Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Other Award Winners

Blue Blazer (greatest stolen base threat): Quinn Smith Rattled off 74 steals this season a career high and was only caught 8 times (90.2%) Hon Mention: Chad Mora 57 steals (90.5%).

Rifle Arm (best outfield arm) Glen Thomas 16 assists from CF in just 93 games. Stop running on his arm. Hon Mention: Kiki Seguignol 15 assists in just over 140 games.

Bill Buckner (1st baseman with most errors but lots of assists) : Terrence Cooper The 118 assists rank 2nd in the bigs, but 6 errors and 5 negative plays lead me to believe he got them from being to slow to run to 1st base for the easy out.

Bash Brothers (team with Best Overall power): Toros 10 players with double digits in HR led by White, Thebeau, Logan and Yamaguchi who all had over 30. Hon Mention: EliteDucks 5 players with over 30 homers but only 8 in double digits.

The Mid-80’s Cards (All speed no pop team): Senators 114 Homers, 248 steals with 5 players swiping more then 25 this past season. Hon Mention:Seadogs 105 homers, 204 steals with two players combining for 114 of them.

Human Vacuum (Shortstop who gets to the most balls): Wiki Cortes This kid tracks down everything 28 Positive plays, 2nd most PO and the most assists, just call him Hoover.

The Express (pitcher with most k’s and bb’s per 9 innings): Tony Blair Almost 8 K’s per 9 innings but also 3.5 walks.

Mike Hampton ( Better hitter then pitcher award): Humberto Astacio 12 hits and .375 avg, also stole a base. Meanwhile throw 90 innings and had a WHIP on the plus side of 1.70 and an ERA of almost 8.00

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