Sunday, January 3, 2010

AL North

Early Season Analysis


Montreal Mounties- This is, by far, the biggest surprise in the early going. After finishing 26 games below .500 as the Milwaukee Alcoholics, new owner winmyron has his club in 1st place with a league best 28-14 record. This is an experienced owner and he swung some big trades to turn this team around, getting CF Julio Guerrero(.323 BA), SP Esteban Lee(5-0), SS C.J. Weaver(9 HRs, 38 RBI), & 1B F.P. Koskie(.295, 33 RBI). FA signees 1B/DH Benito Johnson(321 BA) & DH Delino Marin(.341) have had a positive impact. The Mounties are playing a little better than expected(.635 exp/.667 act). They seem to love home cookin'-16-4 in the friendly confines. On offense, they lead the league in BA(.304), OBP, Hits, & OPS. They're just 1 run off the lead in RS. The pitching is average, being just above or below league averages in most categories. Other offensive standouts include 3B Pablo Chavez(.348, 37 RBI) & 2B Abraham Fonda(.333, 7, 32). SP Junior Tamura is 6-1, & closer Heath Donovan is 10/10 in Saves with a 0.82 ERA. winmyron looks like he's pulled out the stops to go all the way this year. He may have to slug his way to a title, though, unless the pitching can show significant improvement.

Minnesota Twinkies- brentnet's Twinkies have been a perennial powerhouse, but they've gotten off to a sluggish start this year. Currently in 2nd place in the division at 20-22. At 8 games back, they better get it in gear before Montreal runs away with the division. Signed one FA, RP Placido Martinto a 3 year contract at $5M/yr with a $10M bonus. I'm not sure what role he is to play, since he's been in 23 games and has started 6. Not sure why brent has a guy with 20 STA starting games. I am sure that a 5.82 ERA as not what he was expecting. Traded for good D, no stick SS Johnny Adams. As bad a start as they've had, their record is better than expected(.411 exp/.476 act). The Twinks can still pound the ball, 2nd in HRs at 62. 4th in Runs, SLG, & OPS. BA, OBP & 2Bs are right around the league averages, but they lead in strikeouts with 298. Looks like a hit big, miss big offense. The team ERA is last at 5.86 and that won't get it done no matter how much they hit. Last also in OAvg, WHIP, & RA. 15th in OSLG & OBP. Bright spots on offense include C Sidney Martin(.398 BA, 1.096 OPS), 1B Billy Corey(.319, 7, 26), 3B Scott Coles(9 HR) & LF Alan Sadler(10 HR). SP Mel Pearson (4-3, 2.82 ERA) & Herman Cox(5-2, 2.91) have been reliable. Jeff Nixon(6.52) & T.J. Shaw(6.08) have not. Closer by committee is 6/15 in Saves. Unless the pitching makes a dramatic turn around, it may be a long, cold winter in Minnesota.

Toronto Toros- goldenboy69's club is currently in 3rd place at 19-23, 9 games behind the leader. Their .456 act pct is better than their .418 exp pct. FA signee 1B Tomas Javier(.295, 17, 33) has been a pleasant surprise, 2B Santos Guerrero(.275, 1, 12, 14 SBs) not so much. Batting-BA, Hits, & OBP-15th. 4th in HR. 14th in RS. Pitching stats are right at or below league averages in most categories. Offense is being led by 3B Trevor Thebeau(.310, 10, 20) & Javier. SP Alexander Lawrence has been a bright spot(4-1, .240 OAV, 2.11 ERA). Olmedo Molina(3.77, 3-3, .254 OAV) has been respectable. Closer Eugene Carlson is 10/14 in Saves. gb is in rebuilding mode, but I don't see too much to get excited about. Youngsters Lawrence, Carlson, Eddie Post, Aaron Callaway , Delino Morales, and Allen Barkley provide some hope for the future. Doubtful this club will contend this season.

Madison Meek Madness- owner sccrplyr16 moved his Wichita Waffle House Posse to a new home in Madison this season. The Madness has been Meek so far this season at 18-24 and in last place. Still they are playing better(.429) than expected(.351), so that's something. Aged FA SP Brandon Saarloos(.205 OBA, 2.35 ERA) has been good so far. Offensively, this team is las in the league in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, Hits, and Runs. That's not good. Pitching is last in HRA and OSLG and is below the league average in most other categories. That's not good either. Offense is lead by C Justin Winston(.301, 6 HR). LF Norm Nady has 20 RBI & 13 SB. SP Julio Cedeno(5-4, 3.60 ERA) remains one of the better pitchers in the league despite little support. Closer Phil Bannister has saved 11 of 14. Hope for the future resides in 1B Vicente Rios, CF Brian Nation, Nady, RF Dom Coscarart, & Bannister. Not this year, however.

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