Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top SS

1. Juan Berroa (Bur) Last Season Unranked at 3rd. One of the weakest fielders at SS he is far and away the best offensive player. A move back to 3rd or possibly 2nd would do wonders for his overall game. At only 24 is one of the bright spots in the league.
2. Julio Duran (Fre) Last Season Unranked. Having a great bounce back season. Fielding like he always could, is also having a solid season with the bat on pace for 20 homers 20 steal and 80 rbi and a solid .290 avg.
3. Julius Serrano (Sct) Last Season Ranked 2nd. Having another strong season, perhaps better than last season as he has upped his average and OBP. Is making his claim as one of the worlds best Short Stops of all time.
4. Nash Metcalfe (Hart) Last Season Ranked 1st. Having another strong season with the bat but his defensive woes are holding him back. Another guy that could use a move to 3rd base or 2nd.
5. Ricky Lawton (Det) Last Season UnRanked. Finishing off a great career with a strong season. Making all the plays with the glove and is among the better hitters as always. Potential hall of famer.
6. Dolf Titan (Mon) Last Season Unranked. Playing better defense then most would have expected. If he could steal he would the best offensive player at SS. But because he cant he ranks behind Berroa in that case.
7. Angel Castillo (Dur) Last Season 5th. Young player that has taken a bit of a step back. His fielding is slightly improved but his offense has kind of leveled off. With his skills however he should be part of the top ten for years to come.
8. Max Gutierrez (NwB) Last Season Unranked. Played all over the diamond last season. Now a solid SS that is one of the top fielders in the game.
9. Max Chavez (Boi) Last Season 8th. While his ranking has gone down, I feel he is actually getting better. Offense is improved slightly, as has his defense. Just needs to run a little more and he will break the top 5.
10. Derrek Beltre (Aug) Last Season Unranked. Winding down a very solid career. Still runs well and his glove isn’t awful. This may be his last stand on the top ten.

The Worst Three.
3. Claude Seaton
2. Francis Bennett
1. Ewell Hansell

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