Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Goldies

The Herb Washington Award

This is awarded to the player who adds as little to his team as possible beyond the ability to steal bases.

George Governale In 247 ab’s he has managed to drive in 14 runs while batting a paltry .211. However he has stolen 21 bases in 24 tries. Hon Mention, Kip Robertson The rule 5 draftee has bashed out 4 homers to go with a hot .233 avg. The best part of his game though is the 18 steals in just 20 tries.

The Glenn Wilson Award

Formerly known as the Rifle Arm award.

Roy Gordon The CF has racked up 13 assists in just 110 games, he has an outside shot at 20 this year. Hon Mention, a style="color:black;" href="" target="_blank">Einar Carrasquel he has played a few positions this season but still he has racked up 11 assists in just 83 games in the OF.

The Bill Buckner Award

Once again Terrence Cooper has this award locked up. 4th in assists for a 1st baseman but a whopping 7 errors and 6 negative plays. Hon Mention, Joey Weiss On the outside he looks like a pretty smooth fielder, 55 assists, but his 7 negative plays, 3 errors and 9.70 range factor are among the worst.

The Bash Brothers Award

The team with the best overall pop

Minnesota Twinkies Leading both leagues with 189 homers. 4 players have hit over 25 and are on pace for almost 40 a piece. 4 other players have reached double digits. They are on pace for almost 270 homers. Hon Mention, Dover Gryphons 139 homers is not a lot but 10 players have already reached double digits with Olmeda leading the way with 21. Every player in this lineup is a threat every time up.

The Mid 80’s Cardinals Award

The team with the best speed and no pop.

Louisville Sluggers overall they have 152 steals with two players swiping more then 38 a piece. 4 other players have reached double digits to give this team a well balanced running game. Hon Mention, New Orleans Freebeads they lead the league with 173 steals with Poole and Bradley on pace for almost 60 swipes each.

The Express Award

This gunslinging pitcher has a knack for k’s and for walks.

Steven Eveland is averaging almost 7 k’s per 9 innings and and an amazing 10 walks. Hon Mention, Peter Barker throws hard and wild to the tune of almost 7 k’s and walks per 9 innings.

The Mike Hampton Award

Better hitter then pitcher award.

Andres Cabrera Not a bad pitcher 6-7 with a 4.46 ERA, but a sweet bat has lead to a .314 avg and a solid .666 OPS Hon Mention, Hersh Bergman 7-8 with a 4.67 ERA, is 11 for 44 at the dish however and has a respectable .577 ops.

The Willie Keeler Award

The player who likes to settle for a single

Luther Stanley This young speedster is batting a blistering .311 but has only 17 extra base hits to give him a anemic .361 SLG. His .728 OPS is barely better then Andres Cabrera the Mike Hampton award winner. Hon Mention, Russell Leach Another speedy player that has a solid .292 avg, his 23 extra base hits only bump the SLG up to .357.

The Bobby Bonilla Award

The player who should probably be a DH

Alfonso Tejera His glove aint awful but he aint no CF anymore (16 errors and 8 negative plays). Luckily he is still ripping up the league with is bat .331 avg and 25 homers. The HOF is just around the corner for him but no Gold Glove. Hon Mention, Eric Murphy This all-star catcher doesn’t seem to have the legs anymore, 8 errors and a weak 22% CS percentage. Still has the stick to stay in the league.

The Rob Deer Award

Player who hits the homers and not much else.

Allen Barkley This career .270 hitter is having a way down year with the avg. A .214 avg and a .263 OBP offset his 25 homers in just over 400 at bats. Not really earning the 6 million this season. Hon Mention, Orlando Espinosa Not much better the Barkley .218 avg and a .275 OBP, is out homering barley by 1 in 20 less at bats as well.

The Dal Maxvill Award

Just look him up.

Julio Beltre brings gold glove type defense and a .210 avg with 1 HR every 130 ab’s and a no speed. Hon mention, Vin Hudson has the defensive ability of a good RF and the bat of Okay hitting pitcher. .195 avg and 1 homerun in over 350 at bats.

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