Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Season 13 AL South 1/3 Season Analysis

At over 50 games into season 13, let's atake a look at the teams in the


Florida Fire Sailfish- Coming off a season 12 division title, jmercer77's squad once again looks like they might be the team to beat in the AL South. Currently holding a slight lead over the surprising Cheeseheads, the Fish are playing slightly better than RS/RA would suggest(.537 act-.514 exp). That might be because they have played more games at home(22-13) than on the road(7-12) so far. They sport a potent offense(324 RS-4th), but are giving up far too many(315-12th). The Sailfish currently lead the league in BA(.295) and OBP(.365). The pitching is having it's problems, though, with a 5.44ERA(11th), .294 OAV(14th), .368 OBP(last), .485 OSLG(12th),& 1.62 WHIP(15th). These stats will have to improve or the pressure will be on the offense all year. Their FPct is right about at the league average. Former MVP and ROY RF Miguel Palacios has been a beast as usual, leading the league in HR(27),RBI(70), & OPS(1.215) to go with a .343 BA. DH Lance Kelleher(.350, 12 HR, 1.018 OPS) & 5-time All Star 2B Bruce King(.333, 12 HR, 10 SB) have been a stellar supporting cast. Ivan Gonzalez leads the league with 17 SB. 5 regulars are batting over .300. SP FA signee Diego Nunez(0-6, 6.46 ERA) has been a big disappointment. FA SP Phillip Haney is 5-1, but with a 5.82 ERA and .300 OAV, it looks like he has benefited from the potent Fish offense. SP Esteban Lee is solid(6-4, .264 OAV) as is Bob Kelly(5-3, 3.56 ERA)and FA RP Buddy Henley(3.86 ERA,6-0, 2 Svs) has been excellent. But the staff as a whole has given up nearly 100 more hits than IP, and that's not good.

Monterrey Cheeseheads- After finishing a distant 4th last season, vector21 looks like he has his club headed in the right direction in his 4th season at the helm. This is another club that likes home cookin'(19-14 H, 9-12 R). Currently 1 game behind Florida, the Heads are right about at their expectations(.519 act-.511 exp). They are 12-9 in 1-run games, which always helps. While in the middle of the pack in BA and OBP, they are slugging with the best(2nd in HR(105), SLG(.504), & OPS(.823). They are right near league averages in most pitching categories , but the OAV(.288) is a bit high. Signed 5 ML FAs and they have mostly worked out for the best so far. 7 time All Star LF Diego Moreno is batting .313. 3 time All Star SS/CF Mark Jones has 15 HR & is hitting .317. FA SPs Earl Slaughter(3.74 ERA) & Lewis Locko(3-3, 3.57 ERA) have been solid. C Aaron Bradshaw(.354), 2B Gary Hardy(17 HR), SS/CF Dolf Titan & RF Juan Santana(13 HRs each) have provided the power. SP Tom Benes has a 3.59 ERA but the starters have all pretty much lost as much as they have won. Closer Reid Bagwell is 9-12 in saves. One future problem may be that the ML roster only has 7 players under the age of 27.

New Orleans Freebeads- joshoakley's squad was a WS participant 3 seasons back, but are struggling at .500 so far this year. Still, they are only 2 games back in this hotly contested division. Managing to play above EXP to date(.500 act-.465 exp). They are scoring plenty of runs(338, 2nd) but are giving up far too many(368, 15th). They are in the top 1/3 of the league in most offensive categories. The pitching has it's problems. ERA(5.93, 15th), OAV(.307, last), OBP(.365, 15th), SLG(.510, 15th). Get the picture. Lead offensively by C Hector Gonzales(.328, 16 HR, 1.051 OPS), and 3B Bill Mercedes(.305, 14 HR). Part time closer Leonardo Stockton(7-9 Svs, .250 OAV, 3.44 ERA) has been one of the only pitching bright spots. With 140+ more hits than IP, the pitching staff is putting far too much pressure on the offense to contend all season.

