Monday, March 22, 2010

Hall of Fame Update

One of the most celebrated starting pitchers in Addicted history. Winning the Cy Young 3 straight years and 4 times in a 5 year span. He was perhaps the most dominate pitcher ever. Suffered an accident before season 1 started that saw him with 2 broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a severe concussion. Was forced by the financially strapped Mexico City franchise to pitch through it. Had perhaps the worst season ever. After that was traded to Salem straight up for Fritz Starr. Quickly turned things around and won the Cy Young in seasons 3, 4, 5 and 7 with Salem and then Boise. Also won 9 playoff games with them as they won 2 World Series while he played for them. After winning the CY Young in season 7 he left for Free Agency and wound up in Las Vegas and had a strong season going 13-8 with a 2.62 ERA. There was then a ownership change and the team was moved to Oklahoma and he was forced to the bullpen as management felt he was too old to start any more. A year later the team moved to San Diego were he loved to play but just didn’t have the goods anymore. No works as a color commentator for the San Diego Spanish broadcaster covering the Smokes games. He goes into the hall wearing their hat.

Stats 151 wins, 82 losses. 2140 Innings, 1495 K’s, 1.33 WHIP, 4.19 ERA
Projected Stats 220 wins, 105 losses, 3020 Innings, 2150 K’s, 1.29 WHIP, 3.88 ERA

Has the 4th best single season ERA with a 2.11
2nd most wins 23 and the top two best winning percentage seasons .958 and .917

With Boise he is on the leaderboard in both career and single season records.

CG 2nd 28
ERA 1st 2.95
Innings 3rd 1418
SHO 2nd 9
QS 2nd 144
K’s 2nd 1046
Wins 2nd 161

Single Season
ERA 1-3-5 2.11, 2,59, 2.85
QS 1-2 27, 26, 26
K’s 1-3-4 236, 188, 181
Wins 2-3-4 23-22-22

A hard throwing horse of a pitcher. Was one of the richest closers in the history of the game and deserved every penny. On his back Burlington made the playoffs 5 years in a row between seasons 1 and 5. He could be counted on for 80 appearances and well over 100 innings often getting much consideration for the CY Young. Eventually he lost his closer job to Bonk Root but was still and effective pitcher before leaving as a Free agent for Vancouver. He pitched well there for one season before moving onto the Toros with hopes of becoming a Pitching coach. He spent a season in AAA but realized that he missed his ranch in Arizona and has set up a Baseball Camp there for young boys and girls. The camp has already had success with its most recent crop of graduates including Deivi Martinez getting drafted in the first round this season.

Stats: 724 Games, 83 Wins-80 Losses, 302 Saves, 1245 IP, 940 K’s 1.19 Whip, 3.30 ERA
Estimated Career Stats: 965 Games, 115 Wins, 110 Losses, 435 Saves, 1700 IP, 1260 K’s
Awards: 1 x CY Young, 6 x All-Stars, 2 x Fireman
Burlington Single Season Records
Games (2nd) 89
ERA (2nd) 2.79
Losses (1st) 19
Saves (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 47-46-44-43
K’s (3rd) 152
WHIP (5th) 1.11

Burlington Career Total Records
Games (1st) 693
ERA (1st) 3.25
Losses (2nd) 76
IP (2nd) 1194
Saves (1st) 300
K’s (2nd) 907
WHIP (2nd) 1.18
Wins (2nd) 83

He is also 2nd on the Addicted Users all-time save list with 302, 3rd in ERA with a 3.02.

As a young man he looked as though he was destined to work in a car battery recycling plant. When the plant closed and his town was left poor and polluted he was forced at the age of 17 to move to Santo Domingo, there he was seen by a scout from the Toronto Toros as he played a game of pick up ball. He signed a minor league contract and at the age of 19 won the High A player of the year when he crushed 54 homeruns in 130 games while batting .377. It took him a few years to get all his skills up to pace for the major league level but at the age of 23 he burst onto the scene and proved to be a winner every year he played. In Addicted Users seasons 1-7 his team averaged over 100 wins and made the playoffs every year. He won two world series over that span batting over .400 with 9 homers, 30 rbi and 7 steals during the playoffs those seasons. After hitting 45 homers in season 5 his skills seemed to drop off the table and he only hit 12 in season 6. He was released at the end of that season but quickly signed with arch rival Minnesota. He batted a solid .305 with 16 homers and helped the Twinkies to a 103 win season. In season 8 he spent the year in the minors as a special assistant and coach. He hung it up for good in season 9 moved back to the Dominican and has set up a wildlife centre close to his home town of Haina.

