Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st Power Rankings of Season 21!

1. Chicago Black Sox(38-16)--The Black Sox have started this season out like gangbusters, dominating the competition.

2. New York Torrones(34-20)--The Torrones are off to a great start as well. The AL East could be a great race to watch this season.

3. Louisville Sluggers(32-22)--The Sluggers have struggled some with the bats out of the gate, but their pitching staff has led them so far.

4. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(32-22)--The Sky Sox are looking like they might cruise in the AL West.

5. Buffalo Wings(33-21)--The Wings have picked up right where they left off last season, in 1st place in the NL North.

6. San Antonio Chupacabras(34-20)--The Chupacabras have jumped out to an early lead in the NL South.

7. New Orleans Freebeads(30-24)--The Freebeads figure to contend all season long and the very tough AL South.

8. Washington D.C. Abnormals VII(35-19)--The Abnormals have played very well in 1-run games to stay red hot.

9. Fresno Primetimers(33-21)--The Primetimers are currently leading the NL West by a comfortable 5 games.

10. Atlanta Braves(30-24)--The Braves have started the season off well with some nice free agent pickups. They could help make the AL South very interesting.

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  1. Guess no one believes DC yet. They are ahead of my Torrones in the standings, but only come up 8th in the power rankings.