Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NL East Preview

The Dover Gryphons finished last in a great division last season going 89-73. They have made some nice moves to try and push themselves just over that edge to get into the playoffs this season. They traded for Chip Hodges and signed P's Corey Strange and Luke Boshiers as well as top C Clay Charles to go along with SS Ray Lyon, 3B Nash Metcalfe and SP's Pete QuinnEllie Hitchcock, and Willie Milner to form a very nice team.

Prediction: 2nd 90-72

The Trenton Trash Haulers made a huge leap last season just barely losing out on the division title by 1 game. They made a few key addititons this season in free agency with SP Jesus Benitez, C Albert Arrojo and 3B Archie Aldridge will team with all-world 1B Craig Velandia, rookie LFAndre Wall, RF Roy Gordon and a staff led by bullpen aces Joe Becker and Fred Townsend.

Prediction: 1st 97-65

The Boston EliteDucks have absolutely owned this divison with 8 straight division titles. This could be the season though where that stops. The Ducks added 2B Emilio Francisco, CF Polin Merced, and P's Lloyd Keefe and Fernando DeJesus. They will team with C Victor Jose and RF Wilfredo Sanchez along with SP's Santos Quixote and Enrique Beltran along with top RP Willie Martinez.

Prediction: 3rd 83-79

The Baltimore Bayhawks finished last season just making the playoffs and will try to do that again. They have added P's Bobby Joe StanleyVictor Franco, and Midre Espinosa along with 2B Geovany Brogna. They will help 3B Corky Merrick, 1B Donald Matsuzaka and P's Hersh BergmanYunel Martin, and Carlos Martinez.

Prediction: 4th 82-80

Top Hitter in the division will be Craig Velandia.
Top Pitcher in the division will be Hersh Bergman.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NL North Preview

The Buffalo Wings finished last season in the cellar of the NL North. The last time the Wings finished last in the division they went on to win 6 straight division titles! They weren't overly busy in spring training adding P's Andres Cabrera and Michael Jackson. They will be helping a very good pitching staff that includes SP's Jamie MartinJimmie Bocachica, and ace of the staff Sean Waters. They are led offensively by 3B Carlos Arias,  1B Gerardo Espinoza, and CF Felipe Soriano.

Predicition: 1st 92-70

The Detroit Grass Lakes finished last season as the division winners and will look to repeat as the champs this season. They made no major additions through FA or trades, but Detroit has a very good team already. This is a very young roster that will compete for many seasons with Detroit. 1B Cliff Brooks, DH/C Vernon Wise, and SS Antonio Ni lead the charge offensively while ace of the staff Tomas DeLeon is backed by a bevy of excellent pitchers in the bullpen including Corky Paige and Josias Navarro.

Prediction: 1st 93-69

The Burlington Coat Factories have been hovering around last place for quite awhile, but they are starting to show signs of contending for the division title after last season. They still have a little ways to go though I think, but they do have some very good players in CF Doyle Scott, 1B Pep Withers,  2B Juan Berroa,  and SP's Steve Hoffman and Chico Olivares.

Prediction: 4th 77-85

The Cleveland Penguins have been a very good, solid team the past couple seasons. They will be looking to try and get on top of the division this season taking that next step. With no major additions they will rely primarily on players returning from last season. 1B Brian Bruce, SS Brian Dresden and C John Keats lead the offense with SPs Clay ColesLeon Gold, and Fausto Velazquez lead a solid pitching staff.

Prediction: 3rd 86-76

Top Pitcher will be Sean Waters.
Top Hitter will be Cliff Brooks.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

AL West Preview

The Oakland Renegades, 83-79 last season, continue to make good strides under btone11's guidance. With only 1 FA signing, Brian Iwazaki, the Renegades will continue to build within and build a strong foundation for their future. They are led by RF Gus Martin and SS Willie Valdez on offense. The pitching staff is led by SPs Oswaldo CruzVirgil Barnes, and Jose Alarcon.

Prediction: 3rd 77-85

The Boise Browncoats went 72-90 last season and have added CF Yorvit Montanez, and Ps Delino Morales and Darren Trujillo was brought back to the Browncoats after a short hiatus. Boise is led by declining yet still productive CF Alfonso Tejera and RF Tom Riggs on offense with SP Domingo Santos anchoring the pitching staff. 

