Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Season 1-5 Hall Of Fame Vote

At the conclusion of the 9th season a vote was held for players that had retired during seasons 1 through 5. While many players were on the ballot only a few received votes. With 75% being the amount of votes that would get a player into the hall. No player received that amount of votes and only 1 player received about 25% (the amount needed to be kept on the ballot a 2nd time). After 3 times on the ballot a player will no longer be considered.

Osvaldo Guerrero 36%
Javier Elcano 21%
Antonio Cho 14%
Willie Eusebio 14%
Bill McCarthy 14%
Bud Beirne 7%
Juan Bravo 7%
Carlton Bryant 7%
Bob Cora 7%
Walt Crosby 7%
Jocko Holtz 7%
Tom Piper 7%
Dan Ramirez 7%
Earl Ryan 7%
Jose Santiago 7%
Joe Witt 7%

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