Stats: 809 runs, 1154 hits, 225 doubles, 63 triples, 275 homers, 852 RBI, 113 steals, .307 AVG
Estimated Career Stats: 1360 runs, 2030 hits, 375 doubles, 100 triples, 500 homers, 1475 RBI, 200 steals, .310 AVG

Awards: 4 X Silver Slugger (1-3,5), 2 X All-Star (2,5)

Toronto Single Season Records
Runs: (5th) 163
Triples: (4th) 20
HR: (1st) 67
RBI: (1st) 196
OPS: (2nd) 1.194

His 196 RBI also ranks 5th all-time in addicted users
Also holds the Toro record for 7+ plays in RF in one season and has the highest fielding % at .993

Ranks in the top three for Toronto in the following stats: AVG (.307) Hits (998) Runs (717) RBI (780) HR (259)

By no means the biggest 1st baseman of all time at just 5'11 and under 200lbs. He was one of the most feared hitters in baseball and the effects he had on the game can still be felt today. Spent 13 years in the major leagues but only 8 of those seasons are on the books. Was traded before Addicted Users 1st season started by MGreenwell in Salem to the Toronto Toros in a 3 for 1 deal that other then West the main player was Ricky Lawton who some day may find himself in the Hall as well. With West on the team the Toros won 215 games over the next two seasons and went as far as the League Championships both times. West hilighted season two by winning his 1st MVP award.

After season 2 with a contract that was about to expire and the Toros worried about losing him to free agency he was traded again. This time to the Durham Pilots (now Toledo). Toronto packaged West with another player, Juan Bravo, for three up and comers, Jon Stern, D'Angelo Figureoa, and Tomas Gandarilla. Carl didn't fail the fans in Durham, the Pilots won a team record 115 games, an incredible 42 games more then the season before and 22 more then they would next year without West. He got his team all the way to the World Series this time, but lost to his old team Toronto. Carl batted .373 in both the regular season and playoffs to win his 2nd straight MVP award.

In season 4 he at the age of 33 he signed a massive 5 year deal worth more then 50 million dollars with El Paso. The team struggled and never won more then 80 games and finished last all but one season that he was with them. He did bat close to .300 with the team and twice hit over 37 homers and 118 rbi. After season 8 with his bat speed slowing he hung up his cleats at the age 39.

Stats: 752 runs, 1197 hits, 206 doubles, 292 homers, 900 rbi, .319 avg
Estimated Career Stats: 1250 runs, 2100 hits, 355 doubles, 517 homers, 1575 rbi, .325 avg.

Awards: 4 x All-Star (1-4), 3 X Silver Slugger 1st Base(1-3), 2 X MVP (2,3)

Toronto Single Season Assist Record 1st baseman (169)
2nd,5th Single Bat Avg (.347,.333)
T-1st Single HomeRun (67)
2nd,3rd Single OBP (.436,.431)
2nd Single Runs (167)
T-1st Single RBI (196)

1st Single Bat Avg (.373) also 3rd best in ML History
3rd Single Hits (200)
5th Single Doubles (47)
1st Single Homers (51)
1st Single OBP (.465)
3rd Single Runs (136)
1st Single RBI (147)
1st Single OBPS (1.227) 2nd best ML History

El Paso
2nd Single Bat Avg (.330)
5th Single Homeruns (40)
3rd Single OBP (.402)
5th Single RBI (119)

