Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20 questions with joshoakley

1. What should we call you?
Josh (I know, right?)

2. Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?
I've always excelled at the bar room sports like darts and shuffleboard... If you can consider those hobbies. Love softball, which keeps me busy during the weekdays.

3. How did you fall into HBD?
I was deep into Hoops Dynasty with some friends and started to hear rumblings about HBD. I was quietly hoping they would take the HD model and create something around baseball. Once the site went live, I grabbed a team in Williams.

4. How many teams do you run? How many hours per week do you pour into your teams?
I have two now. The other is in Kinsella that I just picked up. I don't think I need two (for some reason it feels like I'm cheating on my team here with the Kinsella team) but my addiction is kinda outta hand right now. Maybe spend 30-45 minutes a day here.

5. Married? Children?
Married for just over a year now. Children down the road.

6. City/State you live in? Hometown where you grew up?
Born and raised in Los Angeles. Well, kinda. I grew up in the Pasadena area and now live in North Hollywood, but everyone just says L.A. anyway.

7. Occupation? Do you check in on your teams often during the workday?
I work for Fox Sports Net on the programming side. Primarily working with outside producers to bring content to all the FS regions. I check in with both teams about three times a day. Hard not to when I'm in front of a computer all day. Sometimes it's more.

8. Who is your all time favorite baseball player?
This is a tough one. I'm forever a Dodger fan and when I was growing up, it was Steve Sax. Through the years, its been different Dodgers. For a while, Gagne was the #1 reason to be at a Dodger game. Even though he's not a player, Vin has a big place in my heart. Outside of Dodgers, I loved Don Mattingly (give him time, he will be a great manager) and Ken Griffey Jr.

9. What makes you laugh?
My wife, Louis CK, farts, cat videos, old episodes of The Simpsons, SNL Digital Shorts, that Christmas Shoes song, Tosh.0, Deadspin.

10. Top 3 all time movies?
The Big Lebowski, Goodfellas, Swingers.

11. What popular song past/present do you most identify with?
Straight Outta Compton - NWA

12. Real baseball team you grew up loving? Still in love with them?
Dodgers. Was in the Blue Crew Fan Club as a kid.

13. Tell me 2 things you wish you knew about particular AU owners?
What their full names are and what their favorite credit card number is (don't forget the expiration date! :)

14. You're fairly quiet as an AU owner. Why?
I'm not really one to chime in on the boards unless I feel it's absolutely necessary or it directly involves my team.

15. What is your GM philosophy?
Batters: Batting Eye and splits. Pitchers: Control, a strong #1 & #2 pitch.

16. Any special meaning for your WIS nickname? Your AU team name?
I think my nickname is pretty obvious. As for my team name, when I think of New Orleans, I think of beads. And you get free beads during Mardi Gras for showing boobs. I don't know...my 13-year-old self named the team.

17. Who is/was your favorite AU owner? Why?
Don't really have a favorite. I do respect everyone who has stuck around all these seasons. We have a really strong core of owners who make it fun.

18. Which MLB Commissioner do you admire or identify with most? Why?
None really.

19. General pet peeves about the HBD game?
Coach hiring would be up there. The down time between seasons also drives me crazy.

20. If I was AU Commish for a day I would...
...be so drunk with power I'd pass out.

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