Thursday, January 21, 2010

HOF: Peter Anderson

A hard throwing horse of a pitcher. Was one of the richest closers in the history of the game and deserved every penny. On his back Burlington made the playoffs 5 years in a row between seasons 1 and 5. He could be counted on for 80 appearances and well over 100 innings often getting much consideration for the CY Young. Eventually he lost his closer job to Bonk Root but was still and effective pitcher before leaving as a Free agent for Vancouver. He pitched well there for one season before moving onto the Toros with hopes of becoming a Pitching coach. He spent a season in AAA but realized that he missed his ranch in Arizona and has set up a Baseball Camp there for young boys and girls. The camp has already had success with its most recent crop of graduates including Deivi Martinez getting drafted in the first round this season.

Stats: 724 Games, 83 Wins-80 Losses, 302 Saves, 1245 IP, 940 K’s 1.19 Whip, 3.30 ERA
Estimated Career Stats: 965 Games, 115 Wins, 110 Losses, 435 Saves, 1700 IP, 1260 K’s
Awards: 1 x CY Young, 6 x All-Stars, 2 x Fireman
Burlington Single Season Records
Games (2nd) 89
ERA (2nd) 2.79
Losses (1st) 19
Saves (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 47-46-44-43
K’s (3rd) 152
WHIP (5th) 1.11

Burlington Career Total Records
Games (1st) 693
ERA (1st) 3.25
Losses (2nd) 76
IP (2nd) 1194
Saves (1st) 300
K’s (2nd) 907
WHIP (2nd) 1.18
Wins (2nd) 83

He is also 2nd on the Addicted Users all-time save list with 302, 3rd in ERA with a 3.02.

Season 10+ Hall of Fame Voting Results

Peter Anderson 93%

James Duran 47%
Del Snyder 47%
Will Banks 27%
Sam Perry 20%
Toby Lomasney 20%
Louie Castro 7%
Nigel Martin

No other players garnered any votes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Ten CF'ers

1. Henry Green Green and the number two CF’er are head and shoulders above the rest of the field at this rather shallow position. Still having issues in the field his strong arm makes up for some of his miscues. Beyond that he is the best at everything else. Hits for power, steals bases, draws walks and has a great average. Is a franchise player.
2. Freddy Franco Is almost the opposite of Green. His main strength is his ability to make incredible plays everyday. Doesn’t have great power but does have a knack for hitting in the clutch and is on pace for well over 100 rbi. Has good speed but doesn’t steal anywhere as many bases as Green.
3. Josh Bradford For many years he was the marquee centerfielder. Still has the tools but has had more mistakes then in recent years so is maybe starting to slip. Good power and a good base stealer needs to work on getting on base more consistently to be more of an offensive threat.
4. Sergio Simpson It has taken him a lot longer then anyone would have expected to make his mark at the major league level. A first round pick in season four he is in just his 2nd major league season. Does everything pretty well but nothing great. Should stay in the top ten for the next 5 years.
5. Ivan Gonzalez Makes a living with his legs. Steals bases and tracks down fly balls with the best. Not a great hitter he does a good job of drawing walks and getting on base at a pretty good clip. A two time Gold Glover he is among the best again this season in AL.
6. Julio Guerrero A decent hitter with okay pop, his main strength is his ability to do everything well enough. Makes a solid number two hitter by taking walks and batting over .300. Also an average fielder that makes the routine plays and some spectacular ones.
7. D'Angelo Escobar Another early front runner for ROY. No power to speak of he does hit for a solid average and work pitchers for enough walks that he makes for a good leadoff type hitter. On pace for over 50 steals and is shaping into a fairly good fielder.
8. Clayton Hairston The older version of Escobar, he can still run enough to steal but his fielding that once was among the best is starting to slip. A potential hall of famer if he can hold on for a little bit longer.
9. Louie Rigdon Made the All-Star team when he was 22, since then he has become much more average. Hits for good average and draws a good amount of walks, but he really doesn’t hit for great power or field all that well. He is fairly fast but doesn’t seem to have a good first step and gets thrown out far too often .
10. Chad Wolf He is built like a power hitter but the majority of his homers are of the inside the park variety. But he can run and steal and is a solid .300 hitter. Has a weak arm and sometimes makes the easiest play into an adventure.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top Ten Right Fielders

1. Albert Perkins Much like his counterpart in LF (Velandia) he is having a huge impact in just his 2nd season. Batting .327 with a solid .390 OBP. He also has solid 20 homer power and a knack for driving in runs. Has a very strong arm and doesn’t get tested very often, still occasionally takes bad routes to fly balls. A definite keeper.
2. Pedro James At 32 years old he is still an explosive player. Should destroy his career high of 59 steals. Also on pace for 18 homers and 100 RBI. In the field he gets to pretty much everything but doesn’t get to show off his once powerful arm as much as he used to.
3. Tony Guerrero Lets just say he is not know for his defense. One of the worst Right Fielders in the game, luckily he hits like one of the best. Gets on base close to 40 % of the time and then steals bases almost at will. Has good power and is an ideal top of the order hitter.
4. Bailey Baptist Another one of the young bashers. Ripping homers and RBI at the pace of 30-110. Is hitting for a very good average and is starting to draw walks as his reputation as a masher gets around the league.
5. Miguel Palacios The two time MVP is having a rather quite season. Still probably the best hitter that plays RF, but his numbers are a lot closer to the rest of the field this year. Never a great fielder he looks more distracted then usually when he is out there.
6. Hector Soto Has always been one of the nest lead off hitters. He is now one of the best fielders as well. Hasn’t made an error all season and is on pace for over 20 assists.
7. Darron Pierce He is starting to look mortal. This future Hall of Famer is one of the most respected players in the game. Is a lock for a .300 avg and about 15 homers and 80 rbi.
8. Ray Lyon ROY? Having a very solid first season in all aspects of the game. Steals has good power and a solid .290 average. Also a very good glove man that could move to the infield in time.
9. Allen Barkley One of the few bright spots in the Toros organization. On pace for a 20-20 season, combines that with a good average and solid defense.
10. Juan Hernandez Slow moving power hitter. Has a strong arm but runners can take advantage as he is slow getting to balls in the corner. Hits pretty well against righties but might be forced into a platoon role as he ages.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top Ten Left Fielders

