Saturday, January 10, 2009

Draft Report Part 2 of 10

Draft Report Card Part 2

Buffalo Wings (NL)

Frank Duncan 1st Round (20th) Lincoln Colleges highest single season avg record is held by this guy. Singed for just over 2 million looks like he will be a solid player in a few seasons. Posses 4 of the 5 tools and could eventually find himself playing 2nd base as opposed to LF. Will eventually be an top of the order player and should be a threat to be a 20/20 man with a .275 + avg.

Aaron Callaway 2nd Round (72nd) 19 year-old was grabbed late in the 2nd round and signed for 550,000 and could be the steal of the draft. Projects to be a very solid defensive shortstop who could hit 20 homers a year. Will never hit for great average or steal many bases but would be a welcome addition to most teams.

Izzy Brown 3rd Round (104th) A very solid pick up for the 3rd round. Would be a very nice addition to the tail end of any rotation. 4 solid pitches and pretty good splits. A future Jamie Moyer.

Boots McMurtry 4th Round (136th) Buffalo picked another college kid here and grabbed a fairly solid set up pitcher. His right handed split well never be great but with his control and two very good pitches he will find his way to the bigs and should provide extra stability against lefties.

Draft Grade: B- (no superstars but considering they drafted late they grabbed 3 for sure major leaguers and 1 more potential big leaguer, also didn’t sign many of their mid-round picks which could hurt in a few years).

Burlington Coat Factories (NL)

Dave Bonilla 1st Round (11th) With their first pick Burlington grabbed a future #3 hitter. Bonilla has the tools to be a potential all-star if not MVP. His defense is solid for LF and is a smart baserunner even if he is on the low side of slow. Is a long way from ready but when he is look for .300+ avg, 35+ homers and a high 300 OBP.

Earl Griffith 1st Round (44th) A compensation pick from San Jose. Looks to be a SuB at best due to weak splits and very average pitches. Does have great control and the ability to rack up innings out of the pen. We just think he will be to easily hit to be very effective overall.

Einar Delgado 4th Round (127th) A solid pick for the 4th round, good pop and fielding skills. Will be best used as a 4th outfielder/2nd basemen with weak range but great power. In 300 abs we see him hitting 10-15 homers, 260 avg. 5 steals.

Draft Grade: C+ (got the star player they wanted, a solid back up player and a long shot at best. Gave away two picks Gerald Donnels and Douglas Malone as compensation for Free Agent signings, both have ML potential.)

Charlotte Panthers (NL)

Donovan Hartman 1st Round (16th) Drafted as 2nd baseman but is probably better suited defensively to play LF. On offense he is very average across the board. 15 homers, .265 avg and less then 10 steals. Most likely a bench player unless his glove gets good enough to play the infield.

J.R. Osik 2nd Round (68th) Has the defense that Hartman needs. Blazing speed but no instincts on the bases. Will still be a threat on the bases…sometimes more so to his own team. Will make the majors but only as a back up.

Floyd McFarland 3rd Round (100th) Will need to be traded as his defense is best applied at DH. Great power, solid splits and the eye of Ted Williams. Will eventually get a job playing part time against lefties as his durability wont allow him to play even half a season. 200abs= 10 homers, 320 avg, 400+obp.

Howie Griffin 5th Round (164th) Hits lefties well and his defense will be good enough to play short at the major league level. Is still a long short to be anything more then a September call-up.

Draft Grade: C- (4 possibly useable players, no starters. If they are some how able to sign Billy Peterson ,compensation pick, and Vic Coronado,4th round selection, they would have gotten a much higher grade as Peterson could be a Closer and Coronado could steal 50+ in the majors).

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