Prediction: 4th 61-101

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are the defending division champion as well as the World Series Champions. They have made a few low-key signings to help them make another run at defending their championship. Ps David Clark and David Borges along with LF Brian Nation and C Donald Lee. They will help compliment an offense that consists of 1B Pepe Nunez, RF Trent Crane, and C Gary Bolling. The pitching staff is led by SPs Phil CorinoRaymond Morton, and J.R. Schmidt.

Prediction: 1st 99-63

The San Francisco Boondoggles went 83-79 last season and will look to continue to improve on that this season. They have added C Andres Cedeno, CF D'Angelo Escobar and Ps A.J. FreemanYank Watkins, and Jiggs Karsay to help out a pitching staff that features SPs Al Clapp and Deivi Martinez. They are supported by RF Rob Willis and LF Vin Escobar.

Prediction: 2nd 85-77

Top Pitcher will be Phil Corino
Top Hitter will be Trent Crane

AL South Preview

The New Orleans Freebeads finished last season 90-72 and they were not very active during the offseason. They did make some key addition with stud defensive SS Pedro Quevedo. They also have a very good team already with sluggers DH Fred Wells and 1B Erubiel Pineda leading a very potent offense. The pitching staff is led by Cy Young Award Winner Glendon Green and fellow starters Charles Davies and Wascar Aparicio.

Prediction: 2nd 94-68

The Atlanta Braves franchise won their division for the first time since season 5. They have added a couple of pitchers to help them try and defend their division crown. They are SP Raymond Lincoln and RP Sun-Woo Abe. They will help compliment an already very good pitching staff in SPs David VincenteRey Graves, and Pedro Alarcon. They are supported by RF Otis Boyle and 3B Robert Merrick on a solid offense.

Prediction: 3rd 90-72

The Florida Fire Sailfish finished last season 88-74 and will continue to try and build on that with a lot of the same team. They have added reliable and solid Ps Buck Cohen and Abraham Orie. They are led offensively by CF David Olivo and DH Steven Shelley. A very good pitching staff is led by a plethora of excellent RPs Geraldo SanchezYamid Astacio, and Midre Grey along with excellent SPs Al Iglesias and Roberto Acosta.

Prediction: 4th 88-74

The Louisville Sluggers finished the season having just missed the playoffs at 87-75. They had a busy offseason with a bunch of bench players and role players leaving and new ones coming in. They also tried to revamp the end of the starting staff with newcomers Ed Norton, acquired via trade, and Victor Colome and Johnny Conway. They also added a bevy of veteran hitters 1B Luis Guillen, LF Gerald Hiro, and 1B/COF Lou Beamon. They will join a team that is led by heavy hitting 2B Vern Craddock and ace SPs Harry Velazquez and Junior Valdivia.

Prediction: 1st 95-67

Top Pitcher will be Harry Velazquez
Top Hitter will be Erubiel Pineda

AL East Preview

The Kansas City Monarchs finished last season with a record of 66-96 and will look to continue to improve under the direction of mburgy. They made some FA additions with RPs Brendan Downs and Luis Marquez and SP Vic Guzman was claimed off waivers. Mburgy will look for them to help bolster the pitching staff that also will feature young SP Tommy Schultz and RP Trever Stratton. The offense is going to be led by RF Luis Francisco, RF/1B Albert Perkins, and youngster Troy Price.

Prediction: 4th 68-94

The Washington D.C. Abnormals VII finished last season 80-82 in 2nd place. They are looking to rebound from what was a down year from expectations and get back into playoff contention. They made a few additions bring back 1B Al Castillo along with 2B Freddy Franco and 2B Richie Nixon as well as RPAl Servet to help bolster the relief pitching. The offense will be led by DH Joey Cannon, C Bill Motte, and 2B Joe Redman. The strength of this team should be the pitching staff led by starters Tom Lieber and Timothy O'Connor along with a very strong bullpen with Servet, Heath Donovan, and  Zolton Weiland leading the way there.

Prediction: 3rd 91-71

The Chicago Black Sox finished last season 103-59 and will look to repeat as the champs of the AL East after winning it the past 2 seasons.  They have a very solid nucleus with 2B Alex Wilfredo and LF Che Abe leading a very potent offense and SPs Wilfredo Encarnarcion and Ken Patrick leading a very good pitching staff. New additions include C Jason Williams acquired by trade.