1. Craig Velandia In just his 2nd season he has had a huge impact. He plays LF fairly well, safe is probably a better word for it. But once he steps up to the plate it is a different story. On pace for a 30-30 season and 100 RBI. Also batting well over .300 and an OBP over .420. He is one of the most complete offensive players in the game.
2. Jiggs Craddock Another player from the NL East. It is weird to say it but he is a Wizard defensively in LF. Had he been raised right handed could have one a Gold Glove at 2nd base. Offensively he is a great lead off man with 50 steal potential and a solid 290 average. Draws his fair share of walks and has solid double digit homer power.
3. Vinny Nakamura One of the fastest men in baseball is having another great season. Could add another 70 steals to his already impressive career total of 684. Batting at a .328 clip with a .420 OBP he is also a two time gold glove winner in LF with his great range and accurate arm.
4. Billy Ledee The number one from the AL, he is having career year. Looking at 40 homers and 110+ RBI with a .370+ avg and .450 OBP. On the downside he is downright slow and sloppy on the bases and is closer to a DH then he is a Left Fielder when it comes to defense.
5. Denny Inge Around since season one he looks to be a lock for the Hall Of Fame. His power and speed numbers are down but is still on pace for almost 100 rbi and a .340 avg. He does the little things so well and is still a decent fielder.
6. Vic Rijo Another player having a break out season. Batting close to .300 he still doesn’t walk enough to be considered among the leagues elite. He is a great homerun hitter who excels at driving in runs. Also a solid fielder that holds his own with the leagues best.
7. Ernest Payton It has taken him a few seasons to put everything together but is finally playing like he was expected to when he was drafted 8th overall. Looking at 30 steals and high 20 homers. By no means a good fielder he is passable.
8. Norm Nady Another dynamic young player. Excels at stealing bases and is a good enough fielder that he could play RF. He has solid pop but doesn’t scare any pitchers into walking him.
9. Sandy Rath Once upon a time he was considered a power threat. Is now more of a base stealing monster that plays LF among the best in the league. Has a great arm and great instincts when in the field and on the bases.
10. Jerry Alexander The only rookie on the list. He is having a solid 1st season especially for a someone trying to hit in San Diego. Batting almost .300 he has great speed and good instincts on the bases. He is developing as a power threat and should be good for 15 homers this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 5 DH

1. Joey Cannon A bonafide beast at the plate. Tearing the ball this season at a clip that will give hime 110+ RBI and 30+ homers. Does a good job not striking out and draws a fair amount of walks. Could play catcher if needed.
2. Jumbo Flores Want to talk about bat control? On pace for 110+ walks and only 35 k’s. Also hits pretty good, 20+ homers and 100+ rbi. A little bit too adventerous on the bases, but still a welcome adition to any AL lineup.
3. Olmedo Rivas MVP, Homerun derby champ, all-star, silver slugger. In his hay day there was no one better. His bat speed is slowing but is still a threat every time up. Once upon a time he was a catcher, now he is just a 3rd string back stop with 30 homer power and a .300 avg.
4. Gerry Allen Having a bit of a down year, but for the past several seasons he has been considered the best DH in baseball. Should be good for another 30 homer .300/.400 season again.
5. Gary Hardy For some reason he is playing the bulk of his time at DH. Came up as a 2nd baseman can still fill in there in a pinch. Having a solid year with the stick I think he would be better off playing LF.

Top Ten Catchers

1. Eric Murphy Not only do they have the number one SS but the number one Catcher, good teams always have strength up the middle it seems. He already has most of the major awards, this could be his year to grab a MVP. Seems to be a lock for 45 dingers and 100 rbi. Hits for a solid average and draws a decent amount of walks. His arm is only average but he calls a solid game and does a very good job of blocking the plate with his solid 210 lbs frame.
2. Hector Gonzales Despite only being 25 he is by far and away the best catcher in the AL. Has incredible power that could see him hit 60 homers before this season is over. Also on pace to have a career best in RBI. He however is step down from Murphy on the devensive side. Well below average throwing and doesn’t call the best of games. He is also a little small for the position and looks like one injury away from being a part time player.
3. Vicente Romano I guess I am a sucker for a good defensive catcher. He does seem to be having some troubles adapting to his new team in terms of pitch calling but is keeping the ERA around the league norm. When the runners get on base though he is about the best in the business. He is smart hitter and is having close to a career season with the bat. He is a big step down from the top two.
4. Bret Barry A future gold Glover who will probably get into the top three but next season. Having a solid season with the bat (on pace for 19-75-.261) he could work on making better contact. A great arm and a great understanding of the strike zove have him among the best defensive catchers in the league.
5. Billy McNamara Another great defensive catcher who has already won two Gold Gloves in his career.While his power and average numbers are down he still commands a great deal of respect in the batters box and should walk over 100 times this season. About average throwing he is doing an amazing job keeping runners off the bases and his teams ERA down.
6. Cesar Amaral This thick legged back stop is an explosive offensive weapon. Hitting close to .300 he is also on pace for about 130 RBI. His arm is not doing a greta job at stopping the running game but he is calling a good game and helps keep the runners off the bases.
7. Donaldo Garces Rumour has it his arm was replaced with a rocket launcher in the off season. Gunning down an unheard of amount of runners (almost 45%) he has a good chance at winning his first ever Gold Glove. Not a power threat he does his best work when drawing walks and lining singles.
8. Donald Lee A skinny version of Mike Lavalliere? A rule five draftee this season he is beating all expectations. Batting over .300 and gunning down over 40% of runners. Also calling a good game he is sure to climb the rankings in the years to come.
9. Stevie Bonilla One of the top offensive catchers in baseball he is actually doing a good job of mowing down attempted base stealers. Doesn’t seem to have any real concept of calling a game however. Another strong season with the stick though keeps him in the top ten.
10. Clay Charles Perhaps the best pure hitter among catchers in the league. Has a fairly strong arm but is having some problems cutting down runners. Not sure if it is him or his pitchers but runs seem to score against their team far to easily. If that continues a move to DH might be in order.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Ten Short Stops

