Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Draft Report Season 12, Arizona, Boise

Arizona Aeronautics
1st Rnd, 12th, Louis White Solid middle of rotation pitcher that will win more then he losses at the big league level. With a solid lineup behind him could win 15 a season.
2nd Rnd,69th, Stump Borbon Another starting pitcher, probably a 5 or a very good long relief guy. Need to work on his 3rd pitch.
3rd Rnd,101st, Calvin Harris Might actually be better then Stump. Could eventually slide in behind White into the 4 hole of this rotation. No real weakness.
4th Rnd,133rd, Lorenzo Cubillan Somewhat wild but if he can harness his control could battle for the 5 spot in a few years. Solid splits and 3 good pitches.
Grade: B+, 4 potential Major league starters. Even if only half of them pan out...that is pretty good. This makes two solid drafts in a row for Arizona. They could back on their way to the top again.

Boise Browncoats
1st Rnd,18th, Jimmy Poole Mostly speed, with a side of extra speed. Will probably end up in LF were his weak arm wont kill them. Could bat lead off or 9th, either way he will steal many bases.
1st Rnd,32nd, Dan Gonzales Hard throwing lefty, wont be an ace, but could win 15+games fairly easily. A solid late 1st round pick.
1stRnd,40th, Adam McCorley Has a great upside, but for now his inability to get out lefties will keep him from having much more of an impact beside as a bullpen innings eater.
1st Rnd,44th, Tom Tomko Another solid leftie starter. Probably at best a 5 or LR guy, excellent control and a 5 pitch selection will have him in the majors sooner then later.
1st Rnd,57th, Damion Westbrook Mid-range SS, neither bad or good with the glove, hits enough to play but probably not to start. Has decent pop and is a smart baserunner.
2nd Rnd,77th, Walter Figga Another hard throwing lefty. Can throw until the cows come home and for that reason will get a chance to start in the bigs at some point. Could be a sleeper.
Draft Grade: A, after a bad draft last year Boise stockpiled some picks and put them to work this season. Plenty of quality pitchers and a possible lead off hitter, not to mention a new option at Short Stop. Great draft by one of the leagues powerhouses.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hall of Famer: Buddy Scalici 83%

Buddy Scalici
Age: 36B/T: S/R
Born: Bronx, NY
Position(s): CF
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He joined the league a picture of health and strength, but by the end had played so hard he looked ten years older then he actually was. Bad knees and a arm that could barely find the cut off man ended his career prematurely but not before he had posted some of the greatest numbers of all time.

Born and raised in the bronx, his brash personality made him a perfect fit for Philadelphia were he was drafted and played most of his career. The six years we have complete stats for them while he played they never won less then 85 games and won their division three times with over 94 wins each time. He set many single and career Philadelphia records while playing their as well. The team however was moving in season 7 to Norfolk and out of respect to Buddy, who had a wife and three children living in Penn State, agreed to trade him to Pittsburgh. Norfolk dropped to third and only won 74 games without him.

Pittsburgh gave up a young third baseman by the name of Tarrik Hayes to get Buddy and even though his skills were diminishing they thought he could bring some extra juice as they had been knocked out in the first round of the playoffs the season before. They fell short, finishing in third with a respectable 86 wins. Buddy playing most RF and LF batted well enough as he swatted 20 homers and drove in 75 runs but saw his average drop to .252 the lowest by 40 points in his career.

In the off season Pittsburgh declined his option and it wasn't until late in August that Detroit signed him to deal as they made a late season push for the playoffs. He batted only 5 times but drove in the winning run in a game that they won on the last weekend to help secure first place. He was left off the playoff roster and retired that off season.

Career Stats

3811 ab's, 820 runs, 1203 Hits, 222 Doubles, 50 Triples, 298 Homers, 890 RBI, .316 AVG
Estimated Career Stats: 6010 Ab's, 1300 runs, 1900 Hits, 360 Doubles, 80 Triples, 478 Homers, 1370 RBI, .316 AVG

Batted a solid .303 in the post season with 14 homers and 29 RBI in 119 ab's

4 X All-Star
2 X Silver Slugger (CF)
1 X MVP (2)


2nd,3rd,4th Single AVG (.346,.346,.345)
3rd Single Doubles (40)
4th,5th Single Hits (192,186)
4th Hit Streak (20 Games)
1st,2nd,3rd,4th Single Homers (58,50,47,46)
1st,3rd,4th Single OBP (.437,.418,.409)
1st,3rd,5th Single Runs (144,133,123)
1st,2nd,3rd,4th Single RBI (160,154,138.134)
2nd, 3rd Single Triples (17,15)
Also has the highest career avg in Philly (.326), most homers (278), runs (734), rbi (814) and Triples (47). He is also 2nd in Hits (1067) and double (193).