Louisville Sluggers- A recent slide has dropped davidbutler9's club a couple of games below .500, but they still hover only 3 games off the pace. They've managed to post a winning record at home(15-10), but have struggled on the road(11-18). Their .481 act pct is better than the .422 exp pct. They have scored the fewest runs in the league(249). The BA(.268, 15th), OBP(.332, 15th), SLG(.437 13th), HR(69, 14th), Hits(507 15th), OPS(.768 14th) are all near the bottom of the league. (Aside...as I write these stats, I can't understand how david beats my Torrones like a drum every time we play! But he does!). The pitching is very close to the league average in most categories except for OAV(.269 4th) and Hits(506 4th). They are one of the best fielding teams in the league, with a .988 FPct and only 25 errors. FA signee 2B Virgil Rodriguez, a former MVP, 4 time All Star and 5 time Silver Slugger, is carrying the offense(16 HR, 55 RBI), but that 5 year contract may come back to haunt the Sluggers by the time it's over. The SPs have all been pretty average, but the relief corps has had some bright spots. Closer Moises Rijo is 12-13 in saves(.164 OAV, 1.04 ERA, 1.10 WHIP). RP Joaquin Park(.154 OAV, 0.77 WHIP, 2.08 ERA), and RP David Hayashi(.143 OAV, 0.73 WHIP, 0.00 ERA) have been nearly unhittable. While showing improvement this season, david will have to make some major upgrades to the offense to contend.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Season 13 AL North 1/4 pole analysis


Minnesota Twinkies- After finishing a distant 2nd to Toronto in the AL North last season, brentnet's Twinkies are intent on reclaiming the division crown this year. They currently sit atop the division with a 4 game lead. They are well ahead of their expected winning pct at the moment(.600 act-.546 exp). Always a powerhouse offensively, this year is no exception. They lead the lead in HRs(106) SLG(.536), and OPS(.884) and are 4th in RS(287). With that comes another league leading stat, however. They also lead in K's with 323. Minny is doing most of it's damage offensively. It's pitching staff has been respectable with most rankings in the middle to top 1/3 of the league. They can't be happy with a 5.37 ERA, though and the defense is 14th in the league with a .978 FPct & 39 Es. Leading the charge on offense are CF Gregg Foster(.333 & all 7 of the team's SBs), perennial Silver Slugger DH Gerry Allen(.331, 12 HR, 1.013 OPS), RF Kelly Ardoin(.313, .688 Slg, 14 HR, 1.069 OPS), & 2nd year 1B Billy Corey(19 HR, 51 RBI are both 2nd in the league). The Twinkies already have 5 players with double-digit HR totals. The starting pitchers include 3 time All Star Herman Cox, former All Star & Gold Glove T.J. Shaw, & up & comer Mel Pearson. 36 year old Miguel Acevedo, a 7 time All Star is handling full time closer duty for the first time since season 1, but is doing just fine so far with 11 saves in 11 tries. With long time rival Toronto having a down season, the road to the division title looks wide open for the Twinkies.

Wichita Waffle House Posse- While they may not be ready to compete for the division crown just yet, early season results for sccrplyr16's club are encouraging thus far. They finished 14 games under .500 last year, but are above .500 in the early going this season. So far the Posse is playing well above their Exp Pct(.511 act-.474 exp) having allowed 13 more runs than they have scored(247 RS-260 RA). Most offensive stats are average to a bit below. The .276 BA is 13th in the league. It's the pitching that has been the prime reason for their success so far. The ERA is 6th(4.97), WHIP T5th(1.49). The OAV(.288), OSLG(.481), & HR(76) will have to improve if they hope to maintain their upward swing. The defensive stats are right at the league average. Offensive stars include RF Dom Coscarart(.321, 11 HR, 8 SB), & C Justin Winston(14 HR). Huge FA signee SP Julio Cedeno(0-3, .320 OAV, 1.73 WHIP, 5.43 ERA) has been a big disappointment so far. 34 year old Matt Orosco(5-1, 3.79 ERA) has been a pleasant surprise. Placido Hernandez(403, 3.64 ERA) has been solid. Closer Fernando DeJesus(8 of 12 SV/OPP) has been a bit shaky after a solid season last year. The Posse appears to be headed in the right direction, but may still be a few years away.

