego - DraftRd1Sea13 - Proj: 86 - ETA: Season 17 - Dominant lefty with the stuff to become a multiple all-star. Should be excellent vs lefties, and very good vs. righties. Elite talent.
7. (prev:7) Steve Hoffman Milwaukee – DraftRd1Sea12 – Proj: 82 – ETA – Season 17 – Excellent #1SP prospect with great splits and two + pitches. Must stay healthy to fulfill his promise. Solid 12 win season in High A.
8. (prev: 6) Edgar Gonzalez Wichita – DraftRd1Sea12 - Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 15 – Should be a #1 SP. Great control and a beast against righties. Rushed through to AAA - could use a couple more seasons in the minors.
9. (prev: NR) Enrique Beltran Durham - DraftRd1Sea13 - Proj: 83 - ETA - Season 17 - 4th pitcher taken in the draft could end up being the best of the lot. Elite durabilty and velocity with very good control and splits. Lack of elite pitched keep this prospect from the Top 5.
10. (prev: 9) Domingo Santos Oakland – IFASea12 - Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 15 – Solid #2 SP prospect with great control. Can only throw three pitches. Ready for a promoting to AA after two solid seasons in High A.
11. (prev: NR) Wascar Aparicio New Orleans - IFASea13 - Proj: 81 - ETA: Season 13 - Projections place this lefty at the top of the Freebeads rotation as soon as next season. Only negative is a lack of an elite second pitch.
12. (prev:11) Al Iglesias Florida – IFASea12 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 16 – Should have a long career as a #2 or #3 SP. Might struggle due to lack of speed and number of pitches. Solid, but not spectacular, season in High A should earn him a promotion to AA.
13. (prev:12) Donaldo Moreno Durham – IFASea10 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 15 – Flamethrower destined to be a #2 or #3 SP. Good pitches, good splits, no holes in his game. Threw less than 70 innings last season which could lower his ceiling.
14. (prev:16) Clarence Wood Durham – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 15 – Solid #3 SP prospect slowed by a brief stint on the DL this season. Good control and vs RH. Nice season in AA should earn him a promtion to AAA.
15. (prev:17) (prev:19) Jamie Martin Burlington – IFASea10 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 13 – Japanese fireballer prone to the long ball. Should be a solid #3 as long as he stays in a pitcher’s park. NL AAA Cy Young Award winner should make an impact in the ML next season.
16. (prev:10) Ronnie Patrick Wichita – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 16 – Solid #2 SP prospect slowed down by elbow surgery in his rookie year. Good control and vs. RHP. Inexplicably promotesd to the majors, where he was promtly roughed up.
17. (prev:18) Roberto Acosta Florida – IFASea11 – Proj: 80 – ETA – Season 14 – ML Ready pitcher with questionable stamina for SP. May end up being the best LRA in the game. Traded to Florida, he won 6 out of 7 starts after being promoted to AA.
18. (prev:17) Milt Blake New York – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 80 – ETA – Season 14 – Better than his projected overall rating, Blake has the stuff to anchor the Torrones staff for years to come – just don’t ask him to face righties. Solid AAA season, but might have to spend one more season in the minors.
19. (prev: NR) Alex Diaz Burlington - IFASea13 - Proj: 79 - ETA: Season 16 - Solid southpaw with tremendous patience and makeup, though limited by injury concerns and difficulty with righties.
20. (prev:21) Willie Valdivia Buffalo – IFASea11 – Proj:79 – ETA: Season 15 - #3 OR #4 SP Prospect with dominant stuff vs. righties. May struggle with LH dominant line-ups. Roughed up in AA this season dropped his ranking
21. (prev:22) Esteban Alomar San Jose – IFASea12 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 16 – Solid contributer that will spend his career in the middle of a rotation. Will struggle at times vs righties. A pitching disaster in Season 13.
22. (prev:23) Pokey Hudson New Orleans – DraftSea11Rd1* - Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 14 – Solid 5 pitch SP with good control and splits. Should peak as a #3 SP. Solid but not spectacular Season 13.
23. (prev: NR)Ed Norton Milwaukee - DraftSea13Rd1 - Proj: 79 - ETA: Season 18 -Solid middle of the rotation injury prone prospect. An awful temper with the mustache to match.
24. (prev: NR) Jackie Wells Wichita - DraftSea13Rd1 - Proj: 79 - ETA: Season 18 - Very good prospect for the middle of the rotation. If he stays healthy and plays in a pitchers park, has a chance to be a solid #2.
25. (prev: NR) J.R. Schmidt Honolulu - DraftSea13Rd1 - Proj: 78 - ETA: Season 18 - Better than his overall rating indicates, has a chance to compete for a middle of the rotation spot and become a solid SP for many seasons.