Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top Ten Right Fielders

1. Albert Perkins Much like his counterpart in LF (Velandia) he is having a huge impact in just his 2nd season. Batting .327 with a solid .390 OBP. He also has solid 20 homer power and a knack for driving in runs. Has a very strong arm and doesn’t get tested very often, still occasionally takes bad routes to fly balls. A definite keeper.
2. Pedro James At 32 years old he is still an explosive player. Should destroy his career high of 59 steals. Also on pace for 18 homers and 100 RBI. In the field he gets to pretty much everything but doesn’t get to show off his once powerful arm as much as he used to.
3. Tony Guerrero Lets just say he is not know for his defense. One of the worst Right Fielders in the game, luckily he hits like one of the best. Gets on base close to 40 % of the time and then steals bases almost at will. Has good power and is an ideal top of the order hitter.
4. Bailey Baptist Another one of the young bashers. Ripping homers and RBI at the pace of 30-110. Is hitting for a very good average and is starting to draw walks as his reputation as a masher gets around the league.
5. Miguel Palacios The two time MVP is having a rather quite season. Still probably the best hitter that plays RF, but his numbers are a lot closer to the rest of the field this year. Never a great fielder he looks more distracted then usually when he is out there.
6. Hector Soto Has always been one of the nest lead off hitters. He is now one of the best fielders as well. Hasn’t made an error all season and is on pace for over 20 assists.
7. Darron Pierce He is starting to look mortal. This future Hall of Famer is one of the most respected players in the game. Is a lock for a .300 avg and about 15 homers and 80 rbi.
8. Ray Lyon ROY? Having a very solid first season in all aspects of the game. Steals has good power and a solid .290 average. Also a very good glove man that could move to the infield in time.
9. Allen Barkley One of the few bright spots in the Toros organization. On pace for a 20-20 season, combines that with a good average and solid defense.
10. Juan Hernandez Slow moving power hitter. Has a strong arm but runners can take advantage as he is slow getting to balls in the corner. Hits pretty well against righties but might be forced into a platoon role as he ages.

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