Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 questions with rigbystarr

1. What should we call you?

2. Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?
Sports in general. I watch the Pirates with my 2 year old son everytime they're on.

3. How did you fall into HBD?
I played APBA growing up. One day I was reading a forum on the APBA board and WIS was mentioned, I checked it out and I've been hooked since.

4. How many teams do you run? How many hours per week do you pour into your teams?
I have 3 teams, at one time I had 6. I put about an hour a day into my 3 teams.

5. Married? Children?
I'm a single father.

6. City/State you live in? Hometown where you grew up?
I'm from a little town, Ellwood City, it's just outside of Pittsburgh.

7. Occupation? Do you check in on your teams often during the workday?
Manager at Sears, I check my team while I'm taking a break.

8. Who is your all time favorite baseball player?
Roberto Clemente, he was always my hero.

9. What makes you laugh?
my son Max

10. Top 3 all time movies?
The Big Chill-you have to watch it at least twice to get it. Apocolypse Now- A dark Vietnam flick. Magnolia-it actually rains frogs.

11. What popular song past/present do you most identify with?
Here I go Again-Whitesnake.

12. Real baseball team you grew up loving? Still in love with them?
I am an avid Pirates fan. I attended game 3 of the 1975 NLCS against the Big Red Machine; the PIrates lost. I also attended game 4 of the 1979 World Series with the Pirates down 3 games to 1, they won that one and the Family went on to win the series.

13. Tell me 2 things you wish you knew about particular AU owners?
Anyone, how do you win a world series!?

14. You're fairly quiet as a AU owner. Why?
Good question, I don't know. I tend to send private messages rather than participate in world chat.

15. What is your GM philosophy?
Build within, probably because I'm a Pirates fan.

16. Any special meaning for your WIS nickname? Your AU team name?
Pittsburgh was taken so I decided to take the Penguins to Lake Erie. Rigby Starr, Can anyone guess how I came up with that handle?

17. Who is/was your favorite AU owner? Why?
jgarrity3, he wins with 120M payroll and never misses a beat. I know, he's in my other world, Stargell at Monument Park, but he's my biggest rival.

18. Which MLB Commissioner do you admire or identify with most? Why?
Peter Uberoth, he knew how to run a business.

19. General pet peeves about the HBD game?
Missing an event due to RL, rule 5, draft, coach hiring, etc.

20. If I was AU Commish for a day I would...
Hand it over to someone else.

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