Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Season 6 Hall of Famers

As we ready for the futures stars game later tonight it only seems fitting to spend some time remembering the stars of the past. The official Hall of Fame vote for players retiring in season 6 and previous was held recently and here are the results. Remember 75% is needed for induction and 25% is needed to remain on the ballot, maximum 3 times.

Lefty Appier 50%
Terry Witt 50%
Osvaldo Guerrero 50% **
Rico Ordaz 40%
Art Collins 30%

Stan Bonham 20%
Vin Booker 20%
Hector Cedeno 20%

So no players will enter the hall this season but Terry Witt, Lefty Appier, Rico Ordaz and Art Collins will be on the ballot again next season, with Osvaldo Guerrero making his 3rd and final appearance.


  1. I just wanted to comment on the thought process for choosing HOFers. I think we have to adjust our way of thinking when dealing with players who had a significant portion of their careers occur before the Season 1. Take Rico Ordaz for example. Rico retired after season 6 at 35 years old( I assume the the age listed is the age when he retired). That means he was 30 in season 1. That season he hit 68 HRs with 227 RBI. Let's assume he came to the ML at 23. I think we can safely assume that he averaged about 30 HR a year for the 7 years prior to season 1(probably more, since these were his prime seasons). That's an additional 200+ HRs added on to his total 256. It is reasonable to assume that Rico hit over 500 HRs for his career with well over 1500 RBI. His lifetime .284 avg is probably higher also, since it looks like it was dragged down a bit late in his career. So let's assume he hit about .290. IMO, 500+ HR, 1500+ RBI and a .290 Avg is not only HOF material, it is pretty close to Mickey Mantle's lifetime numbers. There are quite a few other players on the list that fit this category also. I know it takes a little time to estimate their lifetime numbers, but this is for the HOF and I think we owe it to the old-timers to put some effort into who does and does not belong. GB69 has put a lot of time and effort into this project to add some depth anf enjoyment to the league and I thank him for that. The rest of us should put in a few minutes to make sure that the right guys make it. I think there are some guys in this group that deserve induction(and I voted for them). Not one player got more than 50%. I don't this zero inductees is appropriate for this group. Just my opinion.

  2. My Projections
    I too projected lifetime stats for the players nominated but i think i used the players worst career year rather then an average. This is what i came up with for the players above.

    Appier: 2250 hits, 1350 runs, 460 doubles, 130 triples, 320 homers, 1250 RBI, 310 steals, .320Avg POST SEASON 120 hits, 16 Homers, 80 RBI, 10 Steals, .296Avg (A rich mans Ryne Sandberg)

    Witt: 1800 hits, 1100 runs, 310 doubles, 50 triples, 275 homers, 1050 rbi, 5 steals, .330 Avg POST SEASON, 60 hits, 6 homers, 26 RBI, .365 Avg. (The hits and Homers are low for a HOF'er especially someone who played 1st base, comparable to Will Clark).

    Guerrero: 1800 Hits, 1200 Runs, 350 Doubles, 125 Triples, 350 Homers, 1200 RBI, 280 Steals, .310 AVG POST SEASON 18 hits, 2 homers, 8 RBI, .143 avg (Great Power,Low Hits, Bad Post Season Numbers, A Very Fast Dick Allen).

    Ordaz: 1700 hits, 1000 runs, 230 doubles, 45 triples, 450 homers, 1200 rbi, 1 steal, .280 Avg, Post Season 65 hits, 25 homers, 60 rbi, 250 Avg. (Great Post season and Power numbers, once again not enough hits. Comparable to Juan Gonzalez

    Collins: 2050 Hits, 1400 runs, 480 Doubles, 75 Triples, 310 Homers, 1150 RBI, 340 Steals, 300Avg POST SEASON 80 hits, 4 homers, 30 RBI, 8 Steals, 285 Avg (Solid Post season, Great Power Speed combo, 2000+ hits, Comparable to a more powerful Bobby Abreau).

    Bonham: 2400 hits, 1500 runs, 280 doubles, 160 triples, 12o homers, 900 rbi, 600 steals, 300AVG POST SEASON 40 hits, 2 homers, 25 rbi, 16 steals, 300 avg (Great Hits, runs, steals, solid homers and RBI for leadoff batter, good post season, comparable to Kenny Lofton)

    Booker: 2050 hits, 1200 runs, 410 doubles, 70 triples, 300 homers, 1100 rbi, 125 steals, .300 AVG POST SEASON 35 hits, 8 homers, 16 rbi, 0 steals, 283 AVG (Good hits, solid run production, avg power and speed, avg Post season, Comparable to Ruben Sierra with better avg)

    Cedeno: 2000 hits, 1150 runs, 365 doubles, 85 triples, 290 homers, 1250 rbi, 120 steals, .310 AVG POST
    SEASON 25 hits, 6 homers, 12 rbi, 6 steals, 310 avg (Similar to Booker but has the added bonus of being a 2nd baseman, a middle infield version of Ken Boyer)