Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Draft Summary Part 7 of 10

Monterrey Cheeseheads (AL)

Dolf Titan 1st round (7th) all-star ss, 40 homers and 300 avg. Bit of a health risk.

Danny Hoover 2nd round ( 59th) 15 homers, 270 avg. Might not have a good enough bat to play the outfield.

Draft Grade: C+ one of the best players in the draft, and a decent hitter. The rest of the picks have too many flaws to be considered major league material.

New Orleans Freebeads (AL)

Bart Brantley 1st round (23rd) 4th-5th Starter, good control, weak pitches.

Wayne Upshaw 2nd Round (75th) Bench player, needs to improve defense to even have a chance.

Storm Flynn 3rd Round ( 107th) Another bench player, defense is ok, but wont steal any ones playing time.

Juan Guerrero 6th round (203rd) Steal!, good splits and solid pitches, solid set up man.

Draft Grade: D+, weak draft was saved by a pick in the 6th round.

New York Torrones (AL)

Lance Wilkinson 1st round (19th) not great against righties but can still compete for a top 3 spot in the rotation.

Curt Peters 2nd Roud (71st) Great pick for the 2nd round, could as good a closer as anyone else that was picked.

Marvin Tatum 3rd Round (103rd) Another good pick, almost as good a reliever as Peters.

Draft Grade: B, those 3 pitchers are as good as anyone else was able to draft. No bats to speak of though.

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