Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top Ten Left Fielders

1. Craig Velandia In just his 2nd season he has had a huge impact. He plays LF fairly well, safe is probably a better word for it. But once he steps up to the plate it is a different story. On pace for a 30-30 season and 100 RBI. Also batting well over .300 and an OBP over .420. He is one of the most complete offensive players in the game.
2. Jiggs Craddock Another player from the NL East. It is weird to say it but he is a Wizard defensively in LF. Had he been raised right handed could have one a Gold Glove at 2nd base. Offensively he is a great lead off man with 50 steal potential and a solid 290 average. Draws his fair share of walks and has solid double digit homer power.
3. Vinny Nakamura One of the fastest men in baseball is having another great season. Could add another 70 steals to his already impressive career total of 684. Batting at a .328 clip with a .420 OBP he is also a two time gold glove winner in LF with his great range and accurate arm.
4. Billy Ledee The number one from the AL, he is having career year. Looking at 40 homers and 110+ RBI with a .370+ avg and .450 OBP. On the downside he is downright slow and sloppy on the bases and is closer to a DH then he is a Left Fielder when it comes to defense.
5. Denny Inge Around since season one he looks to be a lock for the Hall Of Fame. His power and speed numbers are down but is still on pace for almost 100 rbi and a .340 avg. He does the little things so well and is still a decent fielder.
6. Vic Rijo Another player having a break out season. Batting close to .300 he still doesn’t walk enough to be considered among the leagues elite. He is a great homerun hitter who excels at driving in runs. Also a solid fielder that holds his own with the leagues best.
7. Ernest Payton It has taken him a few seasons to put everything together but is finally playing like he was expected to when he was drafted 8th overall. Looking at 30 steals and high 20 homers. By no means a good fielder he is passable.
8. Norm Nady Another dynamic young player. Excels at stealing bases and is a good enough fielder that he could play RF. He has solid pop but doesn’t scare any pitchers into walking him.
9. Sandy Rath Once upon a time he was considered a power threat. Is now more of a base stealing monster that plays LF among the best in the league. Has a great arm and great instincts when in the field and on the bases.
10. Jerry Alexander The only rookie on the list. He is having a solid 1st season especially for a someone trying to hit in San Diego. Batting almost .300 he has great speed and good instincts on the bases. He is developing as a power threat and should be good for 15 homers this year.

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