Prediction: 1st 104-58

The New York Torrones also had a disappointing season last season going 78-84 and will try to bounce back. They definitely played better than what their record indicated. They had a slow offseason with only one FA signing, CF Quinn Smith.  They are led by a very good, solid pitching staff with ace Shane Coffman along with fellow starters Tony Espinoza and Peter Barker are all backed up by a bevy of excellent RPs B.C. GarlandDeivi Cela, and Virgil Brown. The offense is led by 2B Gerardo Oliva and C Neifi Espinosa.

Prediction: 2nd 92-70

Top Pitcher will be Shane Coffman
Top Hitter will be Che Abe

AL North Preview

The Toronto Toros went 64-98 last season. The Toros have added 1B/DH Pete Williams and LF Frank Duncan to their offense to help megastar Rich White and DH Tim Logan. They have also added RP's Cody MeltonDaniel Porzio, and Midre Garces along with starter Andres Cela to help bolster a pitching staff that also features ace Ichiro Martin

Predicition: 3rd 81-81

The Minnesota Twinkies had a record of 73-89 last season. The main additions that they have made to this team are RP Pedro Gonzalez and 1B Terrence Cooper. The Twinkies have a very good offense led by 2B Luther Stanley, 1B Billy Corey, 3B Russell Harmon, and DH Gerry Allen. The pitching staff is led by starters Horace JefferiesThumper Clinton, and Hideki Zhang followed by a solid trio of RPs in Royce KinkadeLorenzo Guillen, and Keith Mullin.

Prediction: 1st 85-77

The three time defending division champs Cincinnati Knights finished last season at 87-75. Cincinnati has added Gold Glove SS Edgar Roque, CF Russell Leach, SP Malcolm Rowe and RP Tim Parker. The offense will center around C Koyie Williams and LF Dom Coscarart. The pitching staff will rely heavily on starter Ronnie Patrick and closer B.J. Norton and RPs Parker and Scott Bonds.

Prediction: 2nd 83-79

The Montreal Madness have had some struggles in the past few seasons and I don't look for that to change this season. They are under new ownership and the new owners have made two shrewd signings in FA. They signed 1B Clarence Levis and SP Ronnie Clark. They are led by great power hitter LF Carl Young, RF Miguel Eusebio, C Galahad Marshall, and DH Daisuke Lee to form a very solid offense. The pitching staff is very weak and will be led by Clark and Luke Rose to possibly make for a very long season.

Prediction: 4th 65-97

Top Pitcher will be Horace Jefferies
Top Hitter will be Billy Corey

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


1. Trenton Trash Haulers(83-38)--The Trash Haulers have improved leaps and bounds. For the first time since season 12 they find themselves not only in the playoffs, but serious favorites from the NL to get to the World Series.

 2. Chicago Black Sox(80-41)--Chicago is easily the best team in the AL this season and the odds on favorite to represent in the World Series. They have a dominant young nucleus that has developed into one of the best offenses in the world.

 3. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(70-51)--The Sky Sox are once again the kings of the AL West. They are led by the leagues best offense scoring runs at an alarming pace.

 4. Atlanta Braves(69-52)--The Braves franchise hasn't had a winning season since season 5. This once basement dweller franchise has been in a division with perennial contenders and is now beating all three of them. 8thdeadlysin has done a great job of turning this team around.

 5. Louisville Sluggers(67-54)--The Sluggers have found themselves not pitching like they are used to this season. They have struggled some in that department, but the leagues best defense coupled with a resurgence in offense has kept them relevant after a struggling first half of the season.

 6. Boston EliteDucks(68-53)--Not many franchises can withstand losing Craig Velandia, who could end up being the best player ever in this world, and still be a serious playoff contender. Boston is a great organization.

 7. Baltimore Bayhawks(67-54)--Baltimore is a team built around some excellent pitching with very solid hitting. They are in a very tough division, being the 3rd team now coming out of the NL East.

 8. San Diego Blue Sox(67-54)--San Diego once again has the league's best pitching staff and one of the worst if not worst offense. They are in an extreme pitcher's park, but they play it to the best of their advantage.

