Sunday, June 5, 2011

goldenboy69 first inductee into Owner's HOF!!!!

Congratulations to goldenboy69 for the being the first inductee into the Addicted Users Owner's Hall of Fame!!! goldenboy69 is the only 3-time world series winner in the world. He has won 8 division titles and 6 wild card berths for the most post season appearances as well. During those 14 playoffs he has won 3 ALCS's as well. He has succeeded in the minor leagues as well the playoffs a collective 24 times and winning the AAA world series once as well as the HiA world series once.

Additionally gb69 has been an excellent commissioner for Addicted Users. I'm not sure anyone would dispute his leadership and committment to this world. This world continue's to strive under his guidance and should continue to do so for many seasons hopefully.

Again, congratulations to gb69 for being very first member of this elite HOF!!

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