1. Nash Metcalfe A former 1st round pick is in just his 2nd full season in the bigs but has already climbed to the top of the SS heap. While this isn’t an extremely deep position he is the best right now. An incredible run producer who is on pace for about 130 runs and 70 RBI. Has okay power but speed and a good eye are his best offensive weapons. 50 steals and 70 walks are within his reach. Not a great fielder he does have a strong arm to make up for below average range.

2. Julius Serrano Always among the most gifted fielders he is taking his offensive game to a new level this season. Batting well over .300 with 12 steals just a third of the way into the season (Projects to 32 steals). Also on pace for over 100 runs scored and about 60 rbi.

3. Mariano Tavarez New York is having their best season ever in part because of the play of Tavarez. The young SS doesn’t have much power or any speed. But he is the best fielder in the game right now and is batting an incredible .340 with an OBP just a hair under .400. An ideal number two hitter.

4. Douglas Howard Has the tools to be a solid fielder, but is putting up one of the worst seasons with a glove ever. Luckily he is hitting great. Tearing the ball at a .340 clip he should be a lock for 100 rbi and about 20 steals. A good chance at ROY.

5. Angel Castillo Another solid young SS, this position does have some up and comers. Runs well and has good power. He is a 20-30 threat this season. His fielding right now is below average but should get better with time.

6. Domingo Ontiveros San Diego spent big money to shore up their infield defense this off season. He is also one of their better hitters, now that isn’t saying much because their offense sucks. He does show what a good SS can do for a team though.

7. C.J. Weaver Hadn’t played SS since season 10 but is doing a good job this year. Won’t ever be mistaken for a Gold Glover but is doing a better then average in the field. His batting avg and OBP are WAY down but he is by far the best run producer at SS, on pace for over 30 homers and a 125 RBI.

8. Max Chavez In time he may be the standard that all other SS are compared too. At 24 he still has time to grow as a player. Batting just over .300 he also has 20 homer power. Doesn’t seem to be using his legs to steal as much as he could. Also is still learning how to position himself in the field but in time could win a gold Glove.

9. Sparky Wasdin Has two gold gloves already. Wont win one this year but is still among the best fielders. Also has great power that sees him hitting 20 homers every year. Not fast but he keeps out of trouble on the bases by picking his spots wisely.

10. Marshall Ferrell For many years he was the Gold Standard of Short Stops. A move to 3rd is probably in the cards soon as he is having an awful year with the glove. His power is starting to slip but he can still drive in 90 runs and steals bases at will.

Top Ten 3rd Baseman

1. Pablo Chavez Another reason why Montreal is having such a great season. A former SS he is a front runner for the Gold Glove. Also on pace for 25+ homers 120 rbi and 16 steals. Batting a solid .325 and draws his fair share of walks. A true five tool player.

2. Al Canseco Another former SS, not as flashy as Chavez but still worthy of a Gold Glove at the hot corner. Doesn’t have the same pop as the number one but he is very fast and is a legitimate lead off hitter. He is only 27 and already has a cupboard full of awards.

3. Archie Aldridge The best 3rd baseman in the NL is you guessed it, another former SS. He already has 3 gold gloves and is a front runner for this years. Steals bases well enough he could bat leadoff and has 90 rbi potential due to solid power and .300 type batting average.

4. Olmedo Alfonseca Our first true 3rd baseman. Is only average with the glove when compared to the top three. Is really having a breakout year hitting almost 70 points about his career average (at .336). A solid base runner he should also be good for about 90 rbi.

5. Trevor Thebeau Another player having a break out season. Batting .335 with a plus .400 OBP. He sports 30 homer power and isn’t awful on the bases. Doesn’t really have the arm to play 3rd but moves around well enough to keep him being the worst fielder in the league.

6. Doug Clark At the age of 31 he still hasn’t gotten the recognition that he truly deserves. Batting .300 with a shot at 30 homers and 100 rbi. Doesn’t run at all due to his weak knees. Still a solid gloveman who makes the routine plays but not the spectacular ones.

7. Jamie Moore Moore sits right on the line of what would be considered an average 3rd baseman in addicted. He has solid pop and a good eye. Doesn’t run well and sometimes makes bad choices on the bases. He has a strong but erratic arm that makes him about middle of the pack fielding wise.

