Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week 3 Players of the week

When you go 15-6 you stand a good chance at having some stand out performers. That is just what Burlington did this past week as they captured both Player and Pitcher of the week. Patrick Cooper hit .421 with 8 homers and 27 RBI. The 32 year-old shortstop has always been a solid performer if not a star. He did greatly benefit from a series against Durham that saw him get 10 hits in three games including 7 extra base hits. He is presently on a 13 game hit streak were he is 25 for 52 (.481).

Best game: 12/13 PM at Durham 5hits, 8runs, 1homer, 2triples, 4rbi, 3BB

Harry Byrne is the flipside to Cooper. A young pitcher in his rookie season. He was the 62nd pick in season 4 and has quietly made it to the majors with some would say only slightly better then average stuff. He did go 4-0 over the past week and had a dazzling ERA of 0.69. This reporter thinks the star must have aligned perfectly for Byrne to pull this off.
Best game: 12/18 PM2 Vs. Minnesota 6ip, 1hit, 1bb, 5k’s, 0er. Final score:8-0

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