Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Ten CF'ers

1. Henry Green Green and the number two CF’er are head and shoulders above the rest of the field at this rather shallow position. Still having issues in the field his strong arm makes up for some of his miscues. Beyond that he is the best at everything else. Hits for power, steals bases, draws walks and has a great average. Is a franchise player.
2. Freddy Franco Is almost the opposite of Green. His main strength is his ability to make incredible plays everyday. Doesn’t have great power but does have a knack for hitting in the clutch and is on pace for well over 100 rbi. Has good speed but doesn’t steal anywhere as many bases as Green.
3. Josh Bradford For many years he was the marquee centerfielder. Still has the tools but has had more mistakes then in recent years so is maybe starting to slip. Good power and a good base stealer needs to work on getting on base more consistently to be more of an offensive threat.
4. Sergio Simpson It has taken him a lot longer then anyone would have expected to make his mark at the major league level. A first round pick in season four he is in just his 2nd major league season. Does everything pretty well but nothing great. Should stay in the top ten for the next 5 years.
5. Ivan Gonzalez Makes a living with his legs. Steals bases and tracks down fly balls with the best. Not a great hitter he does a good job of drawing walks and getting on base at a pretty good clip. A two time Gold Glover he is among the best again this season in AL.
6. Julio Guerrero A decent hitter with okay pop, his main strength is his ability to do everything well enough. Makes a solid number two hitter by taking walks and batting over .300. Also an average fielder that makes the routine plays and some spectacular ones.
7. D'Angelo Escobar Another early front runner for ROY. No power to speak of he does hit for a solid average and work pitchers for enough walks that he makes for a good leadoff type hitter. On pace for over 50 steals and is shaping into a fairly good fielder.
8. Clayton Hairston The older version of Escobar, he can still run enough to steal but his fielding that once was among the best is starting to slip. A potential hall of famer if he can hold on for a little bit longer.
9. Louie Rigdon Made the All-Star team when he was 22, since then he has become much more average. Hits for good average and draws a good amount of walks, but he really doesn’t hit for great power or field all that well. He is fairly fast but doesn’t seem to have a good first step and gets thrown out far too often .
10. Chad Wolf He is built like a power hitter but the majority of his homers are of the inside the park variety. But he can run and steal and is a solid .300 hitter. Has a weak arm and sometimes makes the easiest play into an adventure.

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