 9. Dover Gryphons(69-52)--Dover is the 4th team to be named in the power rankings out of the NL East. This is a dominant division. Dover has had a very good pitching staff overall, supported by a solid offense to score just enough runs to get them winning. 

10. Detroit Grass Lakes(67-54)--The Grass Lakes have a great pitching staff that is the third best in the league. They are looking to take that next step from Wild Card winner to division winner.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

AL East Pre-Season Report

I thought I would give my division, the AL EAST, the once over to see how things will shake out this season. Perhaps other owners would like to post an analysis of their own divisions.


While the Torrones posted their highest all-time win total of 104 in season 21, they still came up a game short of the division title, then got unceremoniously bounced in the first round of the playoffs. After tying for the league lead in BA last season, the Torrones may be hard pressed to duplicate that feat. The team remains virtually intact with just one exception, as CF Quinn Smith returns to NY for a second tour of duty, replacing Toby Douglas. The main problem for NY is age. Some of the boys are getting a bit long in the tooth. After leading the league with a .347 BA last season Tanner Magnante returns for his swan song at age 36. Tanner has been an NY stalwart for 13 seasons and is a good bet for the HOF, but he'll probably be relegated to part time duty this season. Much of his time will be taken by Dave Bonilla, hoping to rebound from a sub par season 21. Luckily for the Torrones, 2B Gerardo Oliva(.337, 28,85)exercised his side of a mutual option and stayed with the team. SS will be handled by a platoon of Mariano Tavarez vs RHP and Luis Gonzalez vs LHP. 3B Davey House returns at 34 after a .294,19,80 season. Former full time C Andres Cedeno(lifetime .290 BA) is 35, but can still be effective in a platoon role. C William Duffy(89 PWR) has good pop and will play as much as his 59 DUR will allow. Solid Woody Hoiles(.300,26,94) returns as the every day LF. RF will be handled by the capable Jordan Mahaffey(.280,22,75,40 SBs) who can play any position. DH will be manned mostly by Neifi Espinosa(.292,29,83). Jack of All Trades Carlos Valentin is a capable backup ant any position when the regulars need a rest. Main problem here is age, with 8 of 12 position players on the far side of 30. Keeping them healthy and on the field will be a key to how well the team does in season 22.
The pitching staff was one of the more solid units in the league, finishing season 21 in the top 4 in all important pitching categories. Staff is lead by ace Shane Coffman(16-9, 3.77) and former ROY Tony Espinoza(16-7, 3.89). #3 SP Peter Barker is hoping to duplicate a solid 16-8, 4.15 season. SPs Gorkys Santos(11-7, 3.62) and Milt Blake(12-12, 4.40) round out a solid rotation. LRs are Eswalin Alou(2.42 ERA) and aging Eduardo Palmeiro(310 lifetime Svs) with Reese Durbin available at AAA should Palmiero prove to be done. Setup is one of the better units in the league with Virgil Brown(.216 OBA, 3.00 ERA), Curt Peters(.189 OBA, 2.91ERA), Ricardo Tejada(.214 OBA, 1.60 ERA), and emerging 2nd year man Deivi Cela(.241, 3.74). Closer B.C. Garland is one of the best the league has ever seen and is a sure fire future HOFer with 360 lifetime Saves, .201 OBA and 2.37 ERA over 11 ML seasons. He has shown no dropoff in ratings at age 33, but if he ever decides to get old, Cela should be a capable replacement, but that time appears to be well in the future. All in all, the Torrones should be a solid contender this year with a playoff spot a good possibility as long as some of the older players continue to perform well. If not, it could be a long season.


