Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Draft Report Season 12, Arizona, Boise

Arizona Aeronautics
1st Rnd, 12th, Louis White Solid middle of rotation pitcher that will win more then he losses at the big league level. With a solid lineup behind him could win 15 a season.
2nd Rnd,69th, Stump Borbon Another starting pitcher, probably a 5 or a very good long relief guy. Need to work on his 3rd pitch.
3rd Rnd,101st, Calvin Harris Might actually be better then Stump. Could eventually slide in behind White into the 4 hole of this rotation. No real weakness.
4th Rnd,133rd, Lorenzo Cubillan Somewhat wild but if he can harness his control could battle for the 5 spot in a few years. Solid splits and 3 good pitches.
Grade: B+, 4 potential Major league starters. Even if only half of them pan out...that is pretty good. This makes two solid drafts in a row for Arizona. They could back on their way to the top again.

Boise Browncoats
1st Rnd,18th, Jimmy Poole Mostly speed, with a side of extra speed. Will probably end up in LF were his weak arm wont kill them. Could bat lead off or 9th, either way he will steal many bases.
1st Rnd,32nd, Dan Gonzales Hard throwing lefty, wont be an ace, but could win 15+games fairly easily. A solid late 1st round pick.
1stRnd,40th, Adam McCorley Has a great upside, but for now his inability to get out lefties will keep him from having much more of an impact beside as a bullpen innings eater.
1st Rnd,44th, Tom Tomko Another solid leftie starter. Probably at best a 5 or LR guy, excellent control and a 5 pitch selection will have him in the majors sooner then later.
1st Rnd,57th, Damion Westbrook Mid-range SS, neither bad or good with the glove, hits enough to play but probably not to start. Has decent pop and is a smart baserunner.
2nd Rnd,77th, Walter Figga Another hard throwing lefty. Can throw until the cows come home and for that reason will get a chance to start in the bigs at some point. Could be a sleeper.
Draft Grade: A, after a bad draft last year Boise stockpiled some picks and put them to work this season. Plenty of quality pitchers and a possible lead off hitter, not to mention a new option at Short Stop. Great draft by one of the leagues powerhouses.

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