8. Robert Merrick One of the up and comers at this position. He was drafted as a SS but doesn’t really have the skills to play there. Does however have the skills to be a rather flashy 3rd baseman that will be among the best season in season out. Has OK power and OK speed, his best quality is his batting avg which will probably be around .300

9. Dennis Yang Played SS about a decade ago and is now one of the smoother fielders at 3rd. Is still pretty quick but takes too many chances when stealing. Hits for good average but doesn’t walk or have enough power to bat in the top 6 of most orders any more.

10. Jorge Olmeda Has already won a Silver Slugger at third and is only 25. Has increased his avg but still doesn’t know how to draw a walk. Does have great power and is a threat to leave the yard every time up. Is a strong fielder despite his cement feet that keep him glued to the bases.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Leagues 10 Best 2nd Basemen

1. Abraham Fonda He can pretty much do it all. On pace for 25-100 with 30 steals and a .335 avg a .400 OBP. His fielding isn’t great but he holds his own and is close to the complete package as this league has at 2nd base.

2. Steve Wells His game is almost more well rounded then Fonda. Right now is hitting for better power while stealing as many bases and fields slightly better. Is at times to aggressive on the bases and doesn’t draw as many walks. Probably will never be as good a run producer as Fonda, but still very good.

3. Chip Hodges His stat line isn’t as flashy as others, but he gets the job done on a nightly basis. On pace for over 100 rbi and 100 runs while only hitting 10 homers and stealing 25 bases. Also going to draw 100 walks and plays a very solid second base. Reminds me of Tommy Herr in the mid 80’s.

4. Lorenzo Gabriel Is perhaps the most explosive hitter at this position. Is on pace for a 40-30 season (homers-steals). Gets caught stealing his fair share and doesn’t draw enough walks. Is a very good fielder. He shows why 2nd base is one of the deepest positions in this league as he could very easily be ranked number one.

5. Gabby Rogers Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Stealing over a base a game and scoring at an almost equal pace. Beyond singles doesn’t add much with the stick. Is also one of the weaker fielders and really needs to work on getting his throws out of the dirt.

6. Harry Alicea The only thing from keeping out of the top five is his somewhat reckless nature on the bases. Should hit 25 homers with around 100 rbi. Draws a decent amount of walks and plays the postion well enough to not need a defensive replacement.

7. Virgil Rodriguez Is having a down season as far as power and steals goes. Is however still doing enough to be ranked with the best. Hitting an incredible .339 and getting on base over 40% of the time. Never much of a fielder he is towards the bottom end there. Still on pace for 100 rbi despite only having 4 homers a third of the way thru the season.

8. Jordan Mahaffey If not for Toby Douglas, he would stand a good chance at winning a Gold Glove, but he is only 23 so he still has time. Hitting a solid .270 and on pace for about 15 homers and 50 steals. He isnt just a one trick pony.

9. Hector Pavlik A sure handed fielder, that is also one the smartest baserunners in the game. Draws a solid amount of walks and is bargain at just over a million and a half season.

10. Bruce King One of the most sought after free agents this off season he signed a huge 8 million a season contract. While his power is way down he is stealing at a unprecedented rate that should get him close to 50 steals. His avg is also down but should draw over 100 walks this season. Below average as a fielder will probably be moved to the outfielder in a season or two.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Leagues 10 Best 1st Basemen

1. Rob Willis In just his 3rd major league season this 24 year old has shown that he is among the elite 1st basemen. Currently on pace for another 30 homer 100 rbi season, he also adds solid speed and gold glove type ability. Will continue to grow as a player and should develop better power. Looks like a future Hall of Famer.

2. Mel Haywood Would be the front runner for the Gold Glove if not for Mark Yamaguchi. Hitting well above .330 with a plus 400 OBP. His power isn’t as great as in years past he still drives in runs and should finish with over 100 RBI again this season.

3. Dennis Newfield This former MVP is having another MVP type season. On pace for 30+ homers and 120+ RBI. Hitting above his career avg at .327 and plus 400 OBP. Doesn’t steal bases or get caught stealing, he is also about average fielding wise.

4. Tanner Magnante Usually known for swatting massive homers this slugger already has a cabinet full of awards. He is quietly having another solid season. Only on pace for 20 homers 80 RBI he does the little things really well. Could draw 100 walks for the 2nd time and is a solid defensive 1st baseman that occasionally makes a spectacular play.

5. Billy Corey Another young slugger that has seen his power numbers drop off sharply. After hitting 54 homers last season, might not reach 30 this year. Does have one of the highest batting averages for a 1st baseman and an OBP close to .400. Still learning to play 1st he is a only at best avg defensively.

6. Leonardo Mackowiak Another former MVP. Drives in runs, hits homers and walks a lot. Pretty much all you want from a 1st baseman. On the other hand, he has never hit for great avg, and with each passing day his range gets less and less. One of the all time greats is now just good.

7. F.P. Koskie Another smooth fielding 1st baseman in the mold of Wally Joyner, still swings a solid stick but his power seems to be fading every month. Other then fielding and batting for a good average doesn’t do enough to be listed with the top tier 1st basemen.

8. Spike Barkley Former catcher is having a career season with the bat. On pace for 30+ homers and 100+ rbi. Too bad for him he is one of the worst fielders in the league. A move to the AL might be best for his career.

9. Tomas Javier The senior member of the Toros is having another solid season at the dish. On pace for 50 jacks and 100 rbi. Doesn’t walk and doesn’t run. His lack of durability hurts his performance but a solid glove and good instincts help him defensively.

