Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drafting for the Future Part #5

Dover Diabolicals
Season #1

Pedro Marrero 10th, CF, 63 points

Worion guided this team for the first three seasons and even won a world series in season #2. Marrero was a bit of a flash in the pain with some nice seasons, 31-103-20-.246. But a low average and lots of K’s cut his career short.

Score: 63/100

Season #2

Dennys Clifton 22nd, RF, 80 points

Clifton was a bit of a beast for a about 6 seasons. He averaged 30 homers and about 90 RBI while batting .280. Not bad for a gold glove quality RF’er.

Score: 80/100

Season #3

Heath Kirwan 27th, P, 0 Points
Sidney Martin 28th, C, 77 points
Christopher Keeler 34th, REL, 0 points

Ouch, Kirwan never signed and Keeler pitcher under 30 innings in the minors. Martin is perhaps the best platoon catcher in the history of baseball. Has only once played more then 100 games but has almost 300 career homers and a great . 311 average.

Score: 26/100

Season #4

Kyle Jackson 25th, UTIL, 23 points
Mark Feliciano 47th, RF, 51 points

Saluki took over as GM and drafted two duds. Jackson is a none factor with 34 major league at bats. Feliciano looked like a solid 20/20 player for a handful of seasons but a bad attitude kept him from reaching his full potential.

Score: 37/100

4 Year Score: 42/100
worion started off pretty strong but some missed signings and failed developmental possibilities drags the overall score down.

Florida Fire Sailfish

Season #1

No Picks

Season #2
Curt Wells 4th, P, 0 Points

Jmercer joined our happy family in season two and was rewarded with the 4th overall pick that season. Too bad Curt Wells wanted a ten million bonus to sign. Luckily he was able to sign international free agent Alex Jose and draft Barry Kirby, Justin Winston in the 2nd and 5th rounds. But still those last two are more lucky then anything.

Score: 0/100

Season #3

Jeff Nixon 4th, LR, 62 points
Vic James 47th, LR, 68 points

In season three mercer grabbed two solid but not spectacular arms. They have combined for about 100 wins and a 5.00 ERA.

Score: 65/100

Season #4

Ivan Gonzalez 16th, CF, 83 points

One of the fastest smoothest fielding players in league history. Gonzalez is on his way to 600+ steals and 2000+ hits for his career.

Score: 83/100

4 year score: 54/100
not bad, but the missing out on Curt Wells when players like Alfonso Tejera, Mark Jones and Clayton Hairston could have been drafted.

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