Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drafting for the Future Part #6

Fresno Primetimers

Season #1 and #2

Joel Buck 7th, Pitcher, 0 points

Juan Romero 9th, SS, 0 points

Earl Dodd 44th, Pitcher, 0 points

No picks from the first two seasons signed up to play. Surprising since Camp was a rather solid GM.

Season #3 and #4

Ivan Roth 23rd, SP, 36 points

Trent Duran 37th, Relief, 25 points

Vance Curtis 50th, LR, 26 points

3 picks by camp in the season 3 draft resulted in three awful players. Season 4 he had no picks in the first round.

4 year score: 15/100

Possibly one of the worst drafters ever. However camp kept his team a winner for 13 seasons by doing a lot of other things right.

Hartford Storm

Season #1

Dustan Poole 14th, CF, 72 points

Tim Ducey 36th, Relief, 20 points

I would rather have Rob Ducey then Tim. Dustan Poole however was a pretty good pick at 14. Almost 200 homeruns and over 200 steals in his career.

Season #2

Omar Crespo 15th, SP, 52 points

Crespo won double digits three times in his career but never achieved the greatness that projected for him.

Season #3

Gordon Damon 12th, RF, 67 points

Moments of greatness for Damon. Peak of his career was a 20/20 season when his also drove in 102 runs with a .307 average

Season #4

Juan Hernandez 3rd, RF, 48 points

Never panned out like they hoped, a #3 pick should be a hall of famer. His weakness of being unable to hit lefties kept him from winning an everyday job.

4 year score: 52/100

A few hits but a mostly misses. No one ever overachieved leading to a rather average score.

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