a_ersberg's Black Sox are the defending champions from season 21. They are led by a pair of super stud players in ROY LF Alex Wilfredo(.316, 43, 122) and 1B Che Abe(.298, 37, 105). Abe is in his prime and the sky's the limit for Wilfredo. These 2 will be terrorizing the AL for years to come. Main catching duty will fall to Corey Gonzales, a solid .284 hitter last season who could improve his power numbers this year. Backup Rudy Mercer is solid defensively. Chicago may want an upgrade from 35 year old Braden Hughes in RF after only 7 Hrs, 53 RBIs in 542 ABs last year. SS Jorge Espinoza is a good glove but didn't hit much last year. He split time with Andres Barrios, another good field, no stick SS. 3B Alex Green is a decent fielder but a little light on production for a corner IF(.255, 21,66). Part time DH Chad Cook(.232,19,51) is also a little light in production for a guy who can't play the field. Jung-Lee Nomo is a slick fielding 2B with some pop(18 HRs), and speed(26 SBs). Rookie Cody Ransom(.285, 11, 51,19 SBs) patrolled CF much of last year. Jack of All Trades Ed Randa played 5 positions last year, but only hit .236,17, 54 in 407 ABs. 34 year old Trever Vina(.284) and rookie Rule 5 guyOlmedo Guzman(.306,17,108 at AA) round out the offense. Despite the heroics of Abe and Wilfredo, Chicago still ended up last season about the middle of the pack in most offensive categories.
Pitching is what got Chicago it's title last year. They were in the top 3 in most pitching categories and gave up the fewest runs in the league last year(576). The rotation is one of the best around. 23 year old Ken Patrick had a stellar rookie season(15-4, .235 OBA, 3.28 ERA) and looks like he'll be an anchor for years to come. 34 year old Wilfredo Encarnacion will get his 200th win this year and shows no signs of slowing down. If 25 year old John Winn duplicates his .236 OBA, 3.47 ERA numbers of last season, he's sure to improve on his 11-7 record. 34 year old Pete Gardner has been a solid SP for years and should be able to duplicate his season 21 11-9 or better. Rounding out the rotation is season 21 late season callup, 22 year old Willie Keller,who went 6-1, 2.52 ERA in 11 starts. He looks to be a good one who will only improve with experience. LR will be handled by Daniel Poppell, coming off a stellar 9-1, .235 OBA, 3.05 ERA campaign. Setup men are solid, with Don Kerr(.234 OBA, 2.63 ERA), Reagan Murray(.241 OBA, 2.59 ERA, 15 Svs), Quinn Ruebel(9 Wins, 9 Svs, .227 OBA, 2.71 ERA), Donte Andrews(.215 OBA), and Brendan Downs(.222 OBA). No real Closer, so it will probably be a "by committee' type situation.
All in all, Chicago is a very solid club with some great rising stars who could again top 100 wins and is a sold contender to defend their title. On the down side, there is some age in a few spots and keeping guys healthy is always a concern in order to have a good season. Time will tell, but I wouldn't bet against them.


diabeticrock's 91-71 record in season 21 would have been good for a division title in many seasons. Unfortunately he was in a division with 2 teams that won 105 and 104 games and he finished 14 games back. He's been busy this spring training and hopes to contend for this years division title. DC was busy in the FA market, signing 4 players. they are all on the far side of 30, so drock seems to be taking a 'go for it now' approach. 35 year old Al Canseco was actually traded for last season and re-signed as a FA for season 22. He mainly played 2B for DC and is coming off a sub par .248, 13 58 season. With a drop in his ratings over the off season, it's hard to see him improving much on those numbers. Omar Cela is under .500 lifetime(94-101) and is coming off a 7-13, 5.53 ERA season in 25 starts and 43 appearances. 36 year old IF/OF Freddy Franco hit .247,18,63 last year. DC re-signed 33 year old SP Alexander Lawrence, who had a solid 15-11 season for them last year.
Acquired in trades were 1B/LF Al Castillo, coming off a solid .283,30,74 season for 2 teams last year, and OF Lynn Gabriel(.278,15,77,16 SBs).
DC led the league in SBs last year(238) but was below average in most other offensive categories. Aging C Joey Cannon handled DH duty last year with a few games thrown in at C. He's a possible future HOFer, and is coming off a very good .316,25,80 season. Most of the catching duties will be handled by up and comer Bill Motte, who sports 86 PWR that will only improve. Michael Schulte played all over last year and hit 15 HRs. 34 year old 3B Al Cairo is coming off a solid .281,20,85 season. Pedro Perez handled most of the SS play last year. He's a decent glove, but no stick, and you don't often see guys with BE 6 in the ML. Backing him up is Julius Powell, better hitting ratings but not much of a glove. This position is a definite weak spot. CF is patrolled by Jimmie Esposito, a very good glove but an average stick. He did have 28 SBs last year. Backup OF George Governale has some speed(26 SBs) but not much else. RH Terry Perry fell off in BA somewhat after a good rookie year, but still managed 25 HRs 75 RBI 27 SBs. Look for improvement from him.
In addition to Alexander and Cela, the rotation includes stud 2nd year SP Timothy O'Connor, who could have won ROY last season. He went 19-6, 3.44 ERA and will probably only get better. Jesus Johnson(14-10, 3.97), former #1 pick Efrain Williams, called up from AA, round out the rotation. LR Kenny Gonzales sported a 1.93 ERA last year. Rookie Julian Guerrero is a AA callup. Greg Shelley had 9 saves after being acquired in a trade early last season. Santiago Perez and Zoltan Weiland appear to be no better than journeyman setup guys. Closer duties were handled by Heath Donovan(26 Svs).
All in all, it doesn't look like DC will show enough improvement to seriously contend for the division title this season.


