Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Season 13 AL South 1/3 Season Analysis

At over 50 games into season 13, let's atake a look at the teams in the


Florida Fire Sailfish- Coming off a season 12 division title, jmercer77's squad once again looks like they might be the team to beat in the AL South. Currently holding a slight lead over the surprising Cheeseheads, the Fish are playing slightly better than RS/RA would suggest(.537 act-.514 exp). That might be because they have played more games at home(22-13) than on the road(7-12) so far. They sport a potent offense(324 RS-4th), but are giving up far too many(315-12th). The Sailfish currently lead the league in BA(.295) and OBP(.365). The pitching is having it's problems, though, with a 5.44ERA(11th), .294 OAV(14th), .368 OBP(last), .485 OSLG(12th),& 1.62 WHIP(15th). These stats will have to improve or the pressure will be on the offense all year. Their FPct is right about at the league average. Former MVP and ROY RF Miguel Palacios has been a beast as usual, leading the league in HR(27),RBI(70), & OPS(1.215) to go with a .343 BA. DH Lance Kelleher(.350, 12 HR, 1.018 OPS) & 5-time All Star 2B Bruce King(.333, 12 HR, 10 SB) have been a stellar supporting cast. Ivan Gonzalez leads the league with 17 SB. 5 regulars are batting over .300. SP FA signee Diego Nunez(0-6, 6.46 ERA) has been a big disappointment. FA SP Phillip Haney is 5-1, but with a 5.82 ERA and .300 OAV, it looks like he has benefited from the potent Fish offense. SP Esteban Lee is solid(6-4, .264 OAV) as is Bob Kelly(5-3, 3.56 ERA)and FA RP Buddy Henley(3.86 ERA,6-0, 2 Svs) has been excellent. But the staff as a whole has given up nearly 100 more hits than IP, and that's not good.

Monterrey Cheeseheads- After finishing a distant 4th last season, vector21 looks like he has his club headed in the right direction in his 4th season at the helm. This is another club that likes home cookin'(19-14 H, 9-12 R). Currently 1 game behind Florida, the Heads are right about at their expectations(.519 act-.511 exp). They are 12-9 in 1-run games, which always helps. While in the middle of the pack in BA and OBP, they are slugging with the best(2nd in HR(105), SLG(.504), & OPS(.823). They are right near league averages in most pitching categories , but the OAV(.288) is a bit high. Signed 5 ML FAs and they have mostly worked out for the best so far. 7 time All Star LF Diego Moreno is batting .313. 3 time All Star SS/CF Mark Jones has 15 HR & is hitting .317. FA SPs Earl Slaughter(3.74 ERA) & Lewis Locko(3-3, 3.57 ERA) have been solid. C Aaron Bradshaw(.354), 2B Gary Hardy(17 HR), SS/CF Dolf Titan & RF Juan Santana(13 HRs each) have provided the power. SP Tom Benes has a 3.59 ERA but the starters have all pretty much lost as much as they have won. Closer Reid Bagwell is 9-12 in saves. One future problem may be that the ML roster only has 7 players under the age of 27.

New Orleans Freebeads- joshoakley's squad was a WS participant 3 seasons back, but are struggling at .500 so far this year. Still, they are only 2 games back in this hotly contested division. Managing to play above EXP to date(.500 act-.465 exp). They are scoring plenty of runs(338, 2nd) but are giving up far too many(368, 15th). They are in the top 1/3 of the league in most offensive categories. The pitching has it's problems. ERA(5.93, 15th), OAV(.307, last), OBP(.365, 15th), SLG(.510, 15th). Get the picture. Lead offensively by C Hector Gonzales(.328, 16 HR, 1.051 OPS), and 3B Bill Mercedes(.305, 14 HR). Part time closer Leonardo Stockton(7-9 Svs, .250 OAV, 3.44 ERA) has been one of the only pitching bright spots. With 140+ more hits than IP, the pitching staff is putting far too much pressure on the offense to contend all season.

Louisville Sluggers- A recent slide has dropped davidbutler9's club a couple of games below .500, but they still hover only 3 games off the pace. They've managed to post a winning record at home(15-10), but have struggled on the road(11-18). Their .481 act pct is better than the .422 exp pct. They have scored the fewest runs in the league(249). The BA(.268, 15th), OBP(.332, 15th), SLG(.437 13th), HR(69, 14th), Hits(507 15th), OPS(.768 14th) are all near the bottom of the league. (Aside...as I write these stats, I can't understand how david beats my Torrones like a drum every time we play! But he does!). The pitching is very close to the league average in most categories except for OAV(.269 4th) and Hits(506 4th). They are one of the best fielding teams in the league, with a .988 FPct and only 25 errors. FA signee 2B Virgil Rodriguez, a former MVP, 4 time All Star and 5 time Silver Slugger, is carrying the offense(16 HR, 55 RBI), but that 5 year contract may come back to haunt the Sluggers by the time it's over. The SPs have all been pretty average, but the relief corps has had some bright spots. Closer Moises Rijo is 12-13 in saves(.164 OAV, 1.04 ERA, 1.10 WHIP). RP Joaquin Park(.154 OAV, 0.77 WHIP, 2.08 ERA), and RP David Hayashi(.143 OAV, 0.73 WHIP, 0.00 ERA) have been nearly unhittable. While showing improvement this season, david will have to make some major upgrades to the offense to contend.

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