Also has the 5th highest Career OBPS at this time in ML history at 1.025

Had incredible playoff stats as well batting .383 in 133 at bats with 22 homers and 47 rbi and posting an outstanding 1.407 OBPS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Owners

his name is Dennis Wesson and he lives in Bogart Georgia, which is about an hour north east of Atlanta. 21 full HBD seasons under his belt with 9 playoff appearances and a WS win in Season 1 of WIB with a number 6 seed team. In 6 seasons that team never fell below .500 and had a high win total of 101 the year after the WS title. Also spent 5 seasons in No Quitters turning a sub .500 team into 2 time Division winner before he left. His goal with his new team the Arizona Desert is pretty much the same turn a sub .500 team into a winner with a realistic shot at being a champion every season. He made a couple of trades the more noteworthy being the acquisition of Clarence Levis and Lou Beamon both will add much needed pop to his lineup. Also brought in the big bat of C.J. Weaver and the speedy centerfielder Ernie Thompson. They also signed a new pitcher Bruce Phillips that will help stabilize the pitching staff. This team could be a contender right now.

He is Steve from South Minnesota. He was with us a few seasons back with the Tucson Desert Rats winning 65 and 66 games. Now with a little more experience under his belt he hopes to better the second time around. With 23 seasons under his belt and 6 playoffs made he has a fairly solid track record building up. His highlight must be the 3 seasons in Snider that have seen him win 3 straight division titles with an average salary of only 62 million dollars. His hopes are to have this team headed in that same direction within a season or so. He grabbed a solid setup man in Santiago Morales and solid LR man in Pete Hartman with 2 of his three off-season trades. Free agents Yamil Diaz and Vicente Domingo will really help out a thin pitching staff. With Solid hitting this team could be ready to make a move.

Mike Talbott from Crosby, Texas just outside of Dallas. A relative newb when compared to the other new owners does have No-Hitter in his history which is more then many owners can brag about. Hopes to help rebuild this formerly strong team by restocking the minors and taking better care of the team as a whole. No trades as of yet, actually a smart move for a newer owner. He has dipped his toe into the free agent market. Notables include Benny Navarre, Jeff Riggs and Pedro Matos to help out in the pen and Alberto Guerrero plus Freddy Forrest in the rotation. SS Del Rosa and Catcher Mike Martin will shore up the defense up the middle.

Shawn Gammon from Dartmouth Nova Scotia…yeah another Canadian. Has a solid track record in Hotstove keeping the budget down and the team around the .500 level most season. Plans to rebuild this team from the ground up and compete in about four seasons. Made several trades grabbing some solid young talent like…Hersh Bergman, Stan Redmond and Paxton Baldelli. also signed himself a new closer, Fernando Pena and a solid utility player Rick Costello. This team has some serious upside to discover.

I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he is from. He has been buying up teams like crazy the past few weeks and making deals like crazy. I would be na├»ve to think I even had a clue what direction this team is headed. But it will be exciting to see how it all works out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The All-Time Best of Teams Volume 1

The All-Time Teams

(Oakland, Helena)

1st C.C. Brush 513 52-114-0 .290-.373 Season 5 (Hel)
2nd Red Perez 418 29-79-32 .324-.436 Season 9 (Hel)
SS Tommy Heredia 537 18-82-1 .315-.370 Season 5 (Hel)
3rd Louie Damon 618 36-125-8 .316-.371 Season 4 (Hel)
CF Aramis Vizquel 561 38-119-8 .305-.375 Season 6 (Hel)
RF Ross Rhodes 541 29-106-16 .320-.409 Season 10 (Hel)
LF Milt Mahoney 569 60-161-12 .323-.389 Season 4 (Hel)
C Osvaldo Valentin 382 15-46-0 .301-.380 Season 9 (Hel)

SP1 Daryle Morgan 18-7-0 240-163 1.09-2.40 Season 8 (Hel)
SP2 Russell Blake 21-6-0 201-137 1.24-3.22 Season 5 (Hel)
SP3 Pat Witt 21-5-0 220-148 1.20-2.74 Season 7 (Hel)
RP1 Marty Burns 9-1-33 71-69 1.20-2.55 Season 8 (Hel)
RP2 Henry Martin 10-6-7 100-76 0.96-2.25 Season 6 (Hel)