10. Mark Yamaguchi Meet the Gold Glove winner for season 14. Is having an awful year batting wise but does everything else better then everyone else. Runs well and fields even better. San Diegos solid pitching is supported by their teams better defense.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AL West Analysis


Scottsdale Sunny- mdtiger's squad shot out of the gate but have cooled off a bit recently. Still they lead the division with a 25-23 record. .521 Act Pct just about matches their .518 Exp Pct. Signed a number of older FAs. The best so far has been 1B Wayne Smalley(.300, 9, 36). They are in the top half of the league in most offensive categories. The pitching is a bit schizo. Top half of the league in HR allowed, OSLG, Ks, & ERA. Bottom half in Hits, Walks, OAV, OBP, & WHIP. Offense is led by DH Jumbo Flores(.346, 8, 40), 1B Wayne Smalley(.300, 9, 36), & 3B Zach Tatum(14 HR, 31 RBI). RF Hector Soto leads the league with 22 SBs. SS Julius Serrano is very good defensively, but that's a lot of $$ to pay for his limited O. The team lacks a true #1 starter. SPs Jesus Benitez, Fritz Starr, & FA signee Fergie Chouinard are all 4-4. Carson Hoffman id 6/8 in Saves, but has a 5.79 ERA. After a 66-96 campaign last year, the Sunny should be somewhat improved, but not enough to stay in contention in this tough division all year.

Boise Browncoats- Evan43's club won 106 games and made it to the WS in season 13. They're off to a sluggish start thru the first part of the the season at 24-23 and 2nd place. And even that(.511) is better than expected(.470). Re-signed Fireman of the Year Felipe Cairo(1.66, 12 Svs) and he's as good as ever. Also re-signed 40 year old future HOFer Joey Montgomery(1-5, 5.48) but he may be at the end of the road. FA SP Luther Rupe(6.97 ERA) was never that good and looks to be on the downside. The Coats lead the league in SBs(71) but are last in HR(33) and the SLG(.376, 14th) and OPS(.724, 12th) are way down. The pitching, a strength last season, has fallen off somewhat in the early going. They hover near the league average in most categories. Bright spots on offense include soph SS Rafael Carrara(.350, 8, 29) and 4 time MVP DH Olmedo Rivas(.294, 11, 34). 5 players already have double digit SBs, but only one, Rivas, has double digit HRs. However, 5 players have 28 or more RBIs. With All Star LF Alfonso Tejera and former ROY 1B Jose Marquez and others, this team should be fine offensively in the long run. 2 time Cy Young winner Bobby Stephenson(3-2, 3.50), Jarrett Stechschulte(4-2, 3.10), & Artie Dimaggio(3-1, 3.32, on DL) are solid, but Tony Perez and Montgomery are weak 4-5 starters. With 20 players on the ML squad 28 or older, the Browncoats are still a legitimate contender, but the clock is running.

Vancouver Villains- jvburns club won 95 games last year, and that was only good for 3rd place in what was an extremely tough division. Currently at 22-25, 2.5 games off the pace. They are under performing to date(.468 act/.539 exp). Resigned his own ancient FA Trevor Roa, but he's on the 60-day DL and my be done. Also signed defensive C Vicente Romano. The Villains boast one of the better offenses in the league. 4th in BA, 6th in Runs, 4th in Hits, 2nd in 2Bs, 2nd in SBs, 3rd in OBP, 6th in SLG, and 5th in OPS. The pitching staff is performing well overall too. 5th in Hits allowed, 8th in RA, 5th in HRA, 5th in OAV, 7th in OBP, 4th in OSLG, 5th in WHIP. ERA(4.62) is right at the league avg, while K's and BBs fall in the bottom half. Tied for the league lead in FldPct at .991. Hard to fathom why this club is playing below .500 ball. DH Bump Sabel hit 36 dingers last year, only 3 so far this season, but he's is hitting .328. Already a 2 time All Star at 24, 1B Rob Willis(.328, 9, 30) is off to a good start. All Star 3B Al Canseco is having a power outage(4 HR). CF D'Angelo Escobar(.275, 18 SB) is doing OK in his first season as a starter. Slugger Alton Buckley has 12 HR but is only hitting .230. SPs Shane Coffman, Johnny Richardson, & Harry Seneca all have OAV under .260, yet they're only a combined 8-8. jv can't seem to settle on an everyday closer as no one has stepped forward to grab the job. With the stats this team has put up, I can't imagine they'll be below .500 for too long.

San Jose Giants- nzballa's Giants were one of only 2 AL clubs to win 100 or more games last year. Unfortunately for him, that other one also played in his division. They are going to have to go some to come close to that total this season. Playing below expectations to date(.438 act/..479 exp), they;re currently bringing up the rear at 21-27. To beef up the offense, SJ traded for 2 time MVP RF Ramiro Guevara(10 HR, 40 RBI). Also acquired setup man Pedro Matos(.324 OAV, 9.53 ERA) but he's been awful so far. In the bottom third of the league in most offensive categories. Always one of the better pitching teams in the league, and this year is no exception. 1st in OAV & Ks. 2nd in RA, OBP, & OSLG. 3rd in ER, WHIP, & ERA. DH Floyd McFarland(.325, 11, 24), former ROY & All Star 1B Luis Guillen(.316, 6, 25), & Guevara lead the offense. Many of the SPs on this club would be Aces on most other staffs. Dave Wilkinson(3.12 ERA, .232 OAV, 3-4), Sean Brown(4-2, 3.00, .238 OAV), Raymond Morton(5-2, 3.60, .224 OAV), & Phil Corino(3-3, 3.06, .203), have all been very good. Shane Rolls(6.66, 2-6) has not. Closer Alberto Aparicio is 12/12 in save ops. The 'O' is not scoring enough runs and that's gonna put an awful lot of stress on the pitching. That may be too much to ask in a very tough division.

