Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NL North Preview

The Buffalo Wings finished last season in the cellar of the NL North. The last time the Wings finished last in the division they went on to win 6 straight division titles! They weren't overly busy in spring training adding P's Andres Cabrera and Michael Jackson. They will be helping a very good pitching staff that includes SP's Jamie MartinJimmie Bocachica, and ace of the staff Sean Waters. They are led offensively by 3B Carlos Arias,  1B Gerardo Espinoza, and CF Felipe Soriano.

Predicition: 1st 92-70

The Detroit Grass Lakes finished last season as the division winners and will look to repeat as the champs this season. They made no major additions through FA or trades, but Detroit has a very good team already. This is a very young roster that will compete for many seasons with Detroit. 1B Cliff Brooks, DH/C Vernon Wise, and SS Antonio Ni lead the charge offensively while ace of the staff Tomas DeLeon is backed by a bevy of excellent pitchers in the bullpen including Corky Paige and Josias Navarro.

Prediction: 1st 93-69

The Burlington Coat Factories have been hovering around last place for quite awhile, but they are starting to show signs of contending for the division title after last season. They still have a little ways to go though I think, but they do have some very good players in CF Doyle Scott, 1B Pep Withers,  2B Juan Berroa,  and SP's Steve Hoffman and Chico Olivares.

Prediction: 4th 77-85

The Cleveland Penguins have been a very good, solid team the past couple seasons. They will be looking to try and get on top of the division this season taking that next step. With no major additions they will rely primarily on players returning from last season. 1B Brian Bruce, SS Brian Dresden and C John Keats lead the offense with SPs Clay ColesLeon Gold, and Fausto Velazquez lead a solid pitching staff.

Prediction: 3rd 86-76

Top Pitcher will be Sean Waters.
Top Hitter will be Cliff Brooks.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

AL West Preview

The Oakland Renegades, 83-79 last season, continue to make good strides under btone11's guidance. With only 1 FA signing, Brian Iwazaki, the Renegades will continue to build within and build a strong foundation for their future. They are led by RF Gus Martin and SS Willie Valdez on offense. The pitching staff is led by SPs Oswaldo CruzVirgil Barnes, and Jose Alarcon.

Prediction: 3rd 77-85

The Boise Browncoats went 72-90 last season and have added CF Yorvit Montanez, and Ps Delino Morales and Darren Trujillo was brought back to the Browncoats after a short hiatus. Boise is led by declining yet still productive CF Alfonso Tejera and RF Tom Riggs on offense with SP Domingo Santos anchoring the pitching staff. 

Prediction: 4th 61-101

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are the defending division champion as well as the World Series Champions. They have made a few low-key signings to help them make another run at defending their championship. Ps David Clark and David Borges along with LF Brian Nation and C Donald Lee. They will help compliment an offense that consists of 1B Pepe Nunez, RF Trent Crane, and C Gary Bolling. The pitching staff is led by SPs Phil CorinoRaymond Morton, and J.R. Schmidt.

Prediction: 1st 99-63

The San Francisco Boondoggles went 83-79 last season and will look to continue to improve on that this season. They have added C Andres Cedeno, CF D'Angelo Escobar and Ps A.J. FreemanYank Watkins, and Jiggs Karsay to help out a pitching staff that features SPs Al Clapp and Deivi Martinez. They are supported by RF Rob Willis and LF Vin Escobar.

Prediction: 2nd 85-77

Top Pitcher will be Phil Corino
Top Hitter will be Trent Crane

AL South Preview

The New Orleans Freebeads finished last season 90-72 and they were not very active during the offseason. They did make some key addition with stud defensive SS Pedro Quevedo. They also have a very good team already with sluggers DH Fred Wells and 1B Erubiel Pineda leading a very potent offense. The pitching staff is led by Cy Young Award Winner Glendon Green and fellow starters Charles Davies and Wascar Aparicio.

Prediction: 2nd 94-68

The Atlanta Braves franchise won their division for the first time since season 5. They have added a couple of pitchers to help them try and defend their division crown. They are SP Raymond Lincoln and RP Sun-Woo Abe. They will help compliment an already very good pitching staff in SPs David VincenteRey Graves, and Pedro Alarcon. They are supported by RF Otis Boyle and 3B Robert Merrick on a solid offense.

Prediction: 3rd 90-72

The Florida Fire Sailfish finished last season 88-74 and will continue to try and build on that with a lot of the same team. They have added reliable and solid Ps Buck Cohen and Abraham Orie. They are led offensively by CF David Olivo and DH Steven Shelley. A very good pitching staff is led by a plethora of excellent RPs Geraldo SanchezYamid Astacio, and Midre Grey along with excellent SPs Al Iglesias and Roberto Acosta.

