Thursday, December 11, 2008

You said what???

As we hit the 40 game mark it is time to look back and see who should be eating their words and who should be acting like the second coming of Nostradamus.

Toronto Toros : Watch out Twinkies I am loading both barrels and ****ing the hammer.
(The barrels are loaded but the Toros haven’t fired both of them yet)

Yup the Al east is very chatting considering they havent won a WS collectively since Season 1. The North has rather quietly taken 5 in 9 seasons. Keep talking is cheap :)
(Talk is cheap, wins are hard to come by as the EAST is collectively well below .500)
Grissom considering you have been here for 1 year. ..won less games then me AND did it all with a franchise that had won over 100 games two straight seasons before your arrival...congrats on taking them to the next level...that is the level below the one the were at before.
(The trend continues as the Clippers are 5 games below .500)

Minnesota Twinkies : Goldenboy - you've made a few trades that have made me mutter cuss words to myself. I'm not planning on sitting here and doing nothing, though!
(The Twinkies need not worry yet as they hold the best record in all of baseball)

Norfolk Warheads : whoever wins the battle for the AL this year had better not rest too comfortably on their laurdes because the Warheads intend to drop the hammer in season 12.
(maybe even sooner as they are tied for the lead in the AL East)

San Jose Giants : I think this team could double their wins from last season. In season 11 though, the dynasty will begin. (84 wins?)
(The Giants are actually on pace for closer to 90 wins, and a possible playoff appearance)

New York Torrones
I expect it to be a tough fight for the division this season. I don't think we have any weak teams.
(While it is a real dog fight, there seems to be 2 average teams and two struggling ones)
Prediction-this year we make the playoffs!
Clipper overconfidence. Gotta love it!
gb69, you guys have had your fun. Every dynasty ends. The East is gonna be your worst nightmare this year! Come visit.
(Toronto is currently 6-4 vs. the East including a 3 game sweep of New York)
Personally, my(admittedly biased) opinion is that the East is the toughest division,
(they did win the league wide vote, but the numbers say they are actually thirs in the AL)

Dover Demon Dawgs: It's ok Torrone.. I haven't forgot about you.. however I do plan on winning more games then this team has in the past 2 seasons. (87 wins is the mark to beat and they are actually on pace for about 60…ouch)

after 40 my guys will prove how much the team has become better.( 14-25…maybe 40 more games?)

I feel the AL East will have 3 Playoff teams this season.. And probably will crown the champ out of that division too..
(Right now they should be thankful that they will get one)

Columbus Clipper
s: Yes, but I'll take the division torrone (3 games out so far)

Sorry guys, last years fatigue and payroll issues have been fixed. I'm sure the wildcard spots will be available so good luck. (The WC might be out of reach for anyone in the East)
My hitting should be strong all year. Good luck torrone but I hope you'll be looking up at us in the standings real soon. (Middle of the road hitting and they currently looking up)
I'll check the schedule to see when I get to carve up your boys into some steaks, gb. I'd bet even tom's puppies could walk away with the North division title, while he'll be no more than a 4th place team in our division.(Tom is in 4th, and is the 2nd worst team in the AL)

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