Toronto Toros- goldenboy 69's Toros have always been a contender, having made the playoffs in every season in the league's history. That may be about to change as gb69 has proclaimed early on that this will be a rebuilding year. Currently, the Toros sit at 18-27, 9 games behind division leading rival Minnesota. Their EXP is right on the money(.400 act-.406 exp) based on 228 RS vs 276 RA. Toronto is still producing in some offensive categories, 4th in BA(.291), but the rest of the stats are well below their norm. The 228 RS ranks 13th, and that's putting too much strain on the pitching staff. And that staff has not responded. 12th in ERA(5.61), 13th in RA(276) offsets other stats that are at or better than the league average. The fielding pct(.980) and E's(34) have been sub-par, each ranking 12th. All is not bleak, however. There's still talent here. 3B Trevor Thebeau(.340) & DH Don Kroeger(.333, 1.019 OPS) have been pleasant surprises. 1B Ron Adams(.325, 9 HR) and RF Douglas Stokes(12 HR) have been solid. The problem has been not enough production to go with those high BAs. With only 2 pitchers on the staff with ERAs under 4(both are RPs), there is some work needed here. FA signee SP Mac Morris(2-4, 5.72 ERA) has been underwhelming thus far. 4 time All Star SP Felipe Vincente is 36 and, while still effective, is not a long term solution. Rookie Delino Morales may have some upside. Olmedo Molina is an up and comer. 6 time All star, 38 year old Julio Fuentes is handling the closer role(11 of 13 Sv/Opp), but is at the end of the road. There is not one pitcher on the staff at the moment with a winning record. Looks like gb69 has his work cut out for him to get this team back in contention.

Milwaukee alcoholics- jeff2106 took over this squad last year and has some work to do to turn this club around. Strangely, jeff signed 7 FA this off season that are all on the far side of 30! At 16-29, they are playing well below expectations(.356 act-,427 exp). There is not much to talk about offensively. BA is decent at .278. But OPB(.334, T15th), SLG(.433, 14th), OPS(.767, 14th), Runs(214, 15th), HR(57, 15th), BB(124, last) have room for improvement. At least they don't strike out much(244, 1st). Things are better on the pitching side. The alkies are 4th in ERA(4.83), 6th in OAV(.278) & RA(249) & T5th in HR(63). The fielding betrays the staff, however, sitting 13th in FPct(.979) and E's(36). Offensive stars include 2 time All Star 3B Pablo Chavez(.361, 10 HR), LF Abraham Fonda(.335, 8 HR, 6 SB), & 2B Javy Iglesias(.312, 10 HR). SP Russell Coomer stats(.233 OAV, .389 OSLG) would indicate better than his actual 2-6 record. Omar Navarro(4-3, 4.26 ERA) has been solid, but FA signee Pedro Matos(.378 OAV, 8.53 ERA) has been a disaster so far. This team is a ways away from contending at this point and needs a lot of new blood.

1/4 Pole AL East Analysis-Season 13

We are about 40+ games into season 13, so let's take a look at how American League East teams are faring so far.


Columbus Clippers- Currently tied for 1st at 26-18. Their Exp Pct based on RS-RA(251-193) should be .624 but they are currently a bit below expectations at .591. They are near the top of the league in many pitching categories thus far. ERA 4.23(2nd), WHIP 1.36(2nd), OAV .260(2nd), OBP .327(2nd), SLG .416(1st), RUNS 193(1st), HR 52(1st), K's 278(3rd). The hitting has been good too, with most offensive stats in the top 1/3 of the league. Waiver wire pickup Fergie Chouinard leads the team with 6 wins. Perennial All-Star Pedro Alarcon is sporting a 2.80 ERA and closer Rob Patrick is 12 for 12 in Saves. The offense is lead by last year's MVP, 1B Dennis Newfield(.311, 9 HRs), DH Joey Cannon(.364, 13 HRs), & LF Billy Ledee(.313, 9 HRs). Team wide there is little speed. Of some concern might the the age of some important cogs in the pitching staff(Walt Parnell-35, Raymond Smith-35, Al Lira-37). Tied for the league best in E's with 20 and FPct .988. Grissom97's club is a very solid team that has won a number of division titles. The East figures to be a season long 2-team battle with NY for the division.

