Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Drafting for the Future Part #1

Boise Browncoats
Season #1

Mateo Rosado 27th, SS, 67 points
Ugueth Ramirez 34th , LR, 30 points
Craig Cunningham 49th , LR, 0 points

This draft was handled by Mgreenwell, not sure what happened to him but he was one of my favorite people to compete against. He was smart, crafty and fair. This was not a great draft for him however. Cunningham never made the show and Ramirez barely had time for the coffee to cool down in his stops at the bigs. Rosado was a pretty solid pick at 27th. A versatile MIF he won a gold glove at 2nd base and two World Series rings. Not much a stick man however.

Score: 33/100 not great but considering they didn’t draft until 27th it’s not all that bad.

Season #2
Alfonso Tejera 5th, LF, 96 Points

Almost a perfect draft pick, Alfonso was the only selection they had in the 1st round and he has not disappointed. He has put up several MVP type seasons and his career is shaping up into a sure in for the hall of fame. The fact that he wasn’t first overall is almost mind boggling. A crafty pick by greenwell who also selected Stevie Bonilla 118th overall, that is 4000 hits between those two.

Score: 96/100

Season #3
Gene Oquist 15th , 1st, 79 points
Lee Helton 42nd, SU, 78 points

Another solid draft class from mgreenwell. Oquist is a gold glove quality 1st baseman that has had a good career and the numbers to back it up. Helton while no star has been a ML pitcher for 12 seasons now, once an all-star and a World Series winner. Neither is going to the hall of fame but both are the types of players quality organizations can build on.

Score: 78/100

Season #4

Lee Helton 30th, 2nd, 84 points

A real steal at 30th overall, on pace for 2000 career hits, 300 homers and 400 steals. Players like this are what made Salem and now Boise so tough to play against. Multi talented players who played way better then most of us ever thought.

Score: 84/100

Four Year Score: 73/100 73 may not seem like much but I would compare it to picking an all-star player with every pick in the first round. A team that does that is going to be tough to beat.

Boston EliteDucks
Season #1

Mandy Patterson 20th , 2nd, 55 points
Albert Pulido 29th, CF, 81 points
Rich Speaker 47th, LR, 48 points

A pretty good job of drafting by rprsn who only spent one season in addicted users. Speaker was a useable major league pitcher for a time. Patterson has played every position in the bigs except pitcher and catcher. While not a great hitter or runner his usefulness has seen him stick around long enough to get almost 1500 career hits. The real gem is Pulido, a 29th pick that has smashed 449 homers in his career.

Score: 61/100

Season #2
T.J. Black 14th, SU, 0 points

Ouch this one hurts, wolvie14 came in during season 2 and did a solid job with the big league squad but kind of dropped the ball with the drafting. No players he drafted ever made it to the majors. A 14th overall pick usually nets you some solid production but not this year.

Score: 0/100

Season #3

Quilvio Estrada 24th, 2nd, 0 Points

Once again a new owner and a failed draft. Kingdad0 came in and made his presence felt by not singing ANY of his draft picks. This sort of crap would set this team up nicely for several years of crappiness.

Score: 0/100

Season #4

Dann Bates 7th, RF, 0 Points
Joel Wall 36th, SS. 37 points

In his 2nd year of a five year run of stupidity kingdad finally managed to sign a player. Joel Wall was a back up SS at best. He was however much better the Dann Bates who never signed at all.

Score: 19/100

Four Year Score: 20/100
, yeah that seems about right.

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