Thursday, July 9, 2009

Season 8 Hall of Fame Results

The results are in and we have our 1st two inductees into the Addicted Users Hall of Fame. Remember 75% is required to make the Hall and 30% is needed to stay on the ballot for next season (maximum 3 times).

Carl West 100%
Buddy Scalici 83%

Players returning for a 2nd Vote:None

Players returning for a 3rd Vote:
Horacio Frias 50%
Mo Munro 42%
Cesar James 33%

Players who have had 3 seasons of votes or received less then the required 30%
Lefty Appier 3rd Vote 33%
Terry Witt 3rd Vote 25%
Art Collins 3rd Vote 17%
Osvaldo Guerrero 3rd Vote 17%
P.T. Baez 2nd Vote 17%
Wayne Diaz 2nd Vote 8%
Sammy Thurman 1st Vote 17%
Bartolo Canseco 1st Vote 8%
Mike Jackson 1st Vote 8%

So Frias, Munro and James will return next season for their 3rd and final vote.
Carl West and Buddy Scalici will be inducted later this season when both players announce what teams caps they will be wearing into the Hall.

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