Friday, July 10, 2009

Hall of Famer: Carl West 100%

Carl West
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Fresno, CA
Position(s):1B >
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By no means the biggest 1st baseman of all time at just 5'11 and under 200lbs. He was one of the most feared hitters in baseball and the effects he had on the game can still be felt today. Spent 13 years in the major leagues but only 8 of those seasons are on the books. Was traded before Addicted Users 1st season started by MGreenwell in Salem to the Toronto Toros in a 3 for 1 deal that other then West the main player was Ricky Lawton who some day may find himself in the Hall as well. With West on the team the Toros won 215 games over the next two seasons and went as far as the League Championships both times. West hilighted season two by winning his 1st MVP award.

After season 2 with a contract that was about to expire and the Toros worried about losing him to free agency he was traded again. This time to the Durham Pilots (now Toledo). Toronto packaged West with another player, Juan Bravo, for three up and comers, Jon Stern, D'Angelo Figureoa, and Tomas Gandarilla. Carl didn't fail the fans in Durham, the Pilots won a team record 115 games, an incredible 42 games more then the season before and 22 more then they would next year without West. He got his team all the way to the World Series this time, but lost to his old team Toronto. Carl batted .373 in both the regular season and playoffs to win his 2nd straight MVP award.

In season 4 he at the age of 33 he signed a massive 5 year deal worth more then 50 million dollars with El Paso. The team struggled and never won more then 80 games and finished last all but one season that he was with them. He did bat close to .300 with the team and twice hit over 37 homers and 118 rbi. After season 8 with his bat speed slowing he hung up his cleats at the age 39.

Stats: 752 runs, 1197 hits, 206 doubles, 292 homers, 900 rbi, .319 avg
Estimated Career Stats: 1250 runs, 2100 hits, 355 doubles, 517 homers, 1575 rbi, .325 avg.

Awards: 4 x All-Star (1-4), 3 X Silver Slugger 1st Base(1-3), 2 X MVP (2,3)

Toronto Single Season Assist Record 1st baseman (169)
2nd,5th Single Bat Avg (.347,.333)
T-1st Single HomeRun (67)
2nd,3rd Single OBP (.436,.431)
2nd Single Runs (167)
T-1st Single RBI (196)

1st Single Bat Avg (.373) also 3rd best in ML History
3rd Single Hits (200)
5th Single Doubles (47)
1st Single Homers (51)
1st Single OBP (.465)
3rd Single Runs (136)
1st Single RBI (147)
1st Single OBPS (1.227) 2nd best ML History

El Paso
2nd Single Bat Avg (.330)
5th Single Homeruns (40)
3rd Single OBP (.402)
5th Single RBI (119)

Also has the 5th highest Career OBPS at this time in ML history at 1.025

Had incredible playoff stats as well batting .383 in 133 at bats with 22 homers and 47 rbi and posting an outstanding 1.407 OBPS.

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