Friday, January 14, 2011

Drafting for the Future Part #3

Charlotte Jordans

Season #1

Jack Minor Utility, 15th 47 points
Matthew Roberts 3rd, 39th, 42 points
Benny Beltran CF, 50th, 78 points

Gerald007 was the GM for season 1 and did a passable job with the draft. Never a good sign when your first player drafted is classified as a Utility player, but that’s what Jack Minor was, a speedy jack of all trades. Roberts was a solid 4th OF/PH for a few seasons but never really found his home in the majors. The best of the bunch was Beltran who was a solid CF’er that looks to have ended his career with almost 300 steals.

Score: 56/100

Season #2
Ed Zeile Relief, 23rd, 76 points

Season two saw another new owner, GDfan, he drafted a solid young relief pitcher that three times in his career had more then 29 saves. A very solid arm out of the pen he also had three seasons of more then 100 innings. Solid picks of Che-Bang Lee 2nd round (1500+ hits) and Mike Anderson 3rd round ( 1400 hits, 240 steals) were also had by gdfan.

Score: 76/100

Season #3

Bingo Dixon RF, 31st, 65 points
Trent Schmidt 3rd, 33rd 71 points

Finally lovemlb joined the team and put his stamp on them. His first season of drafting was actually pretty successful. Dixon was a good but not great right fielder. Over 1000 career hits and 150 homers. Schmidt was slightly flashier and enjoyed a longer career. Peak season saw him hit 32 homers and come up 3 short of 100 RBI.

Score: 68/100

Season #4

Bruce Munoz SP, 44th, 53 points
Donatello Matthews SP, 57th, 44 points

In his 2nd season lovemlb started to really work on screwing this team up. Munoz had some solid seasons but a career ERA of almost 6 is not good. Matthews was even worse, despite pitching over 1500 innings in the majors he couldn’t get his ERA below 7.10 for his career.

Score: 48/100

4 year Score: 60/100
a barely passing grade, if not for marginal stars like Zeile and Beltran this would have been a sub 50 score.

Chicago Cosby Sweaters

Season #1

Buddy Henley LR, 31st, 58 points

Hawk27 ran this franchise for its first 7 seasons and did a pretty solid job on the field winning over 85 games in all but his last season with the team. Henley was his first pick and was good at the best of times and awful at the worst.
Score: 58/100

Season #2

Hawk went big on free agents and did not get a pick until the 3rd round.

Season #3
Mel Haywood 1st, 29th 85 points

Late first round seems to be the place to get big hitting 1st basemen. Haywood seems to be getting better with age. At 33 he has just over 2000 career hits and 375 homers. While not a lock at the HOF…yet. He will if he keeps putting up numbers like last seasons 35-117-.353

Score: 85/100

Season #4

Carlos Colon CF, 20th, 61 points

After a strong season #15 Colon went to play ball in Japan. Back in Chicago now he is hoping to play himself back into a job at the majors. Great fielder and baserunner.

Score 61/100

4 Year Score: 68/100
hawk27 did pretty good with his late picks. I would have liked to have seen what he could have done with this team as they started to fall in the standings.

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