Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Owners

his name is Dennis Wesson and he lives in Bogart Georgia, which is about an hour north east of Atlanta. 21 full HBD seasons under his belt with 9 playoff appearances and a WS win in Season 1 of WIB with a number 6 seed team. In 6 seasons that team never fell below .500 and had a high win total of 101 the year after the WS title. Also spent 5 seasons in No Quitters turning a sub .500 team into 2 time Division winner before he left. His goal with his new team the Arizona Desert is pretty much the same turn a sub .500 team into a winner with a realistic shot at being a champion every season. He made a couple of trades the more noteworthy being the acquisition of Clarence Levis and Lou Beamon both will add much needed pop to his lineup. Also brought in the big bat of C.J. Weaver and the speedy centerfielder Ernie Thompson. They also signed a new pitcher Bruce Phillips that will help stabilize the pitching staff. This team could be a contender right now.

He is Steve from South Minnesota. He was with us a few seasons back with the Tucson Desert Rats winning 65 and 66 games. Now with a little more experience under his belt he hopes to better the second time around. With 23 seasons under his belt and 6 playoffs made he has a fairly solid track record building up. His highlight must be the 3 seasons in Snider that have seen him win 3 straight division titles with an average salary of only 62 million dollars. His hopes are to have this team headed in that same direction within a season or so. He grabbed a solid setup man in Santiago Morales and solid LR man in Pete Hartman with 2 of his three off-season trades. Free agents Yamil Diaz and Vicente Domingo will really help out a thin pitching staff. With Solid hitting this team could be ready to make a move.

Mike Talbott from Crosby, Texas just outside of Dallas. A relative newb when compared to the other new owners does have No-Hitter in his history which is more then many owners can brag about. Hopes to help rebuild this formerly strong team by restocking the minors and taking better care of the team as a whole. No trades as of yet, actually a smart move for a newer owner. He has dipped his toe into the free agent market. Notables include Benny Navarre, Jeff Riggs and Pedro Matos to help out in the pen and Alberto Guerrero plus Freddy Forrest in the rotation. SS Del Rosa and Catcher Mike Martin will shore up the defense up the middle.

Shawn Gammon from Dartmouth Nova Scotia…yeah another Canadian. Has a solid track record in Hotstove keeping the budget down and the team around the .500 level most season. Plans to rebuild this team from the ground up and compete in about four seasons. Made several trades grabbing some solid young talent like…Hersh Bergman, Stan Redmond and Paxton Baldelli. also signed himself a new closer, Fernando Pena and a solid utility player Rick Costello. This team has some serious upside to discover.

I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he is from. He has been buying up teams like crazy the past few weeks and making deals like crazy. I would be na├»ve to think I even had a clue what direction this team is headed. But it will be exciting to see how it all works out.

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  1. Philadelphia picked up a win in game 1!