Friday, May 27, 2011

20 questions with goldenboy69

1. What should we call you?
Jeff Penn

2. Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?
I play softball, watch movies and read comic books some new mostly old.

3. How did you fall into HBD?
Started off in Sim Baseball, then started playing Hoops Dynasty and for awhile dreamed about the day that they would start a Baseball Sim like Hoops. Joined the first league i could with a friend that I worked with at PXP Sports, a "legal" sports betting website that was later purchased by Bodog. He got bored ten games into the season and left. I won the WS with the Santa Fe Express in Mr.October.

4. How many teams do you run? How many hours per week do you pour into your teams?
I have three teams, two of them for 19+seasons. Each team probably gets a solid 30 minutes everyday during the course of a season.

5. Married? Children?
Married for 13 years as of last weekend, Two kids, daughter 6, son 4.

6. City/State you live in? Hometown where you grew up?
I live just east of Toronto, Canada and grew up about an hour north of the city.

7. Occupation? Do you check in on your teams often during the workday?
I work for CTV, the largest tv network in Canada...i check my teams mostly while at work and do most of my draft research while at work.

8. Who is your all time favorite baseball player?
That is a tough one, Dave Stieb, George Bell, Jeffery Leonard, Andy Van Slyke, Lenny Dykstra and Wally Backman

9. What makes you laugh?
When i see a little bird flying after a crow or a blackbird beating the crap out of it.

10. Top 3 all time movies?
I am a movie junkee so this is tough.

When i was 9 it was DC Cab, Clash of the Titans and Flash Gordon.

Now it is Royal Tenenbaums, Dark Knight, Unbreakable

11. What popular song past/present do you most identify with?
Today/Smashing Pumpkins, Sabotage Beastie Boys

12. Real baseball team you grew up loving? Still in love with them?
Loved and Still Love the '86 Mets. Always a Jays Fan

13. Tell me 2 things you wish you knew about particular AU owners?
Any Ladies? Any Canadians?

14. You're fairly outspoken as a AU owner. Why?
I am just outspoken in general. I love a good argument and have trouble believing that people dont actually just agree with me all the time.

15. What is your GM philosophy?
D up the middle C/SS/CF, Power over contact, pitches over splits. Rest players as much as possible so always have a strong bench. Stick by your closer.

16. Any special meaning for your WIS nickname? Your AU team name?
In college we had a fictional wrestling league (long story). My character was called the Golden Boy. The Toros are a former WHA hockey team out of Toronto in the mid 70's.

17. Who is/was your favorite AU owner? Why?
We have a lot of great people here, Brent, torrone, jmercer, grissom

18. Which MLB Commissioner do you admire or identify with most? Why?
A. Bartlett Giamatti, because his son is Paul

19. General pet peeves about the HBD game?
Pre-season length, missed scouting on Amateur draft, you really should see every player...maybe not all the ratings

20. If I was AU Commish for a day I would...
Get a new commish :)

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