Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Ten 3rd Baseman

1. Pablo Chavez Another reason why Montreal is having such a great season. A former SS he is a front runner for the Gold Glove. Also on pace for 25+ homers 120 rbi and 16 steals. Batting a solid .325 and draws his fair share of walks. A true five tool player.

2. Al Canseco Another former SS, not as flashy as Chavez but still worthy of a Gold Glove at the hot corner. Doesn’t have the same pop as the number one but he is very fast and is a legitimate lead off hitter. He is only 27 and already has a cupboard full of awards.

3. Archie Aldridge The best 3rd baseman in the NL is you guessed it, another former SS. He already has 3 gold gloves and is a front runner for this years. Steals bases well enough he could bat leadoff and has 90 rbi potential due to solid power and .300 type batting average.

4. Olmedo Alfonseca Our first true 3rd baseman. Is only average with the glove when compared to the top three. Is really having a breakout year hitting almost 70 points about his career average (at .336). A solid base runner he should also be good for about 90 rbi.

5. Trevor Thebeau Another player having a break out season. Batting .335 with a plus .400 OBP. He sports 30 homer power and isn’t awful on the bases. Doesn’t really have the arm to play 3rd but moves around well enough to keep him being the worst fielder in the league.

6. Doug Clark At the age of 31 he still hasn’t gotten the recognition that he truly deserves. Batting .300 with a shot at 30 homers and 100 rbi. Doesn’t run at all due to his weak knees. Still a solid gloveman who makes the routine plays but not the spectacular ones.

7. Jamie Moore Moore sits right on the line of what would be considered an average 3rd baseman in addicted. He has solid pop and a good eye. Doesn’t run well and sometimes makes bad choices on the bases. He has a strong but erratic arm that makes him about middle of the pack fielding wise.

8. Robert Merrick One of the up and comers at this position. He was drafted as a SS but doesn’t really have the skills to play there. Does however have the skills to be a rather flashy 3rd baseman that will be among the best season in season out. Has OK power and OK speed, his best quality is his batting avg which will probably be around .300

9. Dennis Yang Played SS about a decade ago and is now one of the smoother fielders at 3rd. Is still pretty quick but takes too many chances when stealing. Hits for good average but doesn’t walk or have enough power to bat in the top 6 of most orders any more.

10. Jorge Olmeda Has already won a Silver Slugger at third and is only 25. Has increased his avg but still doesn’t know how to draw a walk. Does have great power and is a threat to leave the yard every time up. Is a strong fielder despite his cement feet that keep him glued to the bases.

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