Tuesday, May 22, 2012


1. Trenton Trash Haulers(83-38)--The Trash Haulers have improved leaps and bounds. For the first time since season 12 they find themselves not only in the playoffs, but serious favorites from the NL to get to the World Series.

 2. Chicago Black Sox(80-41)--Chicago is easily the best team in the AL this season and the odds on favorite to represent in the World Series. They have a dominant young nucleus that has developed into one of the best offenses in the world.

 3. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(70-51)--The Sky Sox are once again the kings of the AL West. They are led by the leagues best offense scoring runs at an alarming pace.

 4. Atlanta Braves(69-52)--The Braves franchise hasn't had a winning season since season 5. This once basement dweller franchise has been in a division with perennial contenders and is now beating all three of them. 8thdeadlysin has done a great job of turning this team around.

 5. Louisville Sluggers(67-54)--The Sluggers have found themselves not pitching like they are used to this season. They have struggled some in that department, but the leagues best defense coupled with a resurgence in offense has kept them relevant after a struggling first half of the season.

 6. Boston EliteDucks(68-53)--Not many franchises can withstand losing Craig Velandia, who could end up being the best player ever in this world, and still be a serious playoff contender. Boston is a great organization.

 7. Baltimore Bayhawks(67-54)--Baltimore is a team built around some excellent pitching with very solid hitting. They are in a very tough division, being the 3rd team now coming out of the NL East.

 8. San Diego Blue Sox(67-54)--San Diego once again has the league's best pitching staff and one of the worst if not worst offense. They are in an extreme pitcher's park, but they play it to the best of their advantage.

 9. Dover Gryphons(69-52)--Dover is the 4th team to be named in the power rankings out of the NL East. This is a dominant division. Dover has had a very good pitching staff overall, supported by a solid offense to score just enough runs to get them winning. 

10. Detroit Grass Lakes(67-54)--The Grass Lakes have a great pitching staff that is the third best in the league. They are looking to take that next step from Wild Card winner to division winner.

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