Friday, June 17, 2011

4th Power Rankings for Season 19

1. Louiville Sluggers(89-37)--Louiville continues to cruise through the regular season. As a team, they have a league high batting average and on-base percentage. Anything short of the ALCS will be a major disappointment for this team. (Anything short of the World Series will be a major disappointment for davidbutler9).
Previous Rank: 1st(E)

2. Boston EliteDucks(84-42)--The EliteDucks are steamrolling their way to the NL playoffs. They lead AU in walks and are in the top 5 in least amount of strikeouts. Being the defending champs anything short of the NLCS will be a major disappointment for Boston.
Previous Rank: 2nd(E)

3. Buffalo Wings(72-54)--The Wings offense is led by Gerardo Espinoza who is having an MVP type season. The very good pitching staff is led by rookie of the year candidate Sean Waters. Waters is also a serious Cy Young candidate. This team keeps getting stronger and stronger as the season goes on.
Previous Rank: 5th(+2)

4. Boise Browncoats(75-52)--The Browncoats currently own the 2nd seed in the AL. They are still in a fight for their division with the upstart Salt Lake breathing down their necks. Boise's defense continues to help out the pitching staff recording the 4th most double plays in AU.
Previous Rank: 6th(+2)

5. New Orleans Freebeads(73-53)--New Orleans is playing some excellent baseball over the past week. They have leapfrogged Florida to take over 2nd place in the AL South. They have a very good rookie, Alving Espinosa, hoping to win rookie of the year. The pitching staff has a great anchor in closer, Guillermo Sivilla.
Previous Rank: 8th(+3)

6. Toronto Toros(71-55)--The Toros have slugged themselves to the AL North division lead and are lead by MVP candidate Rich White who has just been phenomenol for Toronto. The resurgent Al Canseco has been key for Toronto as well.
Previous Rank: 7th(+1)

7. Salt Lake City Buzz(71-55)--The Buzz have riden a 13 game win streak into the power rankings for the first time this season. They not only have risen to the top wild card spot, they also are contending for the division. Salt Lake's top offense in AU is lead by Trent Crane.
Previous Rank: NR

8. Salem Senators(72-54)--Salem has sputtered a little bit having only posted the 2nd fewest wins out of the teams in contention for the power rankings. That will happen some with a team that rely's so much on their pitching and defense. Walt Paul has been awesome as the anchor of the bullpen for grissom.
Previous Rank: 3rd(-5)

9. Iowa City Lets Play Two(70-56)--Iowa City's offense has been led by silver slugger choices Babe Denny and Claude Seaton. Their pitching staff has been led by innings eater Bret Powell and by closer Teddy Benson.
Previous Rank: 10th(+1)

10. New York Torrones(67-59)--The Torrones continue to play very well at home. They have been a sub-.500 team this season on the road, but the good news is they only have 12 more games on the road. That should bode very well for them going down the stretch playing more games at home.
Previous Rank: NR

Dropping out: Minnesota Twinkies and Florida Fire Sailfish

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