Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2nd Power Rankings of Season 19

Without further ado here is the 2nd power rankings for this season:

1. Boston EliteDucks(53-27)-The EliteDucks took 2 out of 3 against the Louisville Sluggers which helps vaunt them to the top of the power rankings. It doesn't hurt when you have the best expected winning percentage, the 3rd best pitching staff and the 3rd best offense in the world.
Previously Ranked: 2nd (+1)

2. Louisville Sluggers(57-22)-Although the Louisville franchise does have the best record in AU, they have faultered some as of late. They have the 2nd best fielding team backing up the a vaunted pitching staff and a very solid lineup up and down.
Previously Ranked: 1st (-1)

3. Toronto Toros(45-35)-The very hot Toros have won 17 games in the past 9 days. They have catapulted themselves with the best offense in AU.
Previously Ranked: NR

4. New York Torrones(44-35)-As well as the Toros have been playing, the New York Torrones have been playing the best baseball in AU with 18 wins over 9 days. The Torrones also have the best fielding team in the world.
Previously Ranked: NR

5. Boise Browncoats(44-35)-The Browncoats have a solid all around team. They play well in all faucets of the game. They are in the top 15 in of categories and have the 4th best record in the world.
Previously Ranked: 9th (+4)

6. Florida Fire Sailfish(44-35)-Florida has a very good pitching staff that is backed up by an offense that scores enough to help them to a very good record.
Previously Ranked: 3rd (-3)

7. Philadelphia Chases Aces(44-35)-The Chases Aces have been holding steady and are tied for the 4th best record in AU. They don't excel at any one thing but they do play well as a unit.
Previously Ranked: 7th (E)

8. Buffalo Wings(43-37)-The Wings have stumbled a bit, but they are staying afloat with an excellent pitching staff and very good defense.
Previously Ranked: 6th (-2)

9. Iowa City Let's Play Two(43-37)-Iowa City has been playing some good baseball with 14 wins in a little over a week. The have the 6th best pitching staff in Addicted Users. They are steadily climbing from respectability into maybe becoming a contender.
Previously Ranked: NR

10. New Orleans Freebeads(44-36)-The Freebeads have risen into the power rankings after just missing out in the first one. They have a solid offense, that is held up by a pitching staff that is underperforming. If their pitching staff can get it together then they will be a force to reckon with.
Previously Ranked: NR

Dropping out: Madison Clansmen, Salem Senators, San Diego Blue Sox, and Detroit Grass Lakes

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