mburgy took over this franchise last season. It was left in disarray by it's former owner and burgy had his hands full. It wasn't pretty as KC ended up with only 51 wins, 54 games out of 1st place. But mburgy has been very busy this spring, signing a passel of FAs to try and improve his lot. SS Julio Beltre is a decent glove, but not much of a hitter. 39 year old DH/C Carlos Ibarra is years past his prime. his last decent season was 16. 37 year old Jumbo Neruda might still hit a bit, but is in serious decline. 3B Julio Guerrero is 35 and also in decline. P David Perez could be a decent LR, but 59 DUR won't get him thru the 5th inning as a SP. Matty Cedeno looks like he should hit 30+ HRs in full time duty, but can only play DH. SP Rico Espinoza is a nice signing who is over .500 lifetime, but 18 DUR means he won't be able to go every 5th day. I can't see journeyman 36 year old SP Earle Broome being able to take the mound very often with 13 DUR. At one time Malcolm Sandberg could be counted on for double digit wins, but at 39 those days are long in the past. Nothing more than LR now, but will be needed with other SPs having such low DUR. Unfortunately, his 16 DUR precludes him from taking the ball too often also. Harry Alicea is another guy on the downside, but
at least he's still got some gas in the tank and should post some decent numbers.
But enough gloom and doom. Let's look at some bright spots. C Joe Quinn is coming off a decent platoon rookie season(.280 BA). 1B James Broussard ratings look like they should produce better numbers than they have. Rookie 2B A.J. May has some pop(76 PWR) but low vR and BE may be a problem. Not sure much more can be expected of 3B John Itou than last years numbers. SS Wladimir Piedra is a slick fielder(20 + plays) and should hit a bit better. Young 1B/LF Troy Price played well after being traded to KC last season and should improve. Rookie CF Mitch Rollins is out of position there, but has a good eye, decent speed, and good BR that may translate into some SBs. LF Luis Francisco had 26 HRs, but will mis the first 2 months with an injury. This is a danger I try to avoid by not playing my starters too much in ST.
Rotation includes Cesar Mesa, who might reach double digit wins, Willie Moreno, who won't, and journeyman Tommy Schultz. Closer Trever Stratton(20 Svs) looks decent. Journeymen Luis Marquez, Aramis Martin, and Daniel Porzio round out the bullpen.
This looks to be another long season in KC. They are unfortunate to be in a division with 3 teams who won 90+ games last year, and whlile mburgy is trying to make improvements, signing a lot of 35+ year old FAs is not the way to rebuild a franchise.