Monday, January 4, 2010

AL South Analysis


New Orleans Freebeads- In what looks to be a competitive division, joshoakley current has his team tied for the lead at 25-21. They are underachieving a bit to date(.556 act/.596 exp). They have been playing well at home with a 16-9 record. Thus far, they have been one of the top offensive clubs. They are 1st in SLG, Runs, Hits, 3B, RBI & OPS. 2nd in BA, 2B, & HR. They are also 2nd in Ks, so it looks like a hit or miss offense. So far, mostly hit. On the pitching side, other than K's, where they rank 2nd, the Beads are the epitome of average. Nearly every pitching rank sits right at or near the league average. Team currently tied for last in FA at .978 with a league worst 38 Es. FA RP Delino Castillo(2.38 ERA) has done a good job so far, FA RP Eric Robbins(.397 OAV, 9.22 ERA) has not. C Hector Gonzales(.331, 16, 43), LF Vic Rijo(.297, 14, 44*), & 3b Bill Mercedes(.342, 9, 32) lead a potent offense. Speedy 2B Howie Dickson has 15 SBs. Rookie SP Ivan Alexander(5-2, 3.55 ERA) has been the top starter. Nominal ace Pete Gardner is 4-0. Closer John Chiba is 7/9 in Saves with a 1.80 ERA. Looks like a solid club that should contend all year despite some shortcomings on the pitching end. But how can you not love a club with players named Stuffy, Pokey, & Jumbo on the roster!
*=league leader.

Louisville Sluggers- Looks like davidbutler9's Sluggers may finally be rounding into shape. They are currently tied for 1st at 25-21. While only .500 at home, they are 13-10 on the road. david has had his managerial prowess on display as he has the boys playing a bit over their heads to date(.533 act/ .486 exp). A trade for top CF Ivan Gonzalez(.220, 11 RBI, 7 SB) has been disappointing so far. Louisville is in the bottom 1/3 of the league in nearly all significant offensive categories. It's the pitching that has carried them so far in the early going. They are 2nd in RA & SLG. 4th in ERA and Hits. 1st HR allowed. Their .984 FA is in the top half of the league. Offense is led by perennial All Star 2B Virgil Rodriguez(.327, 31 RBI) & power hitting 3B Lou Beamon(8 HR, 27 RBI). SP Harry Velazquez(7-2, 2.01 ERA) was a top IFA signing last season and looks to be one of the leagues top hurlers for years to come. Omar Cela is 6-2. Closer Vin Guevara is 12/14 in Saves. Don't know if they will hang in there all year, but it sure looks like the Sluggers have turned the corner.

Monterrey Cheeseheads- vector21's club is currently in 3rd place, and is playing slightly better than expectations(.500 act/.480 exp). He was pretty active in signing FAs coming into the season and spent plenty of $$ doing it. On the plus side have been RP T.J. Wagner(.234 OAV, 2 Svs), RP Felipe Vincente(4/5 Svs), & CL D'Angelo Figureoa(0.90 ERA, 6/6 Svs). So far FA 2B Bruce King(.258, 5, 23, 14 SB) must be a disappointment at $8M/4yrs + a $2.5M bonus. Kind of a split personality offense. Above average in Runs(5th), 3B(T2nd), HR(T4). Below average in BA(11th), Hits(11th), OPS(9th). The pitching staff has had it's problems. The ERA(5.04) is 14th. The rest of the picture's not pretty either. WHIP(T13), OSLG(13), OBP(12), OAV(13), Hits(15), Runs(15). That's too much pressure for an inconsistent offense to overcome. The team is also 14th in FldPct. Inconsistent offense, bad pitching, and mediocre fielding is not a recipe for long term success. Some bright spots include 1B/LF Diego Moreno(.350 BA), DH Gary Hardy(.328, 11, 26), LF Ernest Payton(.299, 6, 32, 10SB). SP Lewis Locko is 5-1 despite a 5.55 ERA, while Tom Benes(2-4, 3.58) appears to have pitched in some bad luck. 3B/SS Dolf Titan has 38 RBI, but is only hitting .234. Mark Jones must do more to justify his big contract. Rule5 pickup Charlie Robertson(.182) has done nothing. Former #1 pick Reid Bagwell may have been rushed to the ML a bit too soon. vector has done a good job to keep this team in contention to date. I'll be surprised if he manages to do it all year.

Florida Fire Sailfish- Commish jmercer77's club is currently bringing up the rear, but at only 4 games back is still well within striking distance at 21-25. They're at .500 at home, but only 6-10 away. .448 exp/.457 act has them right about where they are expected to be. Fun fact-only team in league not to have played an extra inning game yet. 2nd year 3B Robert Merrick(.304, 5, 30) was acquired in a trade and has been a pleasant surprise. The Fish hover at just about the league average in almost all offensive categories except HRs where they rank 11th. Almost all the pitching stats rank in the bottom 1/3 of the league. The team FldPct(.985) is right at the league average. Bright spots on offense include Merrick, 1BJorge Mairena(.342, 5, 25), 2 time MVP RF Miguel Palacios(.306, 9, 34), & slugging DH Lance Kelleher(8 HR, 31 RBI). An All Star last year in his rookie season, young SP Oswaldo Cruz(3-5, 5.59) is encountering the sophomore jinx. He's a good one, though. Bob Kelly(5-1, 2.59) is off to a very good start. Rookie SP Daniel Fitzgerald(2-6, 5.90) is finding the going a bit tough. Welcome to the ML, Danny! Retreads Fritz Dykhoff & Jamie Adkins have limited ML value. Closer Diego Garza is 10/11 in Saves with a 1.74 ERA. With only 3 players on the ML roster 30 or over, this team is on the rise, but they may not be ready to contend just yet.

