Sunday, May 29, 2011

20 questions with torrone

1. What should we call you?

2. Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?
Golf. Reading.

3. How did you fall into HBD?
Was originally in STATS baseball and it's later offshoot. WIS was discussed by some of the the owners there, so I checked it out and fell in love.

4. How many teams do you run? How many hours per week do you pour into your teams?
2 teams. About 2 hours a day, so about 14-15 hours per week.

5. Married? Children?
Married 36 years. 2 children, a daughter 30 and a son 28.

6. City/State you live in? Hometown where you grew up?
I live in Malverne, Long Island NY. I grew up in Floral Park, a town near where I live today.

7. Occupation? Do you check in on your teams often during the workday?
I'm retired.

8. Who is your all time favorite baseball player?
Mickey Mantle

9. What makes you laugh?
The absurd

10. Top 3 all time movies?
Gone With The Wind. Paths of Glory. The Graduate

11. What popular song past/present do you most identify with?
Large Time by the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Always looking to have a good time.

12. Real baseball team you grew up loving? Still in love with them?
Yankees. As much as ever.

13. Tell me 2 things you wish you knew about particular AU owners?
I'd like to know how MikeT23 has the time to post 100's of comments on the Forums every day.

14. You're fairly outspoken as a AU owner. Why?
As with many, I have an idea of how things should be done to maintain a strong league. I think maintaining your minors and screening new owners to make sure they will be a good addition are important.

15. What is your GM philosophy?
I look for solid all-around players. There are few superstars, so I think the role and complimentary players are the difference between a soild franchise and an also-ran.

16. Any special meaning for your WIS nickname? Your AU team name?
torrone is a sweet Italian nougat candy made with honey and almonds. Try it, you'll love it. If you don't go into sugar-shock, that is.

17. Who is/was your favorite AU owner? Why?
I have 2. davidbutler9 from here and hitman1979 from my other league. Why? Because we have similar HBD philosophies. I also enjoy goldenboy69 for his intelligence and grissom97 for his passion.

18. Which MLB Commissioner do you admire or identify with most? Why?
Bart Giamatti. He did what needed to be done whether it was popular or not.

19. General pet peeves about the HBD game?
Flame wars on the chat. Owners who don't maintain their team at all levels. Unresponsive Wis support and unrealistic responses to many legitimate issues.

20. If I was AU Commish for a day I would...
shoot myself.

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