Monday, April 2, 2012


1. Olmedo Rivas Rivas is the worlds reigning career HR champion with 767 homers. Probably the greatest power hitter in the world so far. Also, had 4 MVPs.
2. Darron Pierce Pierce had 3,068 hits, 490 home runs, and 1845 runs in his career. Pierce also had 4 Silver Slugger awards along with 7 all-star appearances.
3. Denny Inge Denny was the best hitter this world has ever seen. His 3,533 hits, 487 home runs, 652 doubles and 1474 walks help to show this along with 6 silver sluggers, 1 MVP, 10 all-star appearances, and 2 gold gloves.
1. Damaso Julio Julio had 2,798 hits, 539 home runs, a .327 average, and 1511 runs in his brilliant career. Additionally he was able to receive 8 Silver Sluggers, 1 Gold Glove and 11 all-star appearances.
2. Diego Moreno Moreno fell just shy of the 3000 hit plateau but still finished with 2,905 in his career. He also had 494 doubles, 1531 runs, 326 homers, and 1,445 RBI's. He was also awarded with 6 all star appearances, 3 Silver Sluggers, and 3 Gold Gloves.
3. Virgil Rodriguez Virgil ended his career with 540 home runs, 1633 RBI's, 523 doubles, 1680 hits, and 379 stolen bases. Rodriguez also received 4 Silver Slugger awards, 3 Gold Gloves, 1 MVP award, and 8 all-star appearances.
4. Trevor Roa Roa was an excellent pitcher during his career with 172 wins, 3.21 ERA, .231 OAV, and a .300 OBP. He also received 2 Cy Young awards and 4 all-star appearances.
5. Felipe Vincente Vincente was an excellent pitcher during his career with career numbers accumulating to 222 wins, .247 OAV, .310 OBP, and an ERA of 3.94. He also was a 5 time all-star and received 1 Gold Glove.
6. Ned Taylor Taylor had 2,535 hits, 453 doubles, 544 home runs, 1,773 RBI's and a .948 OPS in his career. He was also a 3 time all-star and won the Silver Slugger one time.
1. Norm Adams
2. Lou Benson
3. Clayton Hairston
4. Tomas Javier
5. Bruce King
1. Sherman Taylor
2. C.J. Weaver
3. Johnnie Price
4. Billy McNamara
5. Parker Bennett
6. Doug Clark
7. Nigel Clifton
8. Earl Collins
9. Rick Costello
10. Julio Fuentes
11. Jayson Long
12. Pat Long
13. Leonardo Mackowiak

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Owners!

Welcome to the new owners! Ncasper, taking over the San Francisco Boondoggles, comes to us with 12 seasons of experience in Lasorda. Elderboy02, taking over the Las Vegas Stogies, has 15 seasons of experience in a few leagues the most of which came in Cobb. Last, but certainly not least we welcome rockydawg07 back with us after being gone for 1 season. Welcome to you all again, we hope that you will all enjoy this great world!

Friday, February 17, 2012

3rd Power Rankings for Season 21!

1. New York Torrones(78-44)--The Torrones are having a great season. They have the top fielding team backing a top 5 pitching staff that is supported by a very good offense.
Previously Ranked: 1st (E)

2. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(74-48)--The Sky Sox are led by AU best offense in the league. They also have a top 10 pitching staff supporting them making them one of the best teams in the world.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(E)

3. Chicago Black Sox(78-44)--The Black Sox have not had a winning season since season 10, but they are on pace to have one of the best records in the whole world. Led by a great pitching staff and defense they look to stop New York's recent dominance of the AL East.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+1)

4. Louisville Sluggers(76-46)--Louisville has relied on a great pitching staff this season. The offense has been effective, but still has been a bit of a disappointment so far this season. Still this team will look to try and win the AL South and fend off New Orleans and Florida once again.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-1)

5. Detroit Grass Lakes(74-48)--Detroit has been the class of the NL so far this season. With rankings in the top 10 in pitching, offense, and defense the Grass Lakes don't have too much of a weakness anywhere. They will look to finish strong down the stretch with Buffalo hot on their heals.
Previously Ranked: 6th(+1)

6. Florida Fire Sailfish(72-50)--The Fire Sailfish have been holding steady in the very competitive AL South all season. They are one steak away from taking over control of the division and with their offense that is always something to be concerned about for the rest of the AL.
Previously Ranked: 9th(+3)

7. New Orleans Freebeads(73-49)--The Freebeads are the third team from the AL South in the Power Rankings. They have a very good club that is also ranked in the top 10 in all categories: offense, defense, and pitching. They keep hanging close and are also one nice streak away from taking the lead in the AL South as well.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-2)

8. Buffalo Wings(70-52)--The Wings are led by a top 5 pitching staff that is supported by a very solid offense. They are trying to take over the NL North and keep their streak of division titles going.
Previously Ranked: 8th(E)

9. Boston EliteDucks(68-54)--Boston once again has one of the best offenses in AU. Their pitching staff has kind of dropped off a little bit though this season. Still the 3 time defending AU champion should not be taken lightly and will be a strong presence down the stretch.
Previously Ranked: 7th(-2)

