Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 5 DH

1. Joey Cannon A bonafide beast at the plate. Tearing the ball this season at a clip that will give hime 110+ RBI and 30+ homers. Does a good job not striking out and draws a fair amount of walks. Could play catcher if needed.
2. Jumbo Flores Want to talk about bat control? On pace for 110+ walks and only 35 k’s. Also hits pretty good, 20+ homers and 100+ rbi. A little bit too adventerous on the bases, but still a welcome adition to any AL lineup.
3. Olmedo Rivas MVP, Homerun derby champ, all-star, silver slugger. In his hay day there was no one better. His bat speed is slowing but is still a threat every time up. Once upon a time he was a catcher, now he is just a 3rd string back stop with 30 homer power and a .300 avg.
4. Gerry Allen Having a bit of a down year, but for the past several seasons he has been considered the best DH in baseball. Should be good for another 30 homer .300/.400 season again.
5. Gary Hardy For some reason he is playing the bulk of his time at DH. Came up as a 2nd baseman can still fill in there in a pinch. Having a solid year with the stick I think he would be better off playing LF.

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