Hall of Fame Ballot Season 10

Same deal as in the past, owners will be contacted if they are eligible to vote by trade chat. 75% is required to enter the hall, 25% to stay on the ballot for next season. 3 Years maximum.

2nd Time on the Ballott

James Duran
Sam Perry

1st Time
Peter Anderson
Will Banks
Max Belliard
Steve Calderon
Louie Castro
Bruce Charles
Jae Cortes
John Cust
Leonardo Dipoto
Francis Hayes
Alfonso Izquierdo
Toby Lomasney
Nigel Martin
Kenny McDowell
Javy Pujols
Alex Prieto
Del Snyder

Sunday, January 3, 2010

AL North

Early Season Analysis


Montreal Mounties- This is, by far, the biggest surprise in the early going. After finishing 26 games below .500 as the Milwaukee Alcoholics, new owner winmyron has his club in 1st place with a league best 28-14 record. This is an experienced owner and he swung some big trades to turn this team around, getting CF Julio Guerrero(.323 BA), SP Esteban Lee(5-0), SS C.J. Weaver(9 HRs, 38 RBI), & 1B F.P. Koskie(.295, 33 RBI). FA signees 1B/DH Benito Johnson(321 BA) & DH Delino Marin(.341) have had a positive impact. The Mounties are playing a little better than expected(.635 exp/.667 act). They seem to love home cookin'-16-4 in the friendly confines. On offense, they lead the league in BA(.304), OBP, Hits, & OPS. They're just 1 run off the lead in RS. The pitching is average, being just above or below league averages in most categories. Other offensive standouts include 3B Pablo Chavez(.348, 37 RBI) & 2B Abraham Fonda(.333, 7, 32). SP Junior Tamura is 6-1, & closer Heath Donovan is 10/10 in Saves with a 0.82 ERA. winmyron looks like he's pulled out the stops to go all the way this year. He may have to slug his way to a title, though, unless the pitching can show significant improvement.

Minnesota Twinkies- brentnet's Twinkies have been a perennial powerhouse, but they've gotten off to a sluggish start this year. Currently in 2nd place in the division at 20-22. At 8 games back, they better get it in gear before Montreal runs away with the division. Signed one FA, RP Placido Martinto a 3 year contract at $5M/yr with a $10M bonus. I'm not sure what role he is to play, since he's been in 23 games and has started 6. Not sure why brent has a guy with 20 STA starting games. I am sure that a 5.82 ERA as not what he was expecting. Traded for good D, no stick SS Johnny Adams. As bad a start as they've had, their record is better than expected(.411 exp/.476 act). The Twinks can still pound the ball, 2nd in HRs at 62. 4th in Runs, SLG, & OPS. BA, OBP & 2Bs are right around the league averages, but they lead in strikeouts with 298. Looks like a hit big, miss big offense. The team ERA is last at 5.86 and that won't get it done no matter how much they hit. Last also in OAvg, WHIP, & RA. 15th in OSLG & OBP. Bright spots on offense include C Sidney Martin(.398 BA, 1.096 OPS), 1B Billy Corey(.319, 7, 26), 3B Scott Coles(9 HR) & LF Alan Sadler(10 HR). SP Mel Pearson (4-3, 2.82 ERA) & Herman Cox(5-2, 2.91) have been reliable. Jeff Nixon(6.52) & T.J. Shaw(6.08) have not. Closer by committee is 6/15 in Saves. Unless the pitching makes a dramatic turn around, it may be a long, cold winter in Minnesota.

Toronto Toros- goldenboy69's club is currently in 3rd place at 19-23, 9 games behind the leader. Their .456 act pct is better than their .418 exp pct. FA signee 1B Tomas Javier(.295, 17, 33) has been a pleasant surprise, 2B Santos Guerrero(.275, 1, 12, 14 SBs) not so much. Batting-BA, Hits, & OBP-15th. 4th in HR. 14th in RS. Pitching stats are right at or below league averages in most categories. Offense is being led by 3B Trevor Thebeau(.310, 10, 20) & Javier. SP Alexander Lawrence has been a bright spot(4-1, .240 OAV, 2.11 ERA). Olmedo Molina(3.77, 3-3, .254 OAV) has been respectable. Closer Eugene Carlson is 10/14 in Saves. gb is in rebuilding mode, but I don't see too much to get excited about. Youngsters Lawrence, Carlson, Eddie Post, Aaron Callaway , Delino Morales, and Allen Barkley provide some hope for the future. Doubtful this club will contend this season.

Madison Meek Madness- owner sccrplyr16 moved his Wichita Waffle House Posse to a new home in Madison this season. The Madness has been Meek so far this season at 18-24 and in last place. Still they are playing better(.429) than expected(.351), so that's something. Aged FA SP Brandon Saarloos(.205 OBA, 2.35 ERA) has been good so far. Offensively, this team is las in the league in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, Hits, and Runs. That's not good. Pitching is last in HRA and OSLG and is below the league average in most other categories. That's not good either. Offense is lead by C Justin Winston(.301, 6 HR). LF Norm Nady has 20 RBI & 13 SB. SP Julio Cedeno(5-4, 3.60 ERA) remains one of the better pitchers in the league despite little support. Closer Phil Bannister has saved 11 of 14. Hope for the future resides in 1B Vicente Rios, CF Brian Nation, Nady, RF Dom Coscarart, & Bannister. Not this year, however.

