Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Draft Summary Part 1 of 10

Draft Summary

Arizona Aeronautics (NL)

Lawrence Serra 1st Round (26th) Drafted out of High School and signed for 1.7 million. Serra projects to be solid reserve or platoon player at best. He is a top notch defensive player but doesn’t have the speed or batting ability to play as a starter.

Arthur Coles 2nd Round (78th) Also a High School Player, 550,000 bonus. Once again a solid defender but doesn’t have the speed or hitting of a starter. Best suited as a role player off the bench and spot starter at SS.

Chase Carpenter 3rd Round (110th) Another kid out of High School, signed for 425,000. Could make the majors as a LR or MOP up guy but will most likely spend the majority of his career in AAA were he will post solid numbers.

No other Arizona players drafted have Major League potential.

Draft Grade: D+ (2 back up players and a long shot at best)

Baltimore Black Eagles (NL)

Hughie Callaway 1st Round (24th) Drafted out of High School as a SS and signed for 1.8 million. He actually projects to be a fairly solid 3rd basemen. Should be a solid if not spectacular player that can play everyday for most teams.30 homers, 280 avg type.

Artie Richards 1st Round (46th) A sandwich pick signed out of JC for only 600,000. Projects to be a solid 4th outfielder who can run, field and hit pretty well…but not well enough to start. Could be a 15 homer, 10 steal, 270 avg guy.

Barry Banks 2nd Round (76th) Was a high school standout when he was drafted and signed for 550,000. Has great stuff and will pile up the strikeouts at any level…but will walk more batters then he will get out and for that wont make an impact beyond AAA.

Jeremie Taylor 4th Round (140th) Drafted as a freshman and signed to a reasonable 350,000. Not quite the stamina of a starting pitcher but could be a #5 or a very solid LR man. 3 good pitches and solid splits will help him make the majors and post fairly good numbers in a few years.

Draft Grade: C+ (Considering they didn’t have a high pick, or many extra picks they did a great job. A future 3rd basemen, a useable OF’er, good bullpen help)

Boise Browncoats (AL)

Joey Johnston 1st Round (31st) The second last player taken before the sandwich picks was a really big steal. An amazing High School pitcher signed a 1.2 million dollar bonus and is great bang for the buck. While his splits and control are only average he projects to have 3 very good pitches and stamina that will see him pitch way over 200 innings easily. Probably a 3 or 4 guy but that is great value for late 1st round.

Theodore Merrick 1st Round (39th) 1st of three compensation picks that the Browncoats had this draft. Another player that projects to make the starting rotation. Tough on righties with 3 good pitches including an amazing fastball. A solid #4 who would be a welcome addition to most staffs.

Ivan Alexander 1st Round (49th) 2nd compensation pick. Will probably end up in the bullpen as his stamina and control will hold him back. Two great pitches and very solid splits will serve him well as a LRB. Could be in majors in 2 seasons.

Darby Nation 2nd Round (67th) 3rd compensation pick. Speedy college outfielder could be a great leadoff hitter in a few years. While his glove is a little weak for LF and his bat is far too weak to play 1st, his speed and ability to hit for avg will be tough to keep out of the lineup. His stolen base totals will only be limited to his playing time.

Marv Beckham 4th Round (147th) Solid defensive shortstop with good speed. Could eventually be a left hitting part time player but never anymore then that.

Draft Grade: B+ (No superstars in the mix, but some very solid picks that will help this team keep getting better very soon)

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