Saturday, June 25, 2011

5th and FINAL Power Rankings of Season 19

1. Boston EliteDucks(103-47)--With the #1 seed all locked up Boston will just stroll on into the playoffs. Will the repeat?
Previously Ranked: 2nd(+1)

2. Louisville Sluggers(103-47)--With their magic number at 1 the Sluggers hope to get it out of the way and then gear up for the playoffs!
Previously Ranked: 1st(-1)

3. Buffalo Wings(90-60)--The Wings have clinched their division. They still have something to play for though trying to get the bye over Salem.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(E)

4. New Orleans Freebeads(91-59)--The Freebeads are still mathematically in the race for the division and they don't have the wild card wrapped up yet, but it would be a huge upset if they don't end up the 5 seed.
Previously Ranked: 5th(+1)

5. Salem Senators(88-62)--The Senators will look to wrap up their division soon and then zero in on trying to get the first round bye.
Previously Ranked: 8th(+3)

6. Salt Lake City Buzz(87-63)--The Buzz are trying to fend off the Boise Browncoats for the AL West division title. At stake is a first round bye possibly and the loser COULD be on the outside looking in.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+1)

7. New York Torrones(82-68)--Mathematically New York hasn't clinched, but it's just a matter of time before they win this division for the 5th time in the last 6 seasons.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+3)

8. Boise Browncoats(85-65)--Boise has faltered here in the past week or so, but if they can get it together they should be able to make it into the playoffs.
Previously Ranked: 4th(-4)

9. Florida Fire Sailfish(82-68)--Florida has also faltered some in the last week, but they are incredibly talented and it wouldn't be a surprise to see them make a run at the wild card. Bottom line is that one very talented team in the AL isn't going to make it into the playoffs.
Previously Ranked: NR

10. Toronto Toros(80-70)--Talk about a team that is not playing well. The Toros fell from 6th on the power rankings and out of the teams considered for the rankings had the least amount of wins since the last rankings. Goldenboy69 needs a late push to avoid a nasty collapse.
Previously Ranked: 6th(-4)

Dropping out Iowa City Lets Play Two

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