Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drafting for the Future part #2

Buffalo Wings
Season # 1

Pat Long 24th, CF, 80 points
The only GM of this team has been drutes, and he did a solid job with his only 1st round pick in season #1. Pat Long is a solid defender and a good stick man who stand s a good chance at reaching at least 2500 hits. Not much power or speed but always finding a way to get on base is his main asset.
Score: 80/100
Season #2

No draft picks, no score.
Season # 3
Ramiro Guevara 10th, RF, 93 points
Wow, Guevara is just 8 homers shy of 600. Once hit 74 homers in a season with almost 200 RBI. He has won a Gold Glove, ROY, multiple MVPS and a All-Star game MVP award. All this out of a guy that nine teams passed on.
Score: 93
Season #4

Michael McDonald 26th , C, 65 points
Chili Ricarrdi 48th , SS, 48 points
Another two quality picks by drutes. Mcdonald looked like he was going to be a star for a few seasons but settled on being a very solid platoon catcher. Ricarrdi also had two very strong seasons but then fell back and was nothing more then a utility player.
Score: 57/100
4 year Score: 76/100
Drutes set the bar very high with his early drafting and also set his team up for success. As you can see they were one of the more solid teams right up till season 13.

Burlington Coat Factories
Season # 1

Barry McCall 21st, 2nd, 50 points
Not sure what happened here, kingbraden made a solid pick with Mccall but never seemed to give him the shot he deserved. Put up monster numbers at AAA for 6 straight seasons before getting a call. Maybe not a true second baseman but i feel he could have helped sooner. They also drafted hard hitting first baseman Barry McCall 75th overall and has over 350 career homers.
Score: 50/100
Season #2

Leonardo Mackowiak 31st, 1st, 85 points
2nd last pick of the official 1st round and King grabbed himself a stud 1st baseman. He has since retired but finished his career with 455 homers and a solid .280 avg.
Score: 85-100
Season #3

Norm Bunch 18th, CF, 52 points
Manny Carter 30th, SS, 67 points
No stars here but king was able to grab two solid players. Carter was a gold glover at SS and Bunch a decent BU CF.
Score: 60-100
Season #4

B.J. Curtis 24th, SP, 62 points
Mo Webster 46th, RF, 47 points
Alberto Azocar 59th, 2nd, 0 points
Harry Bryne 62nd, SP, 70 points
All in all another solid draft for king, grabbed three solid players all after 24th overall. Curtis and Bryne would be a solid 3-4 punch for any rotations and Webster was an ideal 4th Ofer
Score: 45-100
4 year Score: 64
, king has done a solid job considering how late he usally drafts, never once drafting in the top ten.

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