Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drafting for the Future Part #4

Cleveland Penguins
Season #1

Bey Morris 11th, RF, 87 points
Bruce Hentgen 43rd, 2nd, 68 points

Some guy named highvolta6e played one season of HBD and actually did a solid job drafting. Bey has way over 2000 hits and just over 400 homers in a solid career. Hentgen was a gold glove 2nd baseman and carried a decent stick.

Score: 77/100

Season #2

Stan Allensworth 12th, LF, 56 points
Jon Joseph 18th, RF, 0 points

Season 2 saw another one season owner hutzelgreg finished well under 500 in his only season and drafted two stiffs in the 1st round. Allensworth didn’t reach the majors until rigbystarr took over and started doing some sensible things with the team, by then his career clock was counting down and there wasn’t much left in the tank. Joseph never signed a contract

Score: 29/100

Season #3

Todd Lofton 1st, LR, 64 points
Dewayne Lowery 48th, SP, 0 points
Marc Leach 54th SP, 0 points

Another single season owner, flipdog was blessed with three first round picks to try and save this franchise. Leach and Lowery never made it to the show. Lofton the 1st overall pick was subject to such bad coaching to the start of his career had a 8.84 ERA in AAA before rigby took over. After that he was pretty solid but never as good as he should have been.

Score: 18/100

Season #4

Earl Slaughter 4th, SP, 53 points

The trend continued as escalator took over for one season and dragged this team even further down. His 4th overall selection, Slaughter, was another player poorly used until rigby showed up, a career 75-95 record with a plus 5.00 ERA is not what you want from a 4th pick.

Score: 53/100

4 year score: 41/100
Some solid players were selected but due to the revolving door at the ownership level its hard to say how good these players COULD have been.

Detroit Grass Lakes

Season #1

Bruce Phillips 12th, SP, 78 points

Cj has been the one and only owner of this team so lets see what type of job he did drafting in the early seasons…and did his picks have anything to do with his lone WS title in season 12. Phillips was 8-8 in the WS year but was awesome in the playoffs going 3-1 with a 3.14 ERA. A solid pick at #12 he has a solid 110-85 career record

Score: 78/100

Season #2

Mark Jones 8th, SS, 84 points

Cj traded him away in season 5 so he never played a game in the majors for the team that drafted him. But he has had a great career with gold gloves at 3rd base, 2000+ hits and 300+ homers.

Score: 84/100

Season #3

Jed Riske 11th, RF, 72 points

Riske was a 20/20 guy during the WS season, also batted .383 in the playoffs with 3 homers and 4 steals. He retired with 1000 hits, 150 homers and 100 steals. Not bad.

Score: 72/100

Season #4

Donovan Austin 19th, SP, 85 points
Marshall Golub 43rd, LR, 60 points
Tony Guerrero 56th, REL, 57 points
Reginald Powell 61st, CF, 35 points

Cj scored pretty well again in season 4. Austin won 17 games in the WS year and has a 140-92 lifetime record with a few more good seasons under his belt for sure. Golub has bounced around a little bit before coming back to Detroit to retire. He finished with a solid .500 record. Guerrero never played for Detroit but did manage 20 career wins and 7 saves in just over 400 IP. Powell is still bouncing around AAA. In his best season he stole 46 bases….but has only 3 more after that.

Score: 59/100

4 Year Score: 68/100
Cj was more about quality then quantity. It seems the less picks he is given the better he does. I don’t see any hall of famers but I do see 4 very solid picks.

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