New York Torrones- This club is off to a much better start than last season. After losing the division by 1 game in year 12, and the getting swept by the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, the Torrones are hoping for a different result this season. Unlike Columbus, NY is playing well based mainly on a powerful offense. They are 2nd in BA(,298), & hits, 3rd in OBP(.361), SLG(.502), OPS(.863), & HR(83). While 4th in RA(229), the rest of the pitching stats are mostly just a bit better than league averages. They lead the division in RS at 272 while allowing 229 and their winning pct is just about as expected(.591 act/..585 exp). Led offensively by former MVP Tanner Magnante(.345, 13 HRs, 1.068 OPS), Neifi Espinosa(.333, 12 HRs), Dan Jones(.320, 17 HRs, 1.031 OPS), & Danny Fox(.311, 13 HRs). A solid starting staff is lead by A.J. Freeman(7-1, 3.96 ERA, .254 OAV). Soph Glendon Green hopes to repeat his rookie season success. During spring training, traded for solid Victor Colome. Starting 5 is rounded out by solid SPs Vince Livingstone and Hipolito Martin. Middle relief may be a bit suspect, but up & comer B.C. Garland should be a stellar closer for years to come. Team fielding is just a bit better than the league avg. With only one player on the ML roster over 30 years old, the Torrones are primed to make a serious run this season.

Boston Marriages(formerly Greenwell Gators)- This team was thankfully taken over by solid owner hypnotoad after a disastrous 1+ year run by it's former owner(who shall remain nameless). While this will take some work, there are a number of good players on this squad. Their rudderless club was playing below expectations(.364-.401), but hypnotoad already has them playing better. Team has some serious offensive talent with DH Stevie Bonilla(.372, 13 HRs, 1.126 OPS), All-Star 3B Vin Austin(.333), LF Homer Plesac(.331), and RF Parker Bennett(.329, 13 HR, 1.050 OPS). Former ROY 1B F.P. Koskie is off to a slow start but has too much talent not to rebound. The pitching, however, is another story, wallowing near the bottom of the league in many categories. No amount of hitting will offset a team 6.01 ERA! This staff is in need of a major overhaul before this club can become a serious contender. The fielding also leaves a lot to be desired with a .975 FPct that is next to last. Hypnotoad has a lot of work in front of him, but I'm sure he is up to the task.

Norfolk Warheads- After a 100 win season and a division title in season 9, things have not gone too well for chrishoiles club. The last 2 seasons have been identical 84-78, 3rd place finishes and this year looks like it could be worse. They are off to a bad start with a last place 14-31 start that will be hard to recover from. They are playing worse than expectations to this point(.311 act-.363 exp). The offense is last in BA(.250), OBP(.321), SLG(.405), OPS(.726), RS(205) & Hits(396). The pitching has it's woes too, with a 5.94 ERA(14th), RA 273(12th), HR 95(last), K's 252(15th), OAV .290(12th), SLG .516(15th). FA signings Chip Stark, Jim Cintron, & Marty Burns have not worked out well. Little to speak of offensively(Edgard Flores 11 HRs) or pitching-wise(Ned Little 3-1, 3.86 ERA). Ironically, they are near the top of the league in FPct(.986, 3rd) and have only made 23 Es(T2nd). But this club may be in need of a major overhaul.

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Hall of Fame Ballot Season 9

Season 9 Hall Of Fame Ballot

So same deal as in the past, GM's will be contacted if they are eligible to vote. 75% of votes is needed for induction to the Hall and 25% is needed to return for the next seasons vote.

Last Time on the Ballot
Horacio Frias
Mo Munro
Cesar James

1st Time Nominees
James Duran
Domingo Franco
Benjamin Kirwan
Jerry LaRue
Vic Lee
Herman Lincoln
Endy Mailman
Javier Mateo
Jamie McCartney
Willis McConnell
Sam Perry
Phil Peters
Todd Simpson
Jimmy Simon
Clarence Smith
Thomas Thurman