Prediction: 4th 88-74

The Louisville Sluggers finished the season having just missed the playoffs at 87-75. They had a busy offseason with a bunch of bench players and role players leaving and new ones coming in. They also tried to revamp the end of the starting staff with newcomers Ed Norton, acquired via trade, and Victor Colome and Johnny Conway. They also added a bevy of veteran hitters 1B Luis Guillen, LF Gerald Hiro, and 1B/COF Lou Beamon. They will join a team that is led by heavy hitting 2B Vern Craddock and ace SPs Harry Velazquez and Junior Valdivia.

Prediction: 1st 95-67

Top Pitcher will be Harry Velazquez
Top Hitter will be Erubiel Pineda

AL East Preview

The Kansas City Monarchs finished last season with a record of 66-96 and will look to continue to improve under the direction of mburgy. They made some FA additions with RPs Brendan Downs and Luis Marquez and SP Vic Guzman was claimed off waivers. Mburgy will look for them to help bolster the pitching staff that also will feature young SP Tommy Schultz and RP Trever Stratton. The offense is going to be led by RF Luis Francisco, RF/1B Albert Perkins, and youngster Troy Price.

Prediction: 4th 68-94

The Washington D.C. Abnormals VII finished last season 80-82 in 2nd place. They are looking to rebound from what was a down year from expectations and get back into playoff contention. They made a few additions bring back 1B Al Castillo along with 2B Freddy Franco and 2B Richie Nixon as well as RPAl Servet to help bolster the relief pitching. The offense will be led by DH Joey Cannon, C Bill Motte, and 2B Joe Redman. The strength of this team should be the pitching staff led by starters Tom Lieber and Timothy O'Connor along with a very strong bullpen with Servet, Heath Donovan, and  Zolton Weiland leading the way there.

Prediction: 3rd 91-71

The Chicago Black Sox finished last season 103-59 and will look to repeat as the champs of the AL East after winning it the past 2 seasons.  They have a very solid nucleus with 2B Alex Wilfredo and LF Che Abe leading a very potent offense and SPs Wilfredo Encarnarcion and Ken Patrick leading a very good pitching staff. New additions include C Jason Williams acquired by trade.

Prediction: 1st 104-58

The New York Torrones also had a disappointing season last season going 78-84 and will try to bounce back. They definitely played better than what their record indicated. They had a slow offseason with only one FA signing, CF Quinn Smith.  They are led by a very good, solid pitching staff with ace Shane Coffman along with fellow starters Tony Espinoza and Peter Barker are all backed up by a bevy of excellent RPs B.C. GarlandDeivi Cela, and Virgil Brown. The offense is led by 2B Gerardo Oliva and C Neifi Espinosa.

Prediction: 2nd 92-70

Top Pitcher will be Shane Coffman
Top Hitter will be Che Abe

AL North Preview

The Toronto Toros went 64-98 last season. The Toros have added 1B/DH Pete Williams and LF Frank Duncan to their offense to help megastar Rich White and DH Tim Logan. They have also added RP's Cody MeltonDaniel Porzio, and Midre Garces along with starter Andres Cela to help bolster a pitching staff that also features ace Ichiro Martin

Predicition: 3rd 81-81

The Minnesota Twinkies had a record of 73-89 last season. The main additions that they have made to this team are RP Pedro Gonzalez and 1B Terrence Cooper. The Twinkies have a very good offense led by 2B Luther Stanley, 1B Billy Corey, 3B Russell Harmon, and DH Gerry Allen. The pitching staff is led by starters Horace JefferiesThumper Clinton, and Hideki Zhang followed by a solid trio of RPs in Royce KinkadeLorenzo Guillen, and Keith Mullin.

Prediction: 1st 85-77

The three time defending division champs Cincinnati Knights finished last season at 87-75. Cincinnati has added Gold Glove SS Edgar Roque, CF Russell Leach, SP Malcolm Rowe and RP Tim Parker. The offense will center around C Koyie Williams and LF Dom Coscarart. The pitching staff will rely heavily on starter Ronnie Patrick and closer B.J. Norton and RPs Parker and Scott Bonds.

Prediction: 2nd 83-79

The Montreal Madness have had some struggles in the past few seasons and I don't look for that to change this season. They are under new ownership and the new owners have made two shrewd signings in FA. They signed 1B Clarence Levis and SP Ronnie Clark. They are led by great power hitter LF Carl Young, RF Miguel Eusebio, C Galahad Marshall, and DH Daisuke Lee to form a very solid offense. The pitching staff is very weak and will be led by Clark and Luke Rose to possibly make for a very long season.

Prediction: 4th 65-97

Top Pitcher will be Horace Jefferies
Top Hitter will be Billy Corey