His Career OBPS is 3rd best in ML history (1.032) and his SLG is 5th (.635).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hall of Famer: Carl West 100%

Carl West
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Fresno, CA
Position(s):1B >
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By no means the biggest 1st baseman of all time at just 5'11 and under 200lbs. He was one of the most feared hitters in baseball and the effects he had on the game can still be felt today. Spent 13 years in the major leagues but only 8 of those seasons are on the books. Was traded before Addicted Users 1st season started by MGreenwell in Salem to the Toronto Toros in a 3 for 1 deal that other then West the main player was Ricky Lawton who some day may find himself in the Hall as well. With West on the team the Toros won 215 games over the next two seasons and went as far as the League Championships both times. West hilighted season two by winning his 1st MVP award.

After season 2 with a contract that was about to expire and the Toros worried about losing him to free agency he was traded again. This time to the Durham Pilots (now Toledo). Toronto packaged West with another player, Juan Bravo, for three up and comers, Jon Stern, D'Angelo Figureoa, and Tomas Gandarilla. Carl didn't fail the fans in Durham, the Pilots won a team record 115 games, an incredible 42 games more then the season before and 22 more then they would next year without West. He got his team all the way to the World Series this time, but lost to his old team Toronto. Carl batted .373 in both the regular season and playoffs to win his 2nd straight MVP award.

In season 4 he at the age of 33 he signed a massive 5 year deal worth more then 50 million dollars with El Paso. The team struggled and never won more then 80 games and finished last all but one season that he was with them. He did bat close to .300 with the team and twice hit over 37 homers and 118 rbi. After season 8 with his bat speed slowing he hung up his cleats at the age 39.

Stats: 752 runs, 1197 hits, 206 doubles, 292 homers, 900 rbi, .319 avg
Estimated Career Stats: 1250 runs, 2100 hits, 355 doubles, 517 homers, 1575 rbi, .325 avg.

Awards: 4 x All-Star (1-4), 3 X Silver Slugger 1st Base(1-3), 2 X MVP (2,3)

Toronto Single Season Assist Record 1st baseman (169)
2nd,5th Single Bat Avg (.347,.333)
T-1st Single HomeRun (67)
2nd,3rd Single OBP (.436,.431)
2nd Single Runs (167)
T-1st Single RBI (196)

1st Single Bat Avg (.373) also 3rd best in ML History
3rd Single Hits (200)
5th Single Doubles (47)
1st Single Homers (51)
1st Single OBP (.465)
3rd Single Runs (136)
1st Single RBI (147)
1st Single OBPS (1.227) 2nd best ML History

El Paso
2nd Single Bat Avg (.330)
5th Single Homeruns (40)
3rd Single OBP (.402)
5th Single RBI (119)

Also has the 5th highest Career OBPS at this time in ML history at 1.025

Had incredible playoff stats as well batting .383 in 133 at bats with 22 homers and 47 rbi and posting an outstanding 1.407 OBPS.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Season 8 Hall of Fame Results

The results are in and we have our 1st two inductees into the Addicted Users Hall of Fame. Remember 75% is required to make the Hall and 30% is needed to stay on the ballot for next season (maximum 3 times).

Carl West 100%
Buddy Scalici 83%

Players returning for a 2nd Vote:None

Players returning for a 3rd Vote:
Horacio Frias 50%
Mo Munro 42%
Cesar James 33%

Players who have had 3 seasons of votes or received less then the required 30%
Lefty Appier 3rd Vote 33%
Terry Witt 3rd Vote 25%
Art Collins 3rd Vote 17%
Osvaldo Guerrero 3rd Vote 17%
P.T. Baez 2nd Vote 17%
Wayne Diaz 2nd Vote 8%
Sammy Thurman 1st Vote 17%
Bartolo Canseco 1st Vote 8%
Mike Jackson 1st Vote 8%

So Frias, Munro and James will return next season for their 3rd and final vote.
Carl West and Buddy Scalici will be inducted later this season when both players announce what teams caps they will be wearing into the Hall.