Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top Ten Catchers

1. Eric Murphy Not only do they have the number one SS but the number one Catcher, good teams always have strength up the middle it seems. He already has most of the major awards, this could be his year to grab a MVP. Seems to be a lock for 45 dingers and 100 rbi. Hits for a solid average and draws a decent amount of walks. His arm is only average but he calls a solid game and does a very good job of blocking the plate with his solid 210 lbs frame.
2. Hector Gonzales Despite only being 25 he is by far and away the best catcher in the AL. Has incredible power that could see him hit 60 homers before this season is over. Also on pace to have a career best in RBI. He however is step down from Murphy on the devensive side. Well below average throwing and doesn’t call the best of games. He is also a little small for the position and looks like one injury away from being a part time player.
3. Vicente Romano I guess I am a sucker for a good defensive catcher. He does seem to be having some troubles adapting to his new team in terms of pitch calling but is keeping the ERA around the league norm. When the runners get on base though he is about the best in the business. He is smart hitter and is having close to a career season with the bat. He is a big step down from the top two.
4. Bret Barry A future gold Glover who will probably get into the top three but next season. Having a solid season with the bat (on pace for 19-75-.261) he could work on making better contact. A great arm and a great understanding of the strike zove have him among the best defensive catchers in the league.
5. Billy McNamara Another great defensive catcher who has already won two Gold Gloves in his career.While his power and average numbers are down he still commands a great deal of respect in the batters box and should walk over 100 times this season. About average throwing he is doing an amazing job keeping runners off the bases and his teams ERA down.
6. Cesar Amaral This thick legged back stop is an explosive offensive weapon. Hitting close to .300 he is also on pace for about 130 RBI. His arm is not doing a greta job at stopping the running game but he is calling a good game and helps keep the runners off the bases.
7. Donaldo Garces Rumour has it his arm was replaced with a rocket launcher in the off season. Gunning down an unheard of amount of runners (almost 45%) he has a good chance at winning his first ever Gold Glove. Not a power threat he does his best work when drawing walks and lining singles.
8. Donald Lee A skinny version of Mike Lavalliere? A rule five draftee this season he is beating all expectations. Batting over .300 and gunning down over 40% of runners. Also calling a good game he is sure to climb the rankings in the years to come.
9. Stevie Bonilla One of the top offensive catchers in baseball he is actually doing a good job of mowing down attempted base stealers. Doesn’t seem to have any real concept of calling a game however. Another strong season with the stick though keeps him in the top ten.
10. Clay Charles Perhaps the best pure hitter among catchers in the league. Has a fairly strong arm but is having some problems cutting down runners. Not sure if it is him or his pitchers but runs seem to score against their team far to easily. If that continues a move to DH might be in order.

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