Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Draft Summary Part 8 of 10

Norfolk Warheads (AL)

Brian Michalak 1st Round (29th) Solid backend rotation starter. Will log lots of innings and have an ERA around 4.00

James Broussard
2nd Round (81st) Smooth swing and knows the strike zone. Wont hit for much power but can hit over 300 for sure.

Tony Tamura 3rd round (113th) Decent catcher, who will spend more time on the bench then on the field.

Justin Jones 4th Round (145th) A little bit of a wild thing but if he can get his control figured out will be a strong member of the bullpen.

Draft Grade: B. Picked late and were unable to score there compensation pick to a contract. Still did a good job getting three potential starters and a nice bench player.

Oklahoma City Rustlerz (NL)

Felipe Reyes 1st Round (4th) Only weakness is stamina, is an A or A+ prospect in every other catergory. Will get into the rotation regardless.

Hal Williams 2nd Round (56th) Probably best suited as a platoon leftfielder against lefties. Will get on base and steal bases at will

Billy Ray Dirks 3rd Round (88th) another useful bench/platoon player. Good speed and defense good enough for 2nd/3rd.

Stephen Reynolds 5th Round (152nd) bench outfielder, could hit 260 with 10 homers in 300 at bats…if he is given that many for some reason.

Draft Grade: C+, got the star that every team wants, beyond that just some filler players.

Philadelphia Flyin' Hawaiians (AL)

Lyle Tessmer 1st round (9th) A major league shortstop who isn’t great at anything or bad at anything. 280 avg, 10 homers 10 steals. Passable defense.

Don Tolar 5th round (157th) Solid setup b, will eat innings and losses.

Draft Grade: D, the short stop is pretty good, he is not worthy of a top ten pick. Gave away all their other picks as compensation.

San Jose Giants (AL)

Raymond Morton 1st Round (1st) good bet he will be an ace. Not sure if he will be a star though. 3rd pitch is a little weak.

Draft Grade: C-, unable to sign two players and lost 1 pick to compensation. Gambled on the free agents and so far they have lost.

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