Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Power Rankings for the 2nd Week of Season 19!!

This is my first ever power rankings and I'm sorry it's a little late for the week and i'll try and get them up sooner from now on.

1. Louisville Sluggers(43-11)-Best overall record and is tied for the most wins over the last week with Salem.

2. Boston EliteDucks(38-16)-Best record in the NL and has the second most wins over the course of the past week. Also has the best run differential in the majors.

3. Florida Fire Sailfish(31-23)-Even though Florida is second in their division they have the majors fourth best record and fifth best run differential and expected winning percentage in the majors.

4. Madison Clansmen(30-24)-The upstart Clansmen currently have the sixth best record in the majors and are also tied with the EliteDucks for the 3 most wins in the past week.

5. Salem Senators(32-22)-Sporting the majors third best record and tied for the most wins this past week with the Sluggers. However the Senators might be overachieving a little bit because they also have the ninth best expected winning percentage and run differential.

6. Buffalo Wings(31-23)-Buffalo has picked up where it left off last season owning the NL North first place spot again. Even though they have struggled some in the past week, this franchise seems poised to try and run away with their division again.

7. Philadelphia Chases Aces(30-24)-Tedpsu has this team playing very well. They are tied with the NL's fourth best record and have the majors seventh best run differential.

8. San Diego Blue Sox(29-25)-The Blue Sox have been playing very solid in a very tough NL West division. Although they currently are tied with the majors 10th best record, they have the 4th best run differential and if that continues to happen will quickly catch the division leading Senators.

9. Boise Browncoats(30-24)-The Boise franchise has been a symbol of excellence for many seasons and are hoping to make this season no exception. As a team they haven't been exceptional, but they have been very solid and hope to continue that throughout the season.

10. Detroit Grass Lakes(30-24)-The Grass Lakes edge out the New Orleans Freebeads because of a slightly better record. They are an overachieving bunch so far with the sixth best record in the majors but they currently have a -21 run differential. They will need to start scoring more runs if they want to stay in the top ten of the power rankings.

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