Saturday, January 15, 2011

AL East Season Preview

New York Torrones (87-75, 2nd)

In the last 7 seasons New York has been to the playoffs 5 times, yet last season saw their 3 yr run a top the division come to an end. Tanner Magnante (39, 130, .334) is still the face of the team and he did get help from a pair of 30 HR hitters, Neifi Espinoza & Danny Fox. Abraham Orie (14-2, 2.97) & BC Garland (32 sv, 2.65) had great years but for torrone’s gang to make a serious run at the division title Glendon Green (9-15, 5.28) & Hipolito Martin (9-11, 3.95) will need to have strong seasons. The offense got a boost with the addition of Jordan Mahaffey & Woody Hoiles. Pitching on the other hand may become a concern if they can’t hold other teams in check or need to continually win slugfests.

Prediction: 89-73

Norfolk Navigators (71-91, 3rd)

Consecutive 71-91 seasons have the Navigators hoping this is the season they can climb out of the AL East basement. It appears that Spring Training will be very important for cspring as he decides who will fill the 9 opens roster spots on his ML team. Ahmed Ramirez is the lone returning position player who put up big numbers. The pitching staff is equally in trouble as Alan Lowell (9 wins) leads the returning players in wins and the top returning player in the bullpen, William Ross, will be starting the season on the DL. This looks like a team ready for a major step backwards as it rebuilds its ML roster.

Prediction: 64-98

Scranton Office Workers (90-72, 1st)

Hacker7’s first move was to relocate his team to Scranton and it seemed to work out well as he was able to take the division title. Dennis Newfield (30 HR, 95, .333), Ronn Hall (38, 116, .281) & Bailey Baptist (37, 94, .258) carry potent bats. Another ageless veteran, PJ Stanton (13-6, 4.77) and Vin Guevara (6-2, 18 sv, 2.21) lead a pretty ordinary pitching staff. To win another division title the Office Workers will need the pitching staff to find a way to duplicate last season’s success. If the hurlers struggle it may turn into a long season.

Prediction: 82-80

Washinton D.C. Abnormals (71-91, 3rd)

The Abnormals start their 4th season with diabeticrock at the controls. It’s been 8 seasons since their last playoff appearance and the fans are becoming very restless. Dolf Titan (46, 104, .283) & Al Castillo (38, 99, .260) were the leading hitters. The loss of Torey Gonzalez was a big blow to a team with only two other players reaching double digits in victories. Big seasons from Andres Cabrera & Olmedo Molina would help compensate but someone needs to step up to take on the 200 innings Gonzalez would have thrown. With some pieces in place Washington has hope for a better future but this won’t be the year they make a run at 1st place.

Prediction: 73-89

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  1. While I appreciate that grissom's prediction has my Torrones returning to the top of our division, I think he underestimates us. Yes we did add some LH help Hoiles(LF) and Mahaffey(super-sub). And to do it we trades a pair of solid SPs to do it(Colome, Livingstone). But he failed to notice the reason for those 2 trades was to make room for 2 exciting young SPs in Peter Barker and Tont Espinoza, both of whom I hope will have a major impact.