Early Season Report

OK. It's time to see who's gotten off to a hot start and who's not! It's the Annual 1/4 Pole Report!


New York Torrones- We'll start off with the team most important to me. ME! :) The Torrones have played the role of bridesmaid in this division for 5 years running. This team has won over 90 games the last 3 seasons, but that was not good enough to take the division from grissom's Columbus Clippers. Currently tied for the division lead at 24-18 with Cincy(nee Columbus). The Exp win Pct is .551 while actual is .571, so they are playing a bit better than expected at the moment. That's not my perception, however, as I feel like we are playing nowhere near as good as we are capable of. Even so, offensively we're in the top 5 in runs, hits, 3Bs, RBIs, BA, & OBP. Pitching is doing well. 4th in ERA, 2nd in OAV, T1 in OBP, 1st in OSLG, 6th in RA, 2nd in Ks, 3rd in BB, and giving up less than a hit an IP. As I write this, I don't know why I feel like we are underachieving! Maybe because a couple of long time stalwarts are off to slow starts. Ace A.J. Freeman is off to an awful start(2-5, 6.23 ERA). Slugger Dan Jones(.225 BA, 6HRs) seems to have been hit by the recent update, but it's still early. A pre-season trade brought in CF Chad Wolf, who is off to a good start with a .333 BA. 1B Tanner Magnante(.327, 6, 24) is rebounding from a sub-par season. SP's Vince Livingstone & Victor Colome have 4 wins each and closer B.C. Garland has 8 saves. Recent callup LRP Eswalin Alou has yet to give up a run in 10IP. This team is a legitimate contender, but they better do something in the next few season or their core players are going to get too old to get it done.

Cincinnati Knights- formerly the Columbus Clippers, this club has won the division for the last 3 seasons. They have been taken over by 1st time owner brentcnb and moved to Cincy. They are currently tied for the division lead at 24-18. Despite leading the league in RS(264), they are playing a bit below expectations(.571 act/.595 exp). Signed 6 FAs, but so far only RP Raymond Smith has been effective as a part of a closer-by-committee. Very good offensive start as they are 2nd in Hits, RBI, BA, 2Bs, OBP, and 3rd in OPS, SLG, HR, & BBs. Pitchin is a different story. A 5.10 ERA ranks 14th. 13th in RA, OAV. 12th in OSLG. Last in OBP. Those are not stats that will get it done over a full season, no matter how much you hit. They are 2nd in the league in Fld Pct at .991 and have made only 14 Es(2nd). Early season bright spots include former MVP LF Billy Ledee(.384 BA,12 HR, 33 RBI), C Joey Cannon(.330, 9,35), & RF Bailey Baptist(.309,8,24). On the pitching side, perennial All Star & 2 time Cy Young winner Pedro Alarcon(4-0, 2.58 ERA, .211 OAV) remains one of the league's best.Rookie LRP Barry McKain has 5 wins. Must get better results from Lyle Melhuse(5.09 ERA) and find a way to round out the starting staff or they will have trouble contending all year.

Norfolk Navigators- another new, but experienced, owner for this franchise in cspring. This squad (formerly Boston) is currently 2 games back at 22-20. Playing a little below exp(.524 act, .557 exp). Traded former ROY F.P. Koskie for 3 prospects in a decidedly csherwood-like move. FA pickup Gene Oquist(.285, 6, 24) has been good. His other FA, SP Yamil Diaz has a great OAV(.226) & a good ERA(3.73) that has not translated into wins(2-4). Traded for much travelled SP Monte Brown, who is still effective(5-3, .259 OAV). Below league averages in most offensive categories, but they have scored 210 runs. The pitching leads the league with a 4.05 ERA. Top 5 in Hits, Runs, OAV, OBP, OSLG, & WHIP. DH Miguel Palacios is hitting .368. SS Max Chavez is hitting .308, 4, 19. C Stevie Bonilla has provided some pop(.296, 7, 22). In addition to Brown, SP Alan Lowell(4-4, 2.70 ERA) has been effective.SP Ronnie Clark is 5-2. It's been closer by committee as 4 RP have split 11 saves. The Navs will have to maintain their pitching excellence and improve their offensive output to be considered a serious contender this year.

Tamps Bay NEWHAMPSHIRE MUDHENS- Wow, that's a mouthful! The 3rd new owner for the AL East is sport65, another first year owner. This team was abandoned last year and babysat by timf for the 2nd half of the season. They are currently playing well below expectations(431 exp, 357 act). Their 15-27 record has the 9 games off the pace in the early going. Fell into a typical new owner trap of signing a lot of has-been and never-was FAs, all of whom have been released or are seriously under performing, with the lone exception of LF Ross Rhodes, but he's 36, not exactly the type of player you build a team around. Gave way too much money to light hitting C Osvaldo Valentin, regardless of his defensive prowess. In the bottom 3 in just about every meaningful offensive category. The pitching staff has been holding it's own so far. 2nd in ERA, BB, & WHIP. 1st in RA, ER, OBP. 3rd in OAV. 4th in OSLG. RF/DH Al Cairo is leading the club in BA(.329). There really isn't much else to speak of offensively. SP Raymond Lincoln has been a workhorse(11 starts, .221 OAV, 3.29 ERA) but has little to show for it with a 3-6 record. Closer Matty Colon is 4/5 in Saves. This club need a serious upgrade to its offense before it can expect to contend. As a first time owner, perhaps sport65 took on too much by juggling 3 teams at once. This being the deep sim it is, it takes quite a while to effectively learn the ropes.