10. San Antonio Chupacabras(69-53)--San Antonio has succeeded behind a very solid pitching staff. If they can muster up enough offense then they could be able to suprise some teams come playoff time.
Previously Ranked: 10th(E)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Congratulations to drutes for being elected the 3rd member of the Owners Hall of Fame! drutes collected 37 of 40 possible points with a total of 7 out of 10 first place votes. drutes has had a great career so far in Addicted Users. His career accolades includes 8 division titles and has 4 wild card berths in his 20 seasons in AU for a total of 12 playoff appearances. In those 12 appearances he has 2 NLCS championships and 1 World Series championship. Additionally he has made 10 AAA playoffs, 8 AA playoffs with 3 AA championships, 9 HiA playoffs with 1 championship, 8 LoA playoffs with 1 championship, and 3 Rookie playoffs. Hopefully this is just the start and drutes will look to be a force in AU for the next 20 seasons as well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

2nd Power Rankings of Season 21!

1. New York Torrones(60-31)--The Torrones are dominating Addicted Users with a top ten offense and a top 5 pitching staff. They are led by all star bats Gerardo Oliva and Woody Hoiles.
Previously Ranked: 3rd (+2)

2. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(56-35)--The Sky Sox have one of the best offenses in AU this season. They also have a great pitching staff that is lead by all stars Phil Corino and Sean Brown.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+2)

3. Louisville Sluggers(59-32)--The Sluggers have the top pitching staff in the whole world and that has helped with an offense that is not living up to it's potential. They have been led by all stars Harry Velazquez and Junior Valdivia.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-1)

4. Chicago Black Sox(56-35)--Chicago has been playing some great baseball, but they have the fortune of being in the same division as the Torrones. They are led by all stars Che Abe and Corey Gonzales.
Previously Ranked: 1st(-3)

5. New Orleans Freebeads(57-34)--The Freebeads have one of the top offenses in the AL. They are led by all stars Douglas Skrmetta and Ricky Bradley.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+2)

6. Detroit Grass Lakes(56-35)--The Grass Lakes are the first NL team in the power rankings. They have a very good offense and pitching staff. Led by all stars Cliff Brooks and J.R. Gray Detroit is looking to once again win their division.
Previously Ranked: NR

7. Boston EliteDucks(51-40)--The EliteDucks have the best offense in all of AU that has helped pick up the slack for a pitching staff that has underachieved so far this season. They are led by perennial all star Craig Velandia.
Previously Ranked: NR

8. Buffalo Wings(53-38)--Buffalo is led by a very good pitching staff that is complemented by a solid offense. The Wings are led by all stars Sean Waters and Jamie Martin.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-3)

9. Florida Fire Sailfish(52-39)--Florida has been led by a solid pitching staff that is led by their stud closer all star Yamid Astacio and slugging CF David Olivo.
Previously Ranked: NR

10. San Antonio Chupacabras(51-40)--San Antonio is led by one of the best offenses in all of AU but also has one of the poorer pitching staffs. They are led by all stars Bucky Dickey and Joe Redman.
Previously Ranked: 6th(-4)

Falling out of the Power Rankings Washington D.C Abnormals VII, Fresno Primetimers, Atlanta Braves

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st Power Rankings of Season 21!

1. Chicago Black Sox(38-16)--The Black Sox have started this season out like gangbusters, dominating the competition.

2. New York Torrones(34-20)--The Torrones are off to a great start as well. The AL East could be a great race to watch this season.

3. Louisville Sluggers(32-22)--The Sluggers have struggled some with the bats out of the gate, but their pitching staff has led them so far.

4. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(32-22)--The Sky Sox are looking like they might cruise in the AL West.

5. Buffalo Wings(33-21)--The Wings have picked up right where they left off last season, in 1st place in the NL North.

6. San Antonio Chupacabras(34-20)--The Chupacabras have jumped out to an early lead in the NL South.

7. New Orleans Freebeads(30-24)--The Freebeads figure to contend all season long and the very tough AL South.

8. Washington D.C. Abnormals VII(35-19)--The Abnormals have played very well in 1-run games to stay red hot.

9. Fresno Primetimers(33-21)--The Primetimers are currently leading the NL West by a comfortable 5 games.

10. Atlanta Braves(30-24)--The Braves have started the season off well with some nice free agent pickups. They could help make the AL South very interesting.