Augusta (Cincinnati, Columbus, Atlanta, Trenton)
1st Dennis Newfield 557 44-120-1 .361-.429 Season 12 (Clb)
2nd Lefty Appier 600 30-162-44 .362-.437 Season 1 (Trn)
SS Dennis Yang 566 10-87-37 .292-.353 Season 11 (Clb)
3rd Rico Ordaz 591 68-227-1 .315-.396 Season 1 (Trn)
CF Alex Nieves 617 34-123-21 .300-.357 Season 10 (Clb)
RF Bobby Bolick 531 29-107-29 .315-.390 Season 7 (Clb)
LF Billy Ledee 567 62-165-0 .332-409 Season 9 (Clb)
C Clay Charles 374 41-84-0 .297-.362 Season 13 (Clb)
DH Joey Cannon 505 32-113-0 .295-.351 Season 14 (Clb)

SP1 Pedro Alarcon 16-7-0 217-168 0.95-2.07 Season 12 (Clb)
SP2 P.J. Stanton 14-7-0 161-102 1.32-3.19 Season 12 (Clb)
SP3 Nigel Clifton 16-4-0 211-143 1.13-3.25 Season 9 (Clb)
RP1 Rob Patrick 0-1-34 39-27 1.02-2.75 Season 12 (Clb)
RP2 Curtis Young 0-0-34 37-31 1.08-1.46 Season 7 (Clb)

Boise (Salem)
1st Diego Moreno 639 25-133-0 .335-.388 Season 5 (Sal)
2nd Carlton Roosevelt 636 29-108-40 .272-.339 Season 12 (Boi)
SS Ricky Lawton 535 31-119-22 .363-.428 Season 9 (Boi)
3rd Luis Manzanillo 631 27-110-0 .319-.371 Season 4 (Sal)
CF Clayton Hairston 592 5-68-50 .316-.364 Season 13 (Boi)
RF Jose Marquez 676 15-90-41 .300-.359 Season 12 (Boi)
LF Alfonso Tejera 625 43-135-16 .323-.380 Season 10 (Boi)
C Olmedo Rivas 499 70-154-0 .335-.408 Season 7 (Boi)
DH Terrence Tracy 568 42-115-0 .305-.363 Season 5 (Boi)

SP1 Bobby Stephenson 20-3-0 202-164 1.03-2.27 Season 13 (Boi)
SP2 Donaldo Gonzalez 22-2-0 251-236 0.98-2.11 Season 7 (Boi)
SP3 Joey Montgomery 22-6-0 241-181 1.27-3.21 Season 10 (Boi)
RP1 Felipe Cairo 4-4-38 58-33 0.97-2.03 Season 14 (Boi)
RP2 Darren Trujillo 17-8-1 127-101 1.30-4.17 Season 10 (Boi)

1st Todd Simpson 615 41-146-0 .330-.401 Season 5 (Buf)
2nd Alex Escuela 533 6-73-79 .315-.381 Season 7 (Buf)
SS Octavio Santiago 695 34-98-55 .298-.374 Season 2 (Buf)
3rd Kirt Crane 644 54-163-25 .297-.372 Season 4 (Buf)
CF Pat Long 627 16-77-12 .325-.390 Season 9 (Buf)
RF Ramiro Guevara 611 74-193-7 .337-.418 Season 6 (Buf)
LF Sam Griffin 634 38-116-20 .285-.355 Season 9 (Buf)
C Omar Gentry 461 30-85-0 .295-.354 Season 11 (Buf)

SP1 Howard Terrell 13-10-0 216-198 1.09-2.84 Season 10 (Buf)
SP2 Philip Riley 21-9-0 260-199 1.16-3.49 Season 4 (Buf)
SP3 Emil Pena 16-7-0 219-148 1.16-2.42 Season 9 (Buf)
RP1 Carson Davis 1-2-38 56-43 1.05-2.25 Season 3 (Buf)
RP2 Donatello Poole 2-2-42 74-67 